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Best Family Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect place for a summer escape. The island is known for its many beaches, excellent attractions, natural pools, beautiful scenes, and much more.

I understand the essence of a vacation to you, and that’s why in this guide, I’ve narrowed down the best family beaches to visit in Puerto Rico.

You won’t want to miss it!

1. Balneario de Carolina

Attracting crowds for its beautiful and clear warm waters and white sands, Balneario de Carolina offers a beach experience like no other.

Located in the town of Carolina north of Puerto Rico, this family-friendly beach has many facilities, including lifeguards, clean washrooms and changing rooms, a first aid center, and well-secured parking. You’ll even find services for physically disabled people.

Getting hungry? No problem. You’ll find food kiosks everywhere. Umbrellas and chairs are also available to rent if you want a private space for dining.

2. Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach is a famous beach for locals and tourists alike because it offers lots of fun and relaxation.

The coastline is ideal for walking and jogging, and there are also kitesurfing activities. Your teenagers can play volleyball while the toddlers sit on the white sand and let the waters tickle their toes.

Food and drinks are readily available at Ocean Park Beach, as you’ll find restaurants and bars aplenty.

3. El Escambron Beach

Escape from the city commotion and find some tranquility at El Escambron Beach. It is among the best beaches in the metropolitan area of San Juan.

Your family’s swimming experience at this beach will be memorable and safe. There is no El Escambron Beach without snorkeling. You better come prepared to spot some sea turtles!

The other things your family can do here are scuba diving or walking along the beautiful and vibrant ocean trail. There is also plenty of food, so don’t forget to treat your family to an authentic Caribbean dinner.

4. Luquillo Beach

Create the perfect summer vibe for your family by visiting Luquillo Beach.

This beach is known for its gentle ocean waves, clean water, and silky golden sand, which pampers your feet as you walk around.

The ocean’s playful waves will add a little fun as your kids swim. There are shallow spots where the little kids or learners can swim.

This beach is well-shaded thanks to the different types of trees it boasts. It sets the perfect atmosphere for nature lovers to immerse themselves as they walk across the beach while the ocean breeze blows towards them.

5. Pine Grove Beach

You will love Pine Grove Beach for its cleanliness and serenity.

Its fine white sand and tranquil waters are the main reason visitors and locals flock to this beach. The coast is backed by tall palm trees under which you can enjoy picnic moments as you bond with your loved ones.

The western part of Pine Grove Beach has perfect swimming and snorkeling spots since the waters on that side are calm.

On the other hand, the eastern side of the beach experiences rolling waves, making it ideal for surfers and paddleboarders.

Thinking of holding a beach party? You can hire umbrellas and beach chairs and party. The only downside of this beach is that it doesn’t have public facilities, so visitors are forced to cross over to Carolina Beach to access the restrooms and outdoor showers.

6. Gilligan’s Island (Playa del Guanica)

Gilligans Island Beach is ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and beach walks.

Do not forget to set aside enough time to soak in the sun and enjoy the scenic views of the ocean, as they are top-notch.

You can access Playa del Guanica by water taxi or ferry. We recommend this beach for families because its waters are calm and clear.

Picnic tables and chairs are available for those much-needed family picnic moments. The beach is less crowded on weekdays, but you must arrive early on weekends to secure your spot.

7. Isla Culebrita, Culebra

If you need a reason to leave the city and visit Puerto Rico, then Isla Culebrita should be that reason. It’s one of the most pristine beaches on the eastern side of Playa Zoni.

You need to take a water taxi to access this gem in Culebra.

Don’t forget your water and sunscreen when visiting because the beach has no shade.

One of the notable things about Isla Culebrita is that many sea turtles brood on its dust-like diamond sand. Your children will love experiencing the wildlife, especially in the afternoon when the tides are low.

The main activity on this beach is snorkeling.

8. Bahia de la Chiva

Popularly known by the locals as the Blue Beach, Bahia de la Chiva is a fantastic beach with breathtaking scenery.

The clean waters allow you to explore the diverse sea life below the water surface. You won’t want to forget your snorkeling gear since the beach is ideal for the activity.

One of the most striking things about La Chiva is its blue waters, which are perfect for photographs.

The waves are not rough nor big, especially during the summer, making the beach an ideal swimming spot for young children.

If you follow the road to the beach, you will see the beauty of nature on the island.

This beach has facilities like gazebos. There are also clean restrooms and trash bins.

9. Playa Flamenco

Located on the eastern side of Puerto Rico, Playa Flamenco is a beach worth your family’s time.

Its tropical atmosphere and calm waveless waters will entice you to spend the whole day lounging. The beach is also suitable for activities like swimming and snorkeling.

Additionally, you’ll spot some family-friendly trails around the beach where you can hike before the sun scorches. You will also find amenities like washrooms, changing rooms, and lifeguards.

The parking area is also large, and there are kiosks where you can buy your family some food or drinks.

10. Playa Crash Boat

There is no dull moment at the Playa Crash Boat beach, which is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

You will love its turquoise and calm waters, making it a hotspot for snorkeling. The beach is also ideal for surfing and swimming.

Due to its vibrant atmosphere, Crash Boat Beach is most people’s favorite as far as beach parties are concerned. Don’t be surprised to hear loud music being played!

Hop around and find kiosks, showers, and restrooms on the beach. Parking is also available.

11. Tortuga Beach

Also known as Turtle Beach, Tortuga Beach is located in Culebrita and is a true paradise treasure.

Its blue waters are crystal clear, and its powdery sand feels plush and soft.

This beach is accessible by water taxi or boat. Most people prefer the water taxi because its charges include beach equipment and snorkeling.

Tortuga Beach has green areas and camping areas. Among the activities your family can engage in are kiteboarding, surfing, hiking, watersports, and kayaking.

If you’re looking for a way to disconnect from city life for a few days, visiting this beach would be perfect.

12. Isla Verde

We can’t complete our list of the best beaches in Puerto Rico without adding Isla Verde. This is a beach resort area that is home to some of the most high-class hotels in Puerto Rico.

The sun-kissed coastline is a long stretch that gives visitors a different experience away from the city.

You’ll get to enjoy walking on the fine sand and participating in watersports.