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9 Best Kids’ Travel Pillows (For the Airplane or Car)

When traveling with kids, getting them to relax is one of the biggest challenges that you’ll experience as a parent.

Whether traveling by air or road, a good travel pillow will make a big difference in the quality of your trip by ensuring your little one is comfortable.

For today’s post, I put together a list of the top picks for travel pillows for kids. I also included a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed purchase, so let’s get started!

Here are the top travel pillows for kids.

1. MINISO Cute Travel Pillow

The MINISO travel pillow offers support for the head and neck.

Your little one will appreciate the MINISO cute travel pillow for its comfort and portability. It features a snap strap which they can use to hang the pillow on their suitcase.

The pillow is also easily foldable and fits into many bags.

2. COOLBEBE Kids’ Neck Travel Pillow

The COOLBEBE travel pillow relieves neck pain so your kids won’t complain.

Durability defines the COOLBEBE travel pillow. It’s made of a combination of materials that make it hard to deform or pill. You can even put it through the washing machine.

The COOLBEBE pillow boasts a compact design so you can tuck it in a backpack or suitcase.

3. BCOZZY Kids’ Travel Neck Pillow

Your kid’s comfort is guaranteed with the BCOZZY travel pillow.

The back of this pillow is flat, thus preventing your child’s head from falling backward or being pushed down while sleeping on a plane or in the car.

One thing that will strike you about this pillow is its adjustable arms and its softness and breathability. It also offers a perfect neck fit and will keep your little one comfortable throughout the journey.

4. GLCS GLAUCUS Strawberry Kids Travel Pillow

You can be sure of your child’s comfort, whether traveling by car or air, once you buy the GLCS GLAUCUS strawberry kids’ travel pillow.

They will love it for not only its comfort but also its reinforced embroidery pattern.

This pillow is made with safe and soft cotton that won’t irritate your child’s skin. Inside the pillow is plush softness for optimal neck support.

5. PEKAD Kids’ Travel Neck Pillow

Midway through our list of the best kids’ travel pillows is this one from PEKAD.

The pillow has a cute animal design that your kids will like, and it’s made of soft and safe fabric so it’s ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Its tender touch will slowly lure the young to sleep.

The other fantastic feature of the PEKAD neck pillows is flexibility. Unlike other travel pillows for kids, this pillow is full of flexible microbeads so it adapts to the neckline of your child as they grow.

The pillow also has adjustable snap buttons.

6. Gluck Plants Kids Travel Pillow

With a five-star rating, the Gluck travel pillow for kids is a great value for the money.

This novel-shaped pillow has an ergonomic design that offers 360-degree support for the head and neck.

It’s also generously filled with cotton to enhance your child’s comfort by ensuring their neck and head remain in the correct position.

A good travel pillow should not be heavy to carry. Otherwise, the kids may not like it. That’s why the Gluck plants pillow is such a great pick, as it’s light and portable.

It also features a snap strap to hang on a suitcase.

7. Umerci Memory Foam Animal Travel Pillow

This is an adorably made pillow for kids, and everything about it is lovable.

The Umerci memory foam kids’ pillow provides good support. It’s made of quality and soft material which doesn’t pill or fade.

This travel pillow is available in seven animal shapes and colors so your kids can have their pick!

8. Cartoon Headrest & Neck Pillow for Kids

Our second to last travel pillow is the cartoon headrest and neck pillow.

This U-shaped pillow is made with soft fabric to offer much-needed support for your kid’s neck when traveling.

The soft and plumpy touch is nice, as is the comfort and embroidery of this pillow.

9. MOOB Kids Travel Pillow

Change your kid’s travel experiences by purchasing the MOOB kids’ travel pillow.

This pillow is fully padded to offer the utmost comfort when on the move. It features an ergonomic design and 360 degrees of comfort. It also has a snap closure and offers a flat back and chin support.

The MOOB pillow is very breathable, and its exceptional quality should reduce the rate of tears, even if this pillow joins you on all your future travels.

Buyers’ Guide For a Good Travel Pillow For Kids

There are many travel pillows on the market, and you may find it hard to choose the best one for your child.

You need to know what to look for before buying. Here are some tips to help you choose a great travel pillow for your little ones.


Travel pillows come in all sorts of shapes. Some are ideal for a car journey and not for a plane, and others vice-versa.

Look for a travel pillow shape that will fit both modes of travel if you’re frequently on the road.


Travel pillows for kids are made using many materials, mostly microbeads and memory foam.

Before picking a travel pillow for your little one, you should consider a few points.

The pillow should be soft throughout with no hard seams. The material should be hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

If the pillow is made using microbeads, ensure it has an internal liner to prevent the beads from spilling in case the seams tear.


The size of your child and the pillow is another essential factor to consider.

Do not buy an oversized pillow for your child for them to grow into it. The size of the pillow may affect their comfort, and you maybe be forced to buy another smaller pillow.

Sweat Absorbency

People often sweat when traveling, especially during the summer. It helps if your travel pillow absorbs sweat. You don’t want your child’s pillow to smell gross after one trip!


Your child needs a good and comfortable travel pillow when traveling by car or plane.

The 9 travel pillows reviewed today are comfortable, fairly priced, and designed to make little travelers as relaxed as possible. Any one would be a great pick for your child!