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What Airport Do You Fly to for Anna Maria Island?

A trip to Florida is not complete without visiting Anna Maria Island, which is one of the most attractive islands in the state. What airport do you fly to for the Island?

There are various airports close to Anna Maria Island, including Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and Clearwater International Airport. It’s 30 minutes to 3 hours drive depending on the means of transport you will use from each airport.

Ahead, I’ll provide more information on airports near Anna Maria Island.

What Airport Do You fly to for Anna Maria Island?

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

The Sarasota Airport is the nearest airport to Anna Maria. Within 30 minutes, you are already on the Island.

You can then explore the area, but you will have to use US-41 South heading downtown to FL-789, which will lead you to the island.

By following this route, you’ll truly get a sense of the good vibes on the Island. Some airlines that operate with Sarasota Airport include WestJet, JetBlue, DeltaAir and American United.

The Cheapest Way to Get from Sarasota Airport to Anna Maria Island

The less expensive way to Anna Maria from Sarasota airport is by bus, which takes more than 30 minutes.

The bus from the airport is direct and operates from Monday to Saturday. It will drop you at 13th St W 6th Ave W station, which is only five minutes from the Island.

The Fastest Way from Sarasota Airport to AMI

If you’d rather not ride a bus, then look for a taxi, although it is more expensive than boarding a bus. A taxi will get you to Anna Maria Island in less than 30 minutes.

St. Pete – Clearwater International Airport

The St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport is very close to Anna Maria Island.

If you drive from the airport to the island, look for the shortest route and follow the speed limit rule.

Some airlines that operate with St. Peter – Clearwater International Airport include Allegiant Air and Sunwing.

The Cheapest Way to Get to Anna Maria Island From the St. Peter Airport

Board a bus at the airport and pay less. The bus might take time, but it will help you save a penny.

You will not get a direct bus, so you will have to connect from bus to bus, but the last stop from the airport will be at the downtown station a few minutes from the island.

On a bus, it will take two hours and 50 minutes to arrive, including all transfers.

The Fastest Way to Anna Maria Island from St. Peter Airport

If you want to get to the island quickly, board a taxi or rent a car.

Cabs are more expensive than buses. However, it is most convenient since the driver knows the shortest routes, and you will go directly with no stopovers.

If you decide to use a taxi, within 42 minutes, you will be at your destination.

Another fast way to the island is renting a car.

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Tampa International Airport will also get you to Anna Maria Island quickly. Some of the airlines within Tampa Airport are Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Cayman Airways, Copa Airlines, Avelo Airlines, and Breeze Airways.

The Cheapest Means of Transport from Tampa Airport to AMI

Using a bus from Tampa Airport is cheaper but not convenient since you will board several buses before arriving at the downtown station.

Usually, 10 buses commute weekly; however, weekends and public schedules can differ, so check ahead of time.

The Fastest Means of Transport from Tampa Airport to AMI

If you want to take the least time to AMI, you will board a cab. Cabs are quicker and more reliable in that there are no stopovers.

Can You Use Anna Maria Trolleys from the Sarasota Airport?

Yes, you can use the trolleys.

The daily service of the Anna Maria Island Trolley is free for passengers.

The trolley stops at each location roughly every 20 minutes from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Moreover, the trolley service to Sarasota airport is available every half hour from 6:00 a.m. until mid-day.

Some trolleys have open-air seats and are well-ventilated.

After every two to four blocks along the route, you will get covered stops. If you have a bike, the front of the trolleys has racks where you can put the bike.

Can You Use a Bike to Get to Anna Maria Island?

If you do not mind the wind, look for a bike.

Though some airports are not near the island, riding a bike is cheap and fast.

Exploring Anna Maria Island on a bike is the best way to see all the fantastic stores, bars, and beaches the island offers.

Bring your wheels or choose from various cheap local bike rental outlets. You can ride on the island as long as you remember to wear a helmet and remain in bike lanes or on the sidewalks.

Things to Do at Anna Maria Island

Are you booking a flight to Florida for a family getaway? Explore the best activities in the area to get the most out of your trip to AMI.

1. Visit the AMI Historical Museum

The Anna Maria Island Historical Museum is housed in a 1920s structure that was once an icehouse.

The structure had additional roles for the community during its lifetime.

Before it was made into the museum’s home, it served as a garage, a marine turtles nursery, and an office building.

2. Go Kayaking

There are several locations throughout AMI where you may go kayaking, but in my opinion, the mangroves are among the most beautiful settings.

In the mangroves, trees and plants rise above the water’s surface.

3. Take a Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise is one of the most romantic activities available at AMI.

During the week, a few businesses provide sunset excursions around the island. You can book a personalized tour or board one of the regular trips with a group.

You might get the opportunity to view dolphins and sea turtles!

4. Visit Bean Point

Bean Point is one of AMI’s most tranquil locations. There aren’t many people in this area, so much of the beach will be all to yourself.

While there is more kelp on the north end, the west side of the beach is pristine and gorgeous. Moreover, the sand is also incredibly soft to the touch on the western side.

Since it’s a hassle to find parking in Bean Point, hunt for parking areas along the streets.

Keep in mind these are residential areas, so observe the parking restrictions and show consideration for the locals.

5. Visit Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach is one of the busiest beaches on Anna Maria Island. There is more parking space, so you don’t need to worry about your car.

Compared to Bean Point, the beach has more seashells. Bradenton Beach is home to some of Florida’s most breathtaking sunsets too.

Also, the region is characterized by soft sand and large expanses ideal for strolling and shelling.


If you’re planning a trip to Anna Maria Island by plane, you must know the closest airport.

Sarasota is the nearest airport since it’s a 30-minute drive to AMI.

Despite being the most efficient, it’s not the only choice. You could also decide to arrive at St. Peterburg or Tampa airports.