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About Us

We’re the Ciobanu family! Elizabeth is from rural Western New York and Vali is from a small village in Moldova. Between the two of us, we’ve spent time on 5 out of 7 continents, visiting many fascinating corners of this globe. Some of our favorite places that we’ve been to are Antalya, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Pisa. In the great United States, some of our favorite places to go with the family are Niagara Falls, Charleston, Sarasota, and Rocky Mountain National Park. But that’s just getting started!

Both of us (Vali and Elizabeth) traveled all over the world individually on our own before we met, and kept right on going places together, even once the kids started to arrive. Five children later, we still love a good trip, whether it’s to local attractions, a cross-country road trip, or hopping on a plane to visit grandparents on the other side of the ocean. 

As a homeschooling family, we’re always looking for ways to take education beyond the “classroom” and into the real world, and we see travel as a crucial part of our children’s education. Through travel, we hope to offer our kids the opportunity to learn about the marvels of the natural world, build a fascination with different cultures, and foster a love of learning. 

While traveling with a big family isn’t easy, it is guaranteed to be a memorable adventure and a gift that our children can carry with them throughout their lives.