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Can You Bring Candy on a Plane?

Vacation travel is thrilling and filled with adventure. Snacking on your route is a terrific way to keep up your energy levels and stave off hunger pangs, but are candies allowed on a flight?

Yes, you can bring candy on a plane through security in your carry-on since no limits apply to solid or powdery candies. However, for liquid or gel candies, you must follow the 3-1-1 liquid rule, where you must pack the candy in small containers that will fit in quart-size plastic carriers.

I’ve summarized everything about carrying candy on a plane in this article, including the types of candy you can bring and how to pass it through security at the airport.

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What Are The Types of Candies You Can Bring on a Flight?

On a flight, any kind of candy is permitted.

That said, there are weight limits for gel and fluid candies. Ensure you have packaged your candies properly to prevent issues with security at the airport.

If the candy isn’t in its original packaging, you must put it in a jar with a tight-fitting top, in a sealed bag, or both.

You can bring as many sweets as will fit in your permitted carry-on, and there is no restriction on the amount you can carry in your handbag.

Can You Carry Candies in Your Carry-on or Checked Baggage?

Indeed, you can carry candies in your carry-on and checked baggage.

Passengers can also bring unlimited candy in their hand luggage on a plane, except for gel candy and liquid candy.

While all varieties of candy are allowed, carrying candy-coated fruit to your destination is prohibited because fruit is a restricted item.

How Many Candies Can You Carry on a Flight?

You can carry as much as you would like since there is no limitation on the number of candies you should bring on a plane.

However, the total weight of the checked bag is limited, so when packing candies, ensure you do not exceed the required weight for each bag.

Can You Bring Candy To The Security Checkpoint At The Airport?

You may bring sweets both in their original packaging and in unopened containers. However, you are supposed to carry open candies in sealable, zippered, or clear bags.

The bags are simple to inspect, prevent confectionery spills, and shield your luggage from being damaged.

How to Pack Candies on Your Carry-on or in Checked Baggage

Candy is packaged in a variety of ways, giving you the chance to enjoy sweet treats.

When packing candy in carry-on or checked bags, what you need are travel containers.

Below are some common packing materials that you can use to carry your candy.

Hanging Bag

Hanging bags are plastic bags with seams on the back and center that are occasionally sealed at the ends. You can pre-wrap the bag inside to keep the candy fresh and then store many pieces of candy.

Gusseted Bag

A gusseted bag can stretch for more carrying capacity and maintain its box shape as needed.

To close the bag firmly, you can knot, staple, or heat-seal it. If you wish to carry more candy in a single bag, these are the ideal type of poly bag.

Plastic Zippy Bag

Use plastic zippy bags if you want to access your treats while maintaining freshness.

The bag is made so that you can open and close the package without interfering with its original state.

Foil Wrapper

You can pack your candies in foil wrappers to preserve freshness and taste.

The wrappers come in different sizes, so you must take the exact size that will fit your candy so the foil won’t leave big spaces.

After wrapping your sweets, place them in the bag where you can access them easily.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Candy on a Plane

Before you or the kids unwrap that first piece of delectable candy, check out this section full of handy do’s and don’ts.

Do Use Disinfectant Wipes

If you want to take your candies on a plane, wipe the tray near you to disinfect. You can’t imagine the many things that happen on those trays.

For instance, if the previous passenger had a cold and placed his things on the same tray, you might also get sick. That would put a real damper on your vacation plans!

Do Not Make Sounds When Eating

We all agree that candy wrappers are noisy when you are unwrapping.

However, you can avoid all the ruckus by pre-opening the candy before you get on the flight.

Passengers can also be annoyed by sounds like gum-snapping, chewing, unwrapping a paper, and tapping. Any time you have your candy, try to avoid making such sounds.

Do Eat Clean

Did you bring your kids with you, and it’s time for snacking? Ensure they do not make a mess of things.

Sometimes kids get out of control, but it is upon you to make sure everything is tidy and clean. It will be frustrating to see your kid stretching his sugar-coated hands on the seats and the passengers near you.

Do Not Leave Trash on Seat Pockets And on The Floor

Don’t be one of the many travelers who tuck their trash beneath the seat and walk away.

Consider the one who will clean all that trash.

Also, if you leave waste behind and another passenger does the same, the cleaning process will slow down and might delay the next flight.

Instead, hand over the trash to the cleaning crew before you leave.


Snacking is allowed on planes, so you can bring candies on a flight. However, you should snack quietly and encourage the kids to do the same!