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14 Incredible Things to do in Branson, Missouri with the Kids

Branson is second to none as far as entertainment and fun are concerned, which makes it the ideal place to bring the kids. This family-friendly destination will pamper your family with endless enticing shows and exciting attractions.

Are you looking for the best and most fun things to do with the kids in Branson? I have a list of activities and things to do around town. You’ll want to add them all to your itinerary, stat!

1. Titanic Museum

A visit to the Titanic Museum in the Branson Theater District will give your family not only a memorable experience but also an educational one.

You and your loved ones will learn much about the crew and passengers of the classic Titanic voyage and what happened on that fateful day.

The Titanic Museum is quiet and hosts hundreds of artifacts preserved from the ship that sunk many years ago.

The displays and activities in the museum are appealing to adults and kids. The immersive experience is worth the entrance fee you pay.

2. Fun Mountain

Few arcades can top the Fun Mountain in Branson!

This is a world-class attraction that your kids will love, especially if you took them to a museum first.

The arcade holds endless amounts of fun with games, bumper cars, laser tag, underwater bowling, and plenty more other rides and attractions.

You can also climax your vacation by celebrating a special birthday since the arcade is ideal for events and parties.

Whether sliding down the pirate ship or climbing to the top of the rock wall, you and the kids will make memories that will outlast your trip!

3. The Ozarks Natural History Museum

The Ozarks History Museum showcases Native American artifacts, wartime assortments, and creatures that roamed in Ozark’s locality in ancient days.

You and your family will also have a chance to see extraordinary wildlife in the museum (behind glass cases, of course), including a giant ground sloth, a short-faced bear, and a terror bird that resembles an ostrich.
In the museum, you’ll also find a gallery that carries remains of the Civil War, including flags, uniforms, ammunition, and personal effects of prominent people like Abraham Lincoln, the former US president.

This is an experience that will wow everyone regardless of their age. The little ones ought to find it quite educational as well.

4. Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

Are you and the family eager for outdoor adventure during your time in Branson? Then the Lakeside Forest Wilderness area is perfect for you!

You won’t be able to get enough of this amazing unspoiled wilderness. This is a clean and safe place where you and the kids can enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, horseback riding, camping, water skiing, and more.

The Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area also has fantastic hiking trails, a nature playground, a waterfall, and a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Taneycomo. It doesn’t get better.

5. Hollywood Wax Museum

In the heart of Branson is the Hollywood Wax Museum where families and friends meet for fun.

The museum is a great place to “see” your favorite stars (they’re all wax replicas, after all) and take some truly one-of-a-kind selfies. You can also learn more about the charmed lives of celebrities as you and the family venture through the museum.

The displays within the museum are all flashy and glitzy, and the creative lighting makes everything seem so real. Everyone will have a blast at the Hollywood Wax Museum and be eager to share the photos with all their friends!

6. Sight and Sound Theater

A visit to the Sight and Sound Theater in Branson is something that your little ones will forever be grateful for.

The theater is an entertainment company that focuses on producing Bible stories on live stages.

One thing that will strike you is the staging and sets of the theater. They are done with world-class technological features with computerized controls and GPS-enabled movement that brings every detail together.

You can’t find more meaningful and memorable Bible stories than here!

7. Marvel Cave Park

Marvel Cave Park is a registered natural landmark in Branson, and it was among the first attractions that brought visitors to the region.

The wet limestone cave is 300 feet below the surface, and it graciously ushers you to a cathedral room that’s sure to take your breath away.

A tour of the cave will take you an hour to complete. You’ll climb a lot of stairs, so wear some good shoes and tell the kids to do the same!

Tour guides in the cave will take you around and offer exciting and educative historical information about the cave.

Once you’re done with the tour, you can take the cable train back to the surface.

8. Silver Dollar City

A trip to Branson isn’t complete without visiting Silver Dollar City. Here, you and the family will discover world-class adventure and entertainment.

This amusement park is tucked into Ozark Mountain and gives visitors incredible memories. The park is full of roller coasters, treetops attractions, homestyle events, and over 100 demonstration artisans.

One of the things that you will passionately love in Silver Dollar City is all the festivities. One of the most exciting festivities for kids is the Moonlight Madness, where kids ride day and night.

When else will the kids get to ride their favorite attractions after dark?

You can also pay for the National Kids Fest, a summer fun fest where families enjoy nonstop adventure and unique entertainment on nearly 50 thrilling rides.

Food is also plentiful in Silver Dollar City, with many delicious delicacies for all sorts of tastes and budgets.

9. The Promised Land Zoo

As one of the biggest attractions in Branson, the Promised Land Zoo is a place your kids should not miss visiting.

Some animals your little ones will enjoy seeing include zebras, camels, sloths, and kangaroos, among over 50 other wildlife species.

10. Branson Ferris Wheel

Make your vacation unforgettable by visiting the Branson Ferris wheel with the kids.

The giant spinning wheel has over 15,000 LED lights and 40 gondolas. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of Ozark Mountain. You can’t see the mountain any better than here!

The wheel is even more fun at night when the lighting makes it seemingly come alive.

11. The Branson’s Lakes

If your kids love water activities, then they shouldn’t miss the opportunity to splash around Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Table Rock Lake. The three lakes boast panoramic views and pristine waters.

Besides swimming, you and the family can also make a fun day on the water with activities such as speedboating, flyboarding, and kayaking.

12. The Butterfly Palace

The Butterfly Palace is a rainforest adventure for the little ones with thousands of beautiful butterflies that dominate the environment.

You can also buy nectar feeders for your kids to hold and attract the butterflies to land on them. The Butterfly Palace is full of educational fun; any nature-loving child will appreciate the visit.

13. Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Get into a country mood by stopping over at Dolly Parton’s Stampede.

This spectacular show has been exciting guests in the Stampedes area for many years. With 32 horses and professional riders, the show will get everyone clapping, stomping, and cheering.

Besides the audience interaction and exciting musical performances, the staff will also serve you a four-course meal, something your family will appreciate.

Nevertheless, plan to arrive at the Stampede early and have a personal experience with the four-legged stars. This, for many visitors, has been a highlight. Their grace and strength will amaze you!

Additionally, you can stroll along the horse walks before the show.

14. Ozark Camping

There are so many places in Ozark where your kids can camp and enjoy bonfires and maybe some sticky s’mores too.

The Osage Beach RV Park tops the list of camping grounds in the Ozark region. Some other great camping sites you can check out include Majestic Oaks Camp and Lazy River Resort.

Most visitors prefer Osage Beach Park due to its proximity to the town and the family-friendly amenities it boasts. The park is also tucked into colorful woodlands and has several attractions