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Family Activities in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, NY is known for many things, including cultural diversity, and natural wonders. And food lovers will tell you about the chicken wings served in the city.

Niagara Square in Downtown Buffalo, New York, beside City Hall. Image credit:

It is a large city bursting with endless fun and adventure for families. From a rich history to a lakeside attraction city with some of the best culinary artists in the world, the city continues to receive thousands of visitors throughout the year.

If you have been planning to treat your family to the beautiful views of Niagara Falls, Victorian villages, and the Buffalo Zoo, this post is just what you’ve been looking for. I will help you plan a memorable trip by highlighting the top family-friendly activities in Buffalo.

1. Tifft Nature Preserve — Buffalo Outer Harbor

The Tifft Nature Preserve is a perfect place to spend your weekend in a quiet environment full of natural contact and serenity. You will forget the crazy week you have had as you watch and hear birds serenade in the calmness of the preserve.

The Tifft Nature features cattail marshes and artificial lakes that offer the refreshment your family has longed for. You have lots of outdoor attractions to enjoy at this place, and you will leave with high energy levels.

Offering events, classes, camps, and birthday parties, the Tifft Nature Preserve is a wonderful resource for families living in the greater Buffalo area as well.

2. Lasertron — Eggertsville

If your family loves thrilling indoor activities, Laserton located in North Buffalo will be sure to fit the bill. It’s a fun-filled world, perfect for both kids and adults. The main feature of course is laser tag, but there are many more attractions as well.

Its arcade and mini-golf will amuse you, not to mention the mouthwatering dishes that leave your kids yearning for more. There is also a full bar where the adults can treat themselves to delightful drinks as the kids participate in unique indoor games far away from home.

3. Aquarium Of Niagara Falls

This is another excellent to-do activity in the Buffalo area. The Niagara Aquarium boasts mood-setting and fascinating displays, and your short drive to Niagara Falls just north of Buffalo will be well worth it.

You will have a chance to learn more about the aquatic world and its endangered species. You will also unwind as you admire this impressive Aquarium’s penguins, jellyfish, and seals.

4. Canalside — Buffalo Waterfront

Guided missile cruiser USS Little Rock at the Buffalo & Erie Naval & Military Park in Buffalo, New York. Image credit:

Canalside is a costless attraction that your family will love visiting. You can engage in many waterfront activities and take a stroll along this stretch of the Erie canal.

This entertainment center that sits on a 21-acre plot of land has a big sandbox, game tables, concerts, a playground, and a boardwalk so you can be sure to enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Don’t miss this incredible spot at the heart of Buffalo city, and the many family-friendly events that take place here.

5. Billy Beez — Walden Galeria

Have you wanted to be a kid for a day, but you don’t know where to unleash yourself? Billy Beez is a place overflowing with fun where you can be yourself. Your kids will also have a fantastic time since it’s perfect for the whole family.

The play area is massive, with bouncing castles and ball blasters. You can also slide in the artistically curved tunnels or go up the towers as your 7-year-old runs after you.

This is a great place to take a day with the kids in the dark, cold days of winter when it’s too frigid and snowy to be playing outside!

6. Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Image credit:

Smell the beautiful fresh flowers of Buffalo Botanical Gardens and forget the hassles of city life for a few hours. It is a historical site with state-of-the-art architecture blended with exotic horticulture.

Your family will enjoy a short but worthwhile inspirational tour as you take a nature walk along with the Palm Done, which boasts many flowering palms and tropical trees.

You can have an educational experience as you learn about carnivorous and medicinal plants found in the garden. Your young visitors can also be treated to special events at the kids’ outdoor garden.

7. Chestnut Ridge County Park

Burn some calories as you take a half a mile walk to Chestnut Ridge Park’s beautiful and picturesque waterfall. The park was named Chestnut because at one time many chestnut trees grew in the 1,200-acre piece of land.

You can participate in numerous activities here, including sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and bicycling. Besides the many outdoor activities, you can also hold a birthday party or a family get-together event at the county park.

8. The Anchor Bar

Mention Buffalo and for most people, the irresistible chicken wings that became popular in this city come to mind. The phenomenon of Buffalo Wings began at the Anchor Bar in 1964 (although other area restaurants vie for that reputation).

This restaurant is famous for the best wings across the globe. Plan to treat your family to a hot lunch at the Anchor Bar, and they will remember it for a lifetime.

9. Lake Effect Artisan Icecream

Set your family into the right mood by passing by the Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream shop. There are many ice cream shops in Buffalo, but this one beats them all.

The vanilla and coffee ice cream made here will treat your taste buds to an unexplainable sweetness, not to mention the doughnuts accompanying them.

The shop’s menu has many ice cream flavors such that your kids may be lost for choices.

10. Buffalo Science Museum

The Buffalo Science Museum‘s educational exhibits and programs will rekindle your fascination with life and your thirst for knowledge.

It is a place you should not fail to take your family because it has programs for all ages. Your young ones can also experience the 3D cinema and experience science in a way that is sure to be memorable.

There is also a health science studio in the museum to keep everyone entertained.

11. Buffalo Landmark Cruise

Make your trip to Buffalo count by going on the Buffalo Landmark Cruise. The sightseeing experience in this place is unmatchable and informative and will leave you entertained throughout the cruise.

The narrators will share lots of information about the region’s nature, history, art, and architecture. You will also enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience as you interact with other visitors.

12. Albright-Knox Art Gallery — Elmwood

This gallery’s magnificent and legendary art collection will mesmerize you. The Albright-Knox Gallery features more than 200 paintings that will leave your kids inspired.

The gallery’s walls are beautifully adorned with the work of many legends, including Monet, Matisse, and Renoir.

There is also a fantastic discount offered to families every second Sunday of the month with an endless list of activities. The gallery is ideal for anyone above three years.

12. Buffalo Transportation Museum

If you have a passion for motors, the Buffalo Transportation Museum is your not-to-miss place. You will encounter different incredible collections of bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and artifacts at the museum.

Be sure to see buses and electric carriages used in 1919 and Lad’s cars made for boys in 1913.

Additionally, the museum boasts a display of a filling station designed in 1972 by Frank Llyod Wright. Although the station was designed to be used in the lower area of Buffalo, it was never built.

13. Adventure Landing

There are more than 50 games that your family will enjoy at Adventure Landing in Buffalo, especially the kids. They can also create their own teddy bears with the provided materials at the teddy factory.

You can also organize a family party, enjoy your summer moments, and get more energy to achieve family goals.

There are different events throughout the year at Adventure Landing, and it would be wise to make a call before visiting to see what’s going on during the time you want to go.

14. The Buffalo Zoo

Thousands of visitors flood the historical Buffalo Zoo, which was established in 1875. There is no better way to start your summer vacation than visiting the Buffalo Zoo and having a one-on-one encounter with exotic animals from all over the world.

The zoo has exhibits and programs for visitors of ages, and you can be sure to enjoy the animal shows offered to them. Your kids will marvel at the sight of creatures like tigers, giraffes, and rhinos. The zoo is open throughout the year.

15. Buffalo Harbor State Park

Your visit to Buffalo may not be complete if you don’t make a stop at the Buffalo Harbor State Park. The view of Lake Erie is something to feast your eyes on as the sunsets.

There are also many activities for kids, including sliding on the park’s nautical-themed playground, climbing, and swinging.

If it’s water sports you want, rent a canoe or kayak right there at the park, or bring your own standup paddle board or kite surfing gear.

16. Grand Island Fun Center

Visiting the Grand Island Fun Center will translate to a fun-filled day away from home. This amusement park is the perfect place to entertain your family through activities like water wars, mini-golf, laser tag, and go-karts.

You don’t need to pay any fee to be admitted to the Fun center, which makes it ideal if you are working on a low budget. Nevertheless, you will be required to pay for some activities and special events.

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