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Can You Swim in Lake Arrowhead?

Lake Arrowhead is known for its different outdoor activities and attractions. This California paradise boasts an undeniable beauty, and it is an excellent spot for families looking for fun and adventure.

Can you swim in Lake Arrowhead?

Lake Arrowhead is an excellent place to swim, but I wouldn’t recommend it when the Lakeweeds are treated. You must check the calendar, know when the treatment will take place, and plan your visit accordingly.

Ahead, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about swimming and vacationing in Lake Arrowhead, so check it out!

Is Lake Arrowhead safe?

Lake Arrowhead is safe and an excellent place to bring your family for outdoor fun.

Although the water quality is mostly good, you need to know what days are scheduled for treatment, as I mentioned in the intro. Avoid swimming during those days.

Any other time, come ready to swim, kayak, fish, picnic, lounge, or play in the sand, among other activities.

Is Lake Arrowhead a natural lake?

Lake Arrowhead is an artificial lake situated in the San Bernardino Mountains.

It is fed by Little Bear Creek and a tributary of the Mojave River and Deep Creek.

The water levels of this lake rose when the Lake Arrowhead dam was completed in 1992. The lake is currently controlled and maintained by the Arrowhead Lake Association.

Is there snow in Lake Arrowhead?

Lake Arrowhead experiences snow during winter, and it lasts for a few days.

The snow season in this area varies from year to year, but December to February is the main snowy season.

Whenever there is snow in the region, it melts so fast because of Lake Arrowhead’s proximity to the San Bernardino Mountains, which brings about warm air currents and natural wind tunnels.

You and the family can enjoy a great winter vacation in Lake Arrowhead provided you bring the appropriate gear and clothing for the cold weather.

You should have an incredible time skiing, ice-skating, building a snowman, or playing sled hockey in the snowy areas in town.

Do not leave your snow chains behind if you will be visiting Lake Arrowhead during the winter. The weather conditions in the mountains vary daily, so you need to be especially safe when driving.

Is Lake Arrowhead a private lake?

Lake Arrowhead is a private lake restricted to local property owners and their guests.

The whole perimeter area of Lake Arrowhead strictly belongs to the local homeowners.

Therefore, you can’t visit for random barbecues and picnics or roam in your boat without permission. You will pay hefty fines for illegal trespassing.

Affordable hotels in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead has many affordable and comfortable inns, resorts, and hotels where you can book your stay.

Here are the top three places you should consider for your lodging.

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge

Stay at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge and enjoy a feeling of home away from home.

This property is nestled among the gorgeous mountain landscapes and trees along the calm Lake Arrowhead waters.

You will love everything about this lodge, including the tranquillity, services, comfort, and world-class food, all delivered at an unmatchable level of excellence.

Spend several nights in the property’s chalets featuring a fireplace and comfy beds. You may never want to leave!

Arrowhead Lake Inn

Find the perfect escape at the Arrowhead Lake Inn.

The property’s rooms are cozy and stocked with various amenities. There is also free Wi-Fi so you can conveniently keep up with friends and family.

A complimentary breakfast is served every morning, so don’t miss it!

Arrowhead Tree Top Lodge

Arrowhead Tree Top Lodge is another perfect place to book your stay in Lake Arrowhead.

Everything you need is provided on this property, including free Wi-Fi, parking, barbeque grills, and luggage storage.

All rooms boast extra conveniences like free toiletries in the bathroom, ceiling fans, daily housekeeping, and a flat-screen TV, among others.

Are there campgrounds in Lake Arrowhead?

Being an excellent destination for visitors, Lake Arrowhead also boasts unique camping sites.

If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, camping is another excellent alternative. Here are some of the popular campgrounds to consider in Lake Arrowhead.

Green Valley Campground

This campground is located between Lake Arrowhead and Big Lake Bear and makes a pretty escape for families.

At Green Valley Campground, you can enjoy a fresh atmosphere in a pine forest provided by San Bernadino Mountains. The campground offers tents and RV sites, and it’s ideal for trout fishing.

Campers will enjoy access to picnic tables, toilets, showers, sewers, and electric hookups. You can also witness some small waterfalls in this well-maintained campground, so come ready for a camping adventure like no other.

Dogwood Campground

Find refuge at the Dogwood Campground not far from Lake Arrowhead.

The facility is family-friendly and features 87 tent sites and a few well-spaced RV sites. This campground is located 15 minutes from Lake Gregory, so you have access to incredible fishing opportunities.

Campers at Dogwood Campground are provided with picnic tables, drinking water, showers, toilets, water and sewer hookups, and much more. Note that you must make reservations for this campground in advance.

North Shore Campground

Find peace at the North Shore Campground. Most sites in the campground have manzanita bushes and lots of trees as well as a hiking trail.

With its proximity to the lake, plenty of shade, and hiking opportunities, the North Shore Campground is a number one choice for Lake Arrowhead visitors.

The grounds feature RV sites, tents, and cabins. Pets are allowed here, and the prices vary depending on your chosen campsite.

Some of the campground’s amenities include toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, and drinking water.

Other Lake Arrowhead activities

Swimming is not the only thing to do in Lake Arrowhead. Let’s look at some other things to occupy your time with!

Lake Arrowhead Village

The Lake Arrowhead Village is the main attraction in the Lake Arrowhead region.

Come ready to shop, dine, be entertained, and enjoy this communal hub’s spectacular lake views. Don’t miss the boat tours at the waterfront to enjoy an aquatic adventure.

Stone Creek Bistro

I recommend the Stone Creek Bistro for dinner anytime in Lake Arrowhead.

You will love the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere; their ribs and chips will satisfy your taste buds. Their services are excellent, and there is always something new to try here.


One of the main activities in Lake Arrowhead is hiking.

While the area has numerous outlets for water exploration, even more hiking trails invite you to explore the land.

Most trails grant access to wildlife sightings, spectacular lake views, and unique rock formations.

Consider the Heart Rock Trail if you’re in Lake Arrowhead with the children because it’s so kid-friendly. The trail leads to a sizeable heart-like rock ideal for some great photo ops.


It is possible to swim in Lake Arrowhead provided you know the water treatment schedule.

The lake is safe for families, and you can visit any time of the year.

Plan your visit to Lake Arrowhead and enjoy quality time with loved ones!