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Best Things to do With Kids on Amelia Island

Amelia Island in Northern Florida is a beloved spot for tourists. The island is a wonderland with beautiful beaches, festivities, and wildlife. Perhaps your next vacation will be here!

Beach on Amelia Island in Northern Florida along the Atlantic Ocean

To help you plan your itinerary, take a look at my list of things to do with the kids on Amelia Island.

1. Pirate Playground

Located near the Egans Creek Greenway, Pirate Playground is a perfect escape for kids.

It’s equipped with swings and climbing structures, making it an excellent place for fun.

There is also a sandpit where kids can play if they want less physical activity.

2. Amelia Island Nature Center

The Amelia Island Nature Center is a natural wonder in Florida that offers kid and adult-friendly programs like Shark Tooth Hunt and Crab Crab.

You and the children will connect with history as you learn to crab like the ancestors used to do it. The kids will also learn how to sift the sand and look for treasures like shark teeth on the beach.

Other exciting things here include marsh walks, birding, kayak tours, and night beach walks.

3. Villa Villekulla Toys

Villa Villekulla is a toy store on the Island that your youngsters will love to visit. The store carries a great selection of educational, imaginative, outdoor, and environment-friendly toys for every age and budget.

Your kids will be elated inside this store as they browse and try fun and educational toys. Nevertheless, you need to set enough time because they may not want to leave as soon as you expect.

4. Amelia River Cruises

Board a relaxing cruise aboard Amelia River Cruises and enjoy a sunset tour with your family.

The scenic waterways tour is an adventure that offers narrated wildlife and historical sightseeing.

The tour starts from River Amelia to Cumberland Island or Fancy Bluff Creek. You will love seeing dolphins, manatees, and wild horses as you sail on the island’s calm and beautiful waters.

Once done with the water tour, head to Hampton Inn Amelia Island and treat your family to a nice lunch.

4. Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park is a great destination if your family loves outdoor fun.

The park is located on Atlantic Avenue and features gardens, hiking trails, fishing spots, and historic sites.

If you are not an avid hiker or you have young children, consider the Willow Pond Trail Loops because it is shorter and provides a wildlife-watching opportunity for the little ones.

The park also has plenty of biking paths. Do not forget to stop at the visitors’ center and the Museum at Fort Clinch to connect with history as you see the civil war exhibits.

5. Amelia Island Lighthouse

Experience Florida’s heritage at the Amelia Island Lighthouse, a historic landmark for anyone looking for cheap family fun.

Amelia Island Lighthouse. Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA.

This is among the most frequented attractions on the island.

Though visitors are not allowed to climb to the top, they can still see the lighthouse’s glory from outside or on the ground floor. This is also a nice place to take family photos and keep lifetime memories on the Island.

6. Egan’s Creek Greenway Trail

Nestled within a lively seaside community, Egan’s Creek Greenway Trail is a gem on Amelia Island.

The over 300-acre protected area offers the best setting for outdoor activities like hiking, walking, or biking thanks to its grass-covered surface. It is also ideal for scenic viewing and photography.

Your little ones will enjoy wildlife watching along the trails, which is a perfect way to introduce them to animals like turtles, deer, coyotes, rabbits, and bobcats.

Besides the animal encounters, Egan’s Creek Greenway Trail features an educational kiosk, a picnic area, and a nature pavilion where you can have a tranquil contemplation.

7. Swimming

Kids love being in the water, and with 13 miles of beaches, swimming on Amelia Island is a can’t-miss activity.

Let the youngsters splash in calm, gentle waves on a lazy summer afternoon as you lounge in the sand.

8. Watersports

A family kayak excursion to the beautiful sun-kissed coastlines of Cumberland Island is a wonderful escape.

Alternatively, you can paddle board and explore the salt marshes and waterways. Rent watersports vessels from companies like Amelia Island Adventures and Kayak, Riptide Amelia Island, or Amelia Island Paddle Surf Company.

9. Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum

If your list of what to do with the kids on Amelia Island is not complete, I recommend you add Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum.

If you ever played pinball when you were young, you can now share your experience with your kiddos.

The museum features great well-maintained pinball machines, and it’s suitable for all ages.

10. Peters Point Beachfront Park

Take a break from the city and spend your weekend at the Peters Point Beachfront Park.

This is a scenic and famous beach with opportunities for activities like shelling, fishing, camping, and horseback riding.

Grill food at the designed areas and enjoy a family lunch by the beach.

Swimming is also possible since the waters are shallow for kids and adults. Lifeguards are also available.

11. Putt-Putt Fun Center Amelia Island

If you have had enough swimming and hiking, head to Putt-Putt Fun Center Amelia Island and play golf.

Engage your kids in friendly competition through an 18-hole round of golf.

After golfing, treat them to the Kona ice and corn dogs served here.

12. Story & Song Bookstore Bistro

If you love books and want your kids to take after you, the Story & Song Bookstore Bistro is a place to check out.

It’s a notable place to shop for books and read while sipping locally roasted coffee or having delicious lunch with your kiddos.

13. Amelia Island Escape Rooms

Immerse yourselves in the Amelia Island Escape Rooms’ puzzles and connect differently with the island’s history.

This is an unusual indoor activity for families where you can all try your puzzle-solving skills across diverse themes and mind-provoking puzzles.

Once you enter the escape room, you must solve several riddles and tasks to escape.

The trick is completing the task within the set time frame or asking your colleagues for clues to help you.

14. Ritz Kids at Ritz Carlton

Embark on a cozy holiday at the Ritz-Carlton, a kid-friendly resort with outstanding programs that will introduce kids to the Island’s cultural traditions and natural wonders.

The adventurous and immersive experiences focus on culture, water, and land.

15. Horseback Riding

Splashing into the shoreline while on a horse’s back is an exhilarating experience.

While riding with your kids, you are likely to spot birds as you soak in the incredible scenery of the coastline.

The best horseriding tours in Amelia Island include Kelly Seahorse Ranch, and Armelia Island Horseback Riding.

16. Amelia Island Museum of History

Explore the rich history of Amelia Island at the Amelia Island Museum of History.

Although the museum is small, its exhibits and presentations are clever, fun, and interesting. Your kids will be glad to take the interactive trails, engage with the exhibits, and take photos.

An hour will be enough to see everything, so you should consider a visit.

17. Timoti’s Seafood Shak

After a long day of exploring Amelia Island, you need to restore your energy. Timoti’s Seafood Shak is among the most visited restaurants by visitors and locals because of its wide selection of food. Your tastebuds won’t be disappointed.