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Can a Family of 5 Stay in One Hotel Room?

Nothing beats the joy of a family spending time together on a vacation far away from home. Nevertheless, finding the perfect accommodation for your family might be tricky, especially if you have a large family.

This is because most hotels define a family as two adults and two kids below the age of 12 years.

It is this concept that most hotels use to come up with charges and room occupancy terms. Do you have a family of five and are wondering whether you can all stay in one hotel room?

A family of five can normally stay in one hotel room. You just need to know what to look for or become more creative. There are chances that you can find a perfect hotel room to accommodate your family.

Some hotels have big rooms and doing a thorough search to find one that does will be helpful.

Are you planning a family vacation but aren’t sure about a hotel room for your family?

I will share tips that will help you plan and book a comfortable hotel room for your family. Also, I will mention what you should look for when booking a hotel room.

Tips on How to Book a Hotel Room For a Family of 5

Capacity Inquiry

Asking about the maximum room capacity is the number one thing to do when booking a hotel room for your family. Most hotels have a standard room occupancy of four people, especially if the season is low.

It is therefore essential to inquire about this if your family is larger than four people. Make a call and ask before hitting the road for your vacation. You don’t want to be stranded in the cold with the little ones.

Search For Adjoining Rooms

Some hotel rooms may not have enough beds for the whole family. If that’s the case, you can look for a double/adjoining room and be close to each other. The kids can take one room while you take the other one.

This idea is best if you travel with small kids because you can watch over them at night. You will also be at peace knowing that they can’t wander around.

Nevertheless, not all hotels have adjoining rooms, so you should confirm before booking.

Connecting Rooms

These rooms feature an interior door connecting one room to the other. Unlike adjoining rooms, you don’t need to enter the hallway to access the other room.

This also comes in handy in watching over the kids, even if you are in two separate rooms.

Connecting rooms are safer because you can keep the connecting door open and keep an eye on what’s going on in the other room.

Additional Sleeping Options

Many hotels have extra sleeping options, and you can request one for the comfort of everyone. Some hotel rooms have pull-out beds attached to the living area couch, which will be helpful.

Alternatively, if your kids are small, you can carry sleeping bags or even an indoor tent and have them sleep on the floor.

This will be fun, and they will appreciate the adventure of the experience.

Be Flexible With Your Vacation Dates

This is another excellent tip that will significantly help when booking a hotel room for a family of five. You might get a better deal if you are flexible with your vacation dates.

Many hotels offer amazing deals during the off-season or for anyone who wants to stay for a few more days. If you are more flexible, you can cut down the cost of paying for a room for your family.

There is no harm in pushing your holiday from summer to fall or spring and spending less.

Consider Choosing A Suite

You don’t have to fret if your family is large and you can’t be booked into one room. You have the option of choosing a suite and enjoying more space.

As you search for a hotel, look for the ones with the word ‘’suites’’. Such properties have larger rooms that can accommodate a family of five. Most suites have sofa beds or double beds hence you will be less cramped.

Nevertheless, suites are usually highly-priced, and you should be prepared to splurge, especially if your kids are older and there is a need for privacy.

Pick a Hotel That Has a Kitchenette

If you are traveling with small kids, a kitchenette will be helpful. Not all kids can eat hotel foods; are your kids as picky as mine are?!

Besides, the foods may not meet your family’s dietary needs. You can cook something healthy and more to everyone’s liking with a kitchenette.

You will also save on the high cost of eating out while on vacation. If you are lucky or do an intensive search, you can get a kitchenette with a microwave and fridge to store the perishables.

Choose a Hotel That Offers Free Breakfast

This is a great money-saving tip that will work for you. It is the custom of many hotels to give their guests complimentary breakfast, especially those staying for many days, which is why you should look for such.

Besides cutting down the cost of buying food, you will enjoy the opportunity of eating breakfast as a family together.

One way to get such a hotel is by checking the amenities section on the website of the particular hotel you are looking at.

Choose a Hotel With Free WIFI

Many people overlook the aspect of free wifi when booking a hotel room, but it’s crucial. Not all hotels have free Wi-Fi, so remember to inquire before booking.

Your family needs to connect with friends while on vacation. A hotel room with wifi will also keep your kids entertained for a few hours after lunch while you get a nap or read a book.

Choose a Hotel That Is Near Outdoor Activities

When on vacation, your outdoor options should not be limited as a family. Family vacations are best and more fun if they include a park or outdoor activities.

For this reason, you should choose a hotel near a park. With good outdoor space nearby, you will have enough room for your large family to spread out and not get in each other’s way constantly cooped up in a small hotel room.

It will also be nice to have access to outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, or swimming.

A family of five can comfortably stay in one room. You only need to know what to look for and be flexible with your vacation dates. Also, remember to look for different types of hotels and their alternatives when booking.