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Do Babies Need Sunglasses?

As a parent, you know that babies are not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight without protection.

Your baby may be covered under the sunshade in your garden, but when playing on the beach, you want to ensure they’re as safe as can be.

At their age, do babies need sunglasses?

Babies need sunglasses since their eyes can’t protect themselves against the effects of the sun. In the first year of a child’s life, their eye lens transmits up to 90 percent of UV radiation to the retina. This puts them at a higher risk of eye problems, hence the reason you should buy sunglasses.

In this article, I will discuss why your baby should wear sunglasses and also guide you on how to choose the perfect sunglasses for your little one.

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Why Should Babies Wear Sunglasses?

Here are the benefits of wearing sunglasses for your little one.

UV Protection

If you’ve ever been outside the whole day without any sunblock on your skin, then you’ve likely experienced sunburn. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the harm that sun exposure can cause their eyes.

If your baby is in the sun for too long, they too could suffer short-term or long-term effects on their vision.

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays may cause eye problems like growths, cataracts, or photokeratitis, which is eye sunburn.

Protection Against Migraines and Headaches

When too much bright light hits the eyes, the area becomes painful. Before you know it, your baby is bawling because their head hurts.

Your baby will be protected from headaches and migraines while enjoying a day on the beach if they wear sunglasses.

Prevention of Macular Degeneration

Although most people think macular degeneration only occurs in the elderly, it can also affect babies.

The eye disorder is caused by macular deterioration at the back of the eye. This may result in central vision loss and is characterized by the need for brighter light and retinal damage.

Macular degeneration can damage your baby’s vision from a young age, resulting in special vision needs for life, so you should be cautious by getting them a pair of sunglasses.

Protection From Debris

Have you ever been to the beach on a windy afternoon? If so, then you may have experienced some sand blowing into your eyes. It’s very uncomfortable, to say the least!

If this happens to your baby, you will notice them scratching their eyes. All that does is grind the sand in deeper and increase the irritation.

Sunglasses best prevent such occurrences because they will act as a physical barrier.

How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Baby

There are many types of sunglasses for babies on the market. That can make it difficult to narrow down your options.

Before purchasing a pair of sunnies for your daughter or son, consider these factors.

Total UVB/UVA Protection

A good pair of kids’ sunglasses should offer 100 percent protection against UVB and UVA rays. The glasses will not only guard the skin around the eyes but will also prevent conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts.


Another critical factor that you should consider before buying sunglasses for your baby is how comfortable they are.

Babies can be stubborn if they aren’t comfortable and may throw away anything they don’t want to wear.

The most comfortable sunglasses for young ones have wraparound bands. These sunglasses are easily adjustable and comfortable.


Babies are active and will participate in activities that may cause them to fall often. This is why you should buy strong sunglasses to endure their drops, falls, and scrapes.

Look for sunglass brands with impact-resistant lenses and static elastic bands to keep the frames securely attached to the baby’s head.

Lens Quality

When purchasing sunglasses for your little one, the quality of the lenses and their tints matters a lot.

Choose sunglasses with a moderate tint. You can gauge the tint by holding the sunglasses at arm’s length while standing near or looking at a straight line. Gaze through the lenses to check for any imperfections.

Then slowly move the glasses across the straight line. The lenses are not perfect if you notice the straight edge is curving, swaying, or distorting.

Tips to Encourage Your Child to Wear Their Sunglasses

As much as sunglasses have their benefits, there is no guarantee that your baby will like them. Here are some tips that will help your young child adjust to wearing their sunglasses.

Start Them From a Young Age

Since there is no age limit when wearing sunglasses, having your baby wear them earlier is better. This way, wearing sunglasses will naturally become part of their life.

Lead By Example

Kids tend to imitate most of the things their parents do. When you grab your sunglasses every time you go out in sunny weather, your young child will want to do the same.

Remind Them They Look Cool

Praising your child and telling them they look super cool whenever they wear their sunglasses will help them learn to love their glasses.

Kids like looking cool, and if they know that sunglasses make them cool, they won’t be dropping them anytime soon.

If the kids have any celebrities they like, you can show them photos of the celeb wearing sunglasses and assure your child that they will look like the celebrity too!

Let Them Choose

Allowing your child to choose a pair of sunglasses that fits their style and taste gives a sense of ownership. By choosing sunglasses they love, they will be more likely to wear them without you pushing them to.

Are There Alternatives To Wearing Sunglasses for Babies?

Sunglasses are not the only way to protect your child from UV rays. Here are other alternatives that you may consider as well.


When your baby wears a hat, it limits their exposure to direct sunlight, thus allowing them to enjoy summer days while riding a bicycle, playing in the pool, or doing any other outdoor activity. The best part about a hat is that it protects the eyes and the baby’s entire face and ears.

Clip-on Lenses

A clip-on is a detachable lens that you can unclip at will. The best part about a clip-on is that it offers UV protection without interfering with your child’s vision.


Whether you are spending your vacation at the beach or taking a nature walk, your baby must be protected from the sun by wearing sunglasses.

Ensure you buy comfortable, durable sunglasses that boast quality lenses and 100% UV protection. This way, your child won’t be exposed to direct sunlight and risk eye damage.