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Things to Do in Boise with the Kids

Boise is a slice of paradise for families seeking fun and adventure. The city is a complete package of outdoor and recreational activities topped with numerous indoor attractions for families to explore.

Here are my recommended things to do with the kids in Boise.

1. Idaho Botanical Garden

Start your day with a peaceful walk or picnic at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

This garden boasts a massive collection of plants and provides an educational environment that will inspire your little gardener.

The kiddos will, for a minute, forget their gadgets and learn the tricks and hacks of gardening while enjoying the fresh fragrant smell of the flowers.

If gardening doesn’t excite them, the garden’s playground and fountain will, primarily because of the canopy tree house.

Various entertainment and cultural programs also take place here, so come ready to have fun.

2. Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise is a must-visit destination for many families that visit Boise.

With over 300 charming animals from different places, your kids are in for a memorable and fun-filled time!

The kids will also get a chance to learn about natural habitats and wildlife conservation.

Other exciting zoo activities for kids include zoo tours, nature walks, and ecology games. The up-close animal encounters are something your children will cherish for a long time to come.

3. Kathryn Albertson Park

Located in downtown Boise, Kathryn Albertson Park is a wildlife haven and a perfect place for quiet contemplation.

The park boasts gorgeous views, well-paved footpaths, and outdoor pavilions ideal for animal viewing.

Here, the kids will see animals like turtles, rabbits, beavers, salamanders, and various birds. This 41-acre park is also a great backdrop for family photos, so bring your camera.

4. Boise River Greenbelt

Consider the Boise River Greenbelt if you are searching for a free activity to do with the kids in Boise.

This 25-mile pathway is lined with natural forest, vegetation, and refreshing scenery. You can enjoy scenic views as you bike or take a nature walk. You may also spot some wildlife along the pathway.

5. Idaho State Capitol Building

The Idaho State Capitol Building is one of the most iconic attractions in Boise, offering visitors a free wondrous historical tour.

This building is large and accessible, and its architectural beauty dominates the downtown area of Boise.

The bottom floor features educational materials and historical displays helping visitors understand the governance and history of the region easily.

Your kids will love seeing the wooden statue of George Washington on the top floor.

6. Idaho State Museum

The Idaho State Museum offers a learning experience of the state’s heritage and history, and the kids will have fun thanks to the museum’s interactive and engaging exhibits.

You can also participate in camping activities during the spring and summer.

With more than 800 photos and 500 artifacts, this museum has endless fun for all, so don’t be in a hurry.

7. Camel’s Back Park

Camel’s Back Park is an ideal place for outdoor escapes.

This gorgeous 11-acre park in the north end of Boise features hiking trails for novices and experts.

Besides hiking, you can walk up the tracks and take some photos with your loved ones.

The park also has a vast playground where the kids can make the most of their outdoor time. The older kids can play volleyball or tennis.

Once done with the activities, head to Chandler Steakhouse a few minutes away, and treat your family to some special prime steaks or seafood before calling it a day.

8. Discovery Center of Idaho

The Discovery Center offers something new and exciting to visitors any time of the year.

It is popularly known for world-class exhibitions and its in-person and virtual programs.

Your kids will enjoy scientific and educational activities and hands-on exhibits.

Some of the hands-on displays in the center include a robotic car, a giant bubble maker, and a pulley system chair, among others.

The museum also hosts preschool stories, activity times, and kids’ camps, so check the center’s website for special events.

9. World Center for Birds of Prey

Thousands of families continue streaming to the World Center for Birds Prey every year.

This is the Peregrine Fund’s official headquarters offering various programs and attractions to children.

Enjoy an eye-opening experience witnessing great birds of prey, and then explore the mysteries of their survival, flight, and relationship with human beings.

Your kids will be over the moon as they interact with falcons, vultures, hawks, and eagles from around the globe.

Additionally, the center has a Discovery Room where toddlers can play with hands-on exhibits and puzzles.

10. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Boise can also be fun during the winter when you take your family to Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. This is one of the beloved areas in Boise for families searching for icy thrilling experiences.

Although skiing is the main activity, the recreation center has diversified and now provides numerous family activities.

Enjoy the center’s mountain coaster and snow tubing hill in the winter. During the summer, you can ride scenic chairlifts or do some yoga on the mountain with the whole family.

Additionally, the recreation center boasts many all-levels biking trails.

11. Boise Whitewater Park

If your family loves surfing and paddle boarding, then Boise Whitewater Park is a must-visit for you.

This fun-filled wonderland is open throughout the year. Come ready for a rush of adrenaline as you navigate the park’s river rapids.

Those who don’t feel like experiencing the thrills can relax and enjoy the surrounding scenic views. Toddlers and kids under nine years old can participate in non-water activities.

12. The Grove Plaza

Grove Plaza is one of the town’s leading outdoor venues, hosting many cultural festivals and large-scale concerts.

The low-leveled fountain of the plaza is ideal for kids to play with their furry friends. You may also spot some adults riding bikes on a hot day.

You will all fall in love with this place, especially at night when the integrated lights are switched on, offering a spectacular ambiance for the night shows.

Go shopping or enjoy a dining experience after the shows in any restaurant surrounding the plaza.

13. Children’s Museum of Idaho

Plan to visit the Children’s Museum of Idaho while in Boise.

This museum features interactive, educational, fun-filled programs that your kiddos will love.

The museum also focuses on building a conducive atmosphere for fostering intergenerational relationships through adult-children interaction.

There arw summer camp programs for kids between five and eight years old. The experience of purposeful play in this museum is worth your time.

14. Wahooz Family Fun Zone

Wahooz Family Fun Zone is an all-year family destination you should not miss during your visit to Boise.

This amusement center offers kids many activities, including go-karting, mini golfing, arcade, bowling, and much more.

With no less than 15 indoor and outdoor attractions, the children will enjoy themselves to the max and create lasting memories here.

The Wahooz Family Fun Zone also boasts several eateries so you can sort your cravings and keep your energy levels in check.

15. Freak Alley Gallery

If you want something simple to do with kids on a summer afternoon, go to the Freak Alley Gallery and view different styles of art displayed on street walls.

Bring your camera and take as many photos as you can!

This is the most extensive outdoor mural gallery in the region, and it’s one of the free things to do in Boise. Your kids will love seeing many of the massive and colorful murals.

16. Esther Simplot Park

Esther Simplot Park is a must-visit place in Boise for families looking for quality outdoor time. This urban park encompasses 55 acres with plenty of space for water activities and park facilities.

The park offers endless activities to explore, including swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing.

Additionally, the park is ideal for picnicking, so come ready to have bonding time with your loved ones as you enjoy the scenic views of the river and ponds.

17. Warhawk Air Museum

Don’t leave Boise without visiting the Warhawk Air Museum.

This museum is 20 minutes from Boise and provides a glimpse of the American World War experience.

Additionally, the museum offers educational and interactive programs and rentals for those who want a more thorough experience.

The kids can also participate in a scavenger hunt or a children’s play class.