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What Is There to do in Estes Park for Teens?

It would be fair to say that Estes Park is a town that caters to teenagers. There are a lot of fun opportunities for your 15-year-old to explore in the town and surrounding areas, including the famous Rocky Mountain National Park.

It could be catching fish, enjoying some ice cream, or hiking on some of the best trails that Estes Park and the surrounding area boasts.

Have you been wondering where to take your teens during the long summer holiday? Estes Park is ideal for them. They will always have something here, no matter the type of activity they like.

I have prepared a fantastic guide to some of the things teens can do in Estes Park. This will help you plan a vacation and make the summer holiday memorable and enjoyable for your teenagers.

1. Biking

Colorado has a biking culture thanks to the fair weather usually evident in Estes Park. This explains why many locals prefer bikes to automobiles. Your teen will have the best biking moments in the far-reaching bike trail system, including Crosier Mountain, Hermit Park, Homestead Meadows, and Pierson Park.

These trails are graciously and safely designed, making them approachable for riders of all levels. Estes Park is the perfect place for your upcoming cyclist who has been looking for a thrilling experience with an ideal landscape to enjoy.

If biking during the late summer, they will probably even be lucky enough to see some deer and elk.

2. Miniature Golfing

Your teenagers will love to have a chance to try their hands at a mini-golf course with the beautiful views of Long’s Peak in the background.

There are several places they can do miniature golfing, including the YMCA of the Rockies, or the Meadow Mini Golf.

This activity has been a tradition in Estes Park for a long time, and the courses are clean, and your teens will have lots of fun.

3. Horseback Riding

Allow the young adults in your family to experience country life as they saddle up and explore the scenic trails of Estes Park. Horseback riding is part of the area’s history, and they will not forget one bit of this activity.

The best places for horse riding in Estes Park include the National Park Gateway Stables, Sombrero stables, and Jackson stables.

These places feature beautiful scenery, with fantastic guides who will keep you informed as you ride on some of the most super friendly and aimiable horses.

4. Visit The Museums

Besides the many scenic wonders that Estes Park boasts, the region is known for excellent educational museums. Your teenagers will love a chance to visit some of them and gain historical knowledge.

Ensure you take them to the Mountain Blown Glass, a local glass studio and gallery known for wonderful artistic works.

Other educational museums include Estes Park Memorial Observatory, Dicks Rock Museum, and MacGregor Ranch Museum, among others. Most of these museums are focused on the natural history of Estes Park.

During the education tours, your teens will be encouraged to explore the landscape from different perspectives, including photography, birding, painting, geology, and gardening.

5. Geocaching

There is no better way for teenagers to combine technology and outdoor exploration than taking part in geocaching.

This is a perfect activity for young adults who want to have great outdoor adventures. They will be fully engrossed in the activity as they hide and seek containers with their peers using Geocaching apps on their Android devices, iPhones, or GPS.

During the activity, they will be required to stop at various National Park Visitor Centers for the stamping of their passports. The Rocky Mountain National Park is the best place for this activity

5. Wild Watching

One of the top things to do in Estes Park is “wild watching.” Young adults will be excited to see the wildlife inhabiting the famous Rocky Mountains.

The region is home to reptiles, amphibians, over 200 types of birds, and many different mammal species. No matter when they visit, there will always be an opportunity for them to see the wildlife in the area.

Nevertheless, you must talk about safety ahead of time if your teens want to watch wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park. While watching, they should avoid approaching the animals, even when taking photos, and also avoid disturbing the animals.

They should also observe the national park laws and be observant of postings and signs of closed areas.

6. Kent Mountain Adventure Center

Your outdoor-loving youngster will appreciate visiting the Kent Mountain Adventure Center. The main activity in this place is rock climbing and cliff picnic trips.

The center also has camping programs for youth, and you can be sure spending a night far from home will be something they will remember for a lifetime.

Besides, guided hike programs will allow teens to exercise and experience nature and wildlife.

7. Estes Park Aerial Tramway

A visit to Estes Park can’t be complete without the teenagers visiting the town’s aerial tramway for some breathtaking views.

The tramway was built in 1955, and since then, it has effortlessly whisked millions of visitors to the top of Prospect Mountain at an elevation of 9000 feet.

Once they are at the top, your teens will have hiking trails to explore at the summit as they sip their well-brewed caffeine dose from the coffee shop.

The Estes Park Aerial Tramway is an experience like no other, and both you and your teens will love the views from the top.

8. Elkhorn Avenue and Moraine Avenue

This place is among the top things to do in Estes Park, and your teens should not miss it during their summer holidays.

Elkhorn Avenue and Moraine Avenue feature a mixture of modern houses mixed up with rustic and timber-made houses, and it’s simply beautiful.

There is a lot of shopping to do here, and you will find all kinds of treasures, thanks to the many shopping, recreational, and food establishments.

This is the perfect place to grab an ice cream and cool yourself down on a hot summer afternoon.

9. Chipper Lanes

There is fun for everyone at Chipper Lanes, and your teens will enjoy all kinds of activities, including an arcade, live music, and fun bowling.

The place has a nice atmosphere for the whole family, and you could even hold a birthday party for your teen as they transition into adulthood and round out the party with some live music.

Chipper Lanes also has a restaurant, and you’re sure to find something to suit everyone’s tastes.