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How To Get Ready For a Ranch Vacation

Going on ranch vacation can be a blast but preparing for it properly may take a little bit of effort. The right preparation, however, will make sure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest, so it’s well worth the thought and time you put into getting ready.

You can think of your preparations into two categories. These include the packing, and the arrangements for your home while you’re gone.

Knowing what to pack will be influenced by the weather, the time you will be on the ranch and the activities you intend to participate in.

Packing is not the whole story though.

You also need to organize who will care for your pets and plants to avoid being anxious on your vacation, as well as making sure all the bills are paid and everything will be easy to jump back into everyday life when you get home.

Are you a last-minute person when getting ready for a vacation?

I am here to help you prepare for your time away from home. You will not suffer the consequences of over or under-packing with the following get-ready tips.

Essential Things To Do When Getting Ready For Your Vacation

Handle The Priorities First

The number one thing to do before you hit the road is to ensure all the responsibilities at home are taken care of.

Pay the electricity, water, and wifi bills, or get auto-pay set up if time is not on your side.

Wash the bedsheets; you don’t want to come to a messy bedroom. Leave the house tidy and clean for a more pleasant re-entry.

Also, ensure you have done any homework you might have brought from the office before leaving because there may be no or little signal at the ranch to do the job.

Besides, I am sure you don’t want to carry any work to your ranch vacation.

Remember to throw away any perishables in your kitchen; otherwise, you will find your house stinky when you return home.

Cancel Deliveries

If you have any pending deliveries, call the postman and put them on hold until you are back or cancel them.

Alternatively, you can request your neighbor to pick up the package if it is not something that will spoil before you are back.

Check The Weather

As much as this might seem like a simple thing, you might be surprised to know how many people get stuck when it starts raining (or maybe it’s happened to you before!).

Therefore, you should consider the weather of where you are and where you are going for vacation to help you pack appropriately.

Consider The Duration of The Vacation

This helps you pack the number of clothes you will need for the vacation. Do you intend to wear the same clothes often, or do you want an outfit or two for each day?

You don’t want to run short of clothing and be all sweaty and uncomfortable because you don’t have a change of clothes.

Think About The Activities You Will Participate In

Are you going hiking or horse riding? Forgetting the cowboy boots or hats you bought recently would spoil your mood.

It would also be frustrating to realize you left your swimming attire just when you wanted to cool down after hiking in the hills.

The type of activities you will partake in are important to consider when getting ready for a vacation.

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a little bit of fitness training before you leave.

For a week or two before your trip, spend some time walking, swimming, or running to get in shape. This can help to minimize soreness and aches from the activities you will engage in while at the ranch.

Prepare a Packing List

A vacation might demand that you carry many essentials, and that’s where a packing list is helpful. You can either write it down or use a packing app.

Timing is critical here, and you would be much less stressed at the last minute if you write down and review your list three or four days before your travel day.

Tick each item once you are done to avoid redundancies.

Remove The Items You Can Get At The Ranch From The List

This is a great tip, and it will save space, especially if you are traveling with a carry-on only.

Most ranches provide their visitors with toothpaste, shampoos, body wash, etc. You, therefore, don’t need to pack them unless you are picky when it comes to such items.

Plan To Stay Unplugged

A vacation is staying away from what you are used to and embracing a simpler life far away from home. Therefore, you should keep off your gadgets and avoid reading your boss’s social media posts and emails.

Spare some time to spend with your family or your friends without disruptions.

Confirm Your Vacation

This is a significant thing to do when getting ready for a vacation. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay much attention to it.

Remember to call the ranch where you will be spending your vacation and confirm your slot. You can ask questions like are pets allowed, what the weather is like currently, how long is the drive to the ranch, whether they offer airport pickup, etc.

Also, take the time to check in for your flight, confirm your rental car arrangements, or map your route if you’re driving from home.

Ranches in remote locations may not have cellphone reception or GPS, so print off maps or directions to the ranch before you leave home.

Ensure You Can Access Money

It’s always a good idea to inform your bank that you are traveling. Discovering that you can’t access your money when miles away can be frustrating or scary.

Most credit card departments in banks will suspend your card if a suspicious transaction is made from far and that’s why you need to let them know about your vacation.

Also, remember to carry some cash and avoid being stranded just when you plan to come back home.

Prepare For The Unknown

Although you are keen on preparing the best way you can, the worst can still happen, and here is how you enhance your preparation.

Carry an actual map if you will be traveling via road. There might be an inadequate signal on the way.

Photocopy your travel and personal documents

Have a copy of emergency contacts in your pocket.

Last Minute Preparation

It’s finally time to leave. Here are the last-minute items to make sure to take care of.

  • Ensure you have all the essentials packed, including phones, wallet, cameras, and house keys.
  • If you are traveling very early in the morning, plan to sleep early so you may be able to keep time.
  • Turn off any electronic that does not need to be left connected.
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Take the trash outside
  • Set the alarm for your house and lock the door.

Now go and enjoy your ranch vacation!