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13 Family-Friendly Beaches in Miami

Do you want to experience some of the best beachside attractions on the east coast? Miami has a lot to offer that will excite kids and adults alike.

Let’s have a look at the best family-friendly beaches in Miami.

1. Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Located in the Southern part of Coral Gables, the Matheson Hammock Park Beach is 630 spacious acres.

Swim in the peaceful ocean waves and shade yourself and your family under the generous palms. You can hire kite surfing gear or rent a yacht to experience the waters in innovative ways!

Restaurants abound nearby. You’ll love the mouthwatering seafood served at the Red Grill Restaurant complete with beautiful waterfront views. This beach restaurant opened after Hurricane Irma and has been a significant joint in the area.

The beach also features picnic areas with benches and charcoal grills, making it the perfect place for a family picnic lunch.

The park is open from morning to evening, and there is an admission fee.

2. Crandon Park Beach

The naturally shaded Crandon Park Beach is located in Key Biscayne, and it has something for every member of your family.

The beach is quite tropical thanks to the tall and beautiful palm trees. You’ll also find several picnic areas, so you can bring food, snacks, and drinks from home and enjoy.

The waters are warm and ideal for kids to swim. Your little ones can even take kiteboarding lessons here.

There is plenty of parking on weekdays, but things may be different on weekends.

3. Virginia Key Beach

Virginia Key Beach is a slice of paradise in Biscayne Bay.

The beach stretches for miles, and it has shaded pavilions with picnic tables and chairs.

Do you want some quiet time to relax? Virginia Key Beach provides some secluded places for beachgoers.

There are also many activities that your family can enjoy on this beach. You can rent a bike or kayak, go fishing, reconnect with nature, and much more. This beach also boasts a rich cultural heritage.

4. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Pay a small fee to access one of the best beaches in Miami, Bill Baggs Cape State Park Beach.

The Key Biscayne beach features cycling, fishing, swimming, and plenty of places for strolling.

The Boaters Grill Restaurant nearby serves Cuban food. Alternatively, you can bring packed food from home and enjoy lunch under the picnic pavilions. This beach is worth a visit with your family.

5. Hobie/Windsurfer Beach

Located between Key Biscayne and Brickell, Windsurfer Beach provides beach lovers with panoramic sky views.

This beach is perfect if you have a furry friend in your family since it’s one of the few Miami beaches that allow pets.

Popularly known for windsurfing, Windsurfer Beach offers watersports lessons for kids and adults.

The narrow strip beach boasts stunning scenic sunset views, and taking a walk along it with your family on a summer evening will make your trip.

Besides, you will save money since there are no charges for access. Parking is also free.

6. South Pointe Beach

Your trip to Miami isn’t complete without visiting South Pointe beach.

For a moment, you will forget the city’s commotions in this sun-soaked paradise. This beach has family-friendly facilities, washrooms, a kid’s play area, and green space.

The locals come here to surf, paddleboard, or play volleyball.

The South Pointe Cafe near the kids’ play area is the perfect spot to cool down with a glass of juice.

Admittedly, this beach is usually crowded, and finding a place to park can be a nightmare. The secret to avoiding the crowds is getting to the beach early.

7. Oleta River State Park Beach

There is no better refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city than the Oleta River State Park Beach.

This urban park offers so much for families; your leisure time will be worth every minute.

Are your kids interested in watersports? At this beach, they can paddleboard, kayak, and canoe. There’s also cycling when you want to dry off!

8. Lummus Park Beach

Lummus Park Beach is an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing. Lifeguards are available throughout the day, so you needn’t worry about the little ones.

The beach is also great for biking and walking thanks to its graciously paved paths.

Apart from the recreation and beach experience, Lummus Park has an art center where your little artists can learn more about Miami’s arts and architecture.

9. 85th Street Beach

85th Street Beach is popularly known by visitors for its sandy lounging areas and calm, clear waters.

Next to the beach is the famous Bal Harbour Village, where you can do some shopping and pick a place to enjoy dinner after spending the day on the beach.

10. Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina

The Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina is located in Northern Florida and has much to offer families. You can picnic, fish, kayak, or enjoy a nature walk on this beautiful beach.

The water is also ideal for swimming and boating. It is not deep so your children will be safe.

Additionally, Homestead Bayfront Park Marina has restrooms and restaurants.

Beach parties are also allowed on this beach!

11. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Known for beautiful blue ocean views and coconut palms, Fort Lauderdale Beach is an excellent destination for families.

The views on the coastline are breathtaking, especially in the evening as the sun sets.

12. Hollywood Beach

Hollywood beach stretches up to 2.5 miles, so it would be a great destination for running, biking, or walking.

The coastline has plenty of palm trees for some much-needed shade when the sun starts scorching.

You have a lot to enjoy here with your family, including fishing, surfing, and paddle boarding. Don’t miss the public art display and outdoor water space for children.

Music lovers flock to this beach to enjoy the live music concerts, which take place almost every night.

13. South Beach

South Beach has surfing, strolling, and swimming. The coastline is also great for shopping and dining.

At night, this beach turns into a lively city as adults flock to enjoy drinks at the many bars nearby. You will never experience a dull moment on South Beach, so I highly recommend it!