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Best Luggage for Toddlers (That They Can Manage Themselves)

Buying a toddler a suitcase that they can carry around on family travels will make them feel so much more mature. It’s also helpful for them to carry some of the load so you don’t have to handle it all yourself.

In this article, I’ll recommend the best luggage for toddlers, including a buying guide for kids’ suitcases. I’ll also discuss why kids should have their own luggage, so make sure you keep reading!

Why Should Kids Pack Their Own Suitcases?

Here are some reasons you should allow your little one to carry their own luggage.

It Builds Excitement For the Trip

Allowing your toddler to pack their bag can trigger excitement for the upcoming trip.

They will look forward to reaching the airport, pulling their small luggage for check-ins, and imitating everything you do. This will keep them distracted from any potential tantrums in the airport, which is a blessing in disguise.

It Helps Kids Learn About Responsibility

Kids should be taught how to be responsible early, and carrying their own suitcase helps to this end.

When your toddler has a suitcase of their very own, they know that you trust them with the task of pulling it around when traveling without waiting for you. They also learn to protect and manage their items.

Kids Get to Learn About Organization

When your children pack their own luggage, it’s also an important and early lesson in organization.

Kids will learn about space constraints and how to make the necessities fit, even if you have to help them with this.

How Much Weight Should Kids Carry?

Kids’ luggage should not weigh more than 20 percent of their body weight.

Look for lightweight suitcases made from plastic, aluminum, or canvas to keep the weight down so your kids don’t feel overloaded and overwhelmed.

The Types of Kids’ Luggage

There are four types of kids’ luggage to choose from as a parent, so let’s go over them now.

Scooter Luggage

Scooter luggage is a wheeled suitcase the kids can ride by holding onto the handlebars.

This luggage style makes getting around for kids in an airport or on sidewalks easy and fun without much effort. The luggage also boasts an ergonomically-designed base that makes folding simple.

If you want a scooter bag that will give you great value for your money, the Kiddietotes 3-D Hardshell Scooter is a much-renowned option.

Its thick, strong exterior makes it long-lasting, and with scratch resistance, this luggage won’t crack under pressure.

The luggage also boasts heavy zippers and tear-proof interiors; you won’t have to worry about the security of your content.


If you have a school-going child, you must know what a backpack is.

Backpacks are less expensive than other types of luggage and are best when going on short trips. They feature pockets for electronics, small items, and water bottles, and your kid can carry them easily.

With a 5-star rating, the mibasies Toddler Backpack is something your toddler might actually enjoy carrying.

The bag is available in many colors and has everything you want for your little one. Thanks to its large capacity and many compartments, you can pack all your baby’s accessories without worrying about their security.

Additionally, the backpack is lightweight and made of premium, long-lasting materials.

Ride-on Luggage

Ride-on kids’ suitcases are made with a hard shell on the outside so your kid can sit on them if they get tired.

The design also allows kids to scoot along, similar to standing strollers or scooters. The only downside of a ride-on suitcase is its weight, which can make it difficult for kids to carry.

The Shaun the Sheep Original Kids Ride-on won’t disappoint. Its spinner wheels enable one to move around with it.

This luggage bag is versatile; your toddler can sit on it when stuck in long airport lines. It also serves as a carry-on and a suitcase at the same time.

Rolling Luggage

Also known as trolley luggage, rolling luggage has a simple handle and wheels that enable kids to move through the airport quickly and smoothly.

A rolling bag can have two or four wheels that move in multiple directions. This style of luggage is also available in different sizes.

Rolling luggage is made of soft yet durable materials and boasts many compartments.

iPlay, iLearn Kids Carry On Luggage Set is a good option for your toddler. Made from premium materials, the bag is scratch-resistant and boasts a hardshell exterior that’s quite easy to clean.

The most outstanding feature of the iPlay luggage is the multi-directional wheels that make it easy for kids to travel. They can also lift and pull the bag easily because its pull-rod is dual-adjustable.

How To Choose a Toddler’s Luggage

Next, here are some tips to help you choose the best luggage for your little ones.


The durability of a kid’s luggage depends on several things.

First, the materials used to make the bag influence its durability, as does your type of travel.

If you need a bag for short trips or local travel, go for something lightweight and sturdy. If your journeys are longer, you’ll want something built to withstand the pressure and trials of prolonged travels, especially air travel.

Zipper Strength

Kids like playing with zippers and can easily damage them.

To combat this, look for a suitcase with strong zippers. You don’t want to be frustrated in the middle of a crowded airport when the zipper break, after all!

Softshell or Hardshell Exterior

Luggage can either have a hardshell or softshell exterior, and both have their pros and cons.

Hardshells protect fragile items well and will stay drier longer. That said, hardshell suitcases can easily get scratched, especially if the kids aren’t careful!

You can pack more items in a softshell bag since they have more compartments and pockets. Softshell bags are also lightweight.

They don’t stand up to wear and tear well, and they’ll get soaked a lot faster in inclement weather.


Different bags have different warranties depending on the manufacturer. Some have a more extended warranty than others, so you should consider this factor before buying.

I’d recommend you pick a bag with an extended warranty for longer-lasting protection.

Weight and Size

Choosing the appropriate size and weight for kids’ luggage is crucial.

The kids will need smaller suitcases considering their strength. Confirm as well that the bag’s weight is not too much for your child.


Parents should not feel stressed when traveling with their kids. Ease the burden of preparation and travel by tasking the kids to carry their own luggage.

Now that you know the types of luggage for kids and how to choose, I hope your family travels will be a much smoother experience!