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Is Gettysburg, PA a Good Place to Visit with Toddlers?

Many people know Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the town’s civil war many moons ago, but there is more to this place than history. The city overcame the challenges of the war and has since become a beautiful and popular destination for visitors.

Gettysburg is a lovely place for a family vacation. In this article, I will discuss the kid-friendly activities that you can add to your itinerary!

1. Visit The Countryside

Gettysburg has lots of farmland to explore. Start with the Adams Farmers County Market and have a taste of the fresh, toothsome apples. Buy some flowers to commemorate the day too.

Then head to McDanells’ Fruit Farm & Market and experience how fresh melons and berries can taste.

Your countryside experience in Gettysburg isn’t complete without visiting the Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. fruit farm.

All types of fruits are grown here, including peaches, apples, Asian pears, raspberries, and lots more. Your little ones will enjoy taking a farm tour while picking and munching on various fruits.

Hollabaugh Bros. offers a plethora of fun-filled kids’ events all year round.

2. Under the Horizon Arts Studio

Under the Horizon is a professional art and pottery studio in Gettysburg that’s the perfect place for your creative children.

You can walk in and begin working on some family-fun art activities or you can sign up for special creativity events.

This pottery studio is ideal for all age groups and is an excellent place to stir up your child’s creative gifts!

3. Carlisle Sports Emporium

Your search for an entertainment spot for your child ends at the Carlisle Sports Emporium.

This year-round entertainment complex features outdoor and indoor activities where families can enjoy endless fun.

The kid-friendly activities at the Emporium include go-karting, two 18-hole golf courses, four-player virtual reality, a roller skating rink, and batting cages.

There are also plenty of open areas where the little ones can play on their own as you enjoy a drink from the Victory Lane Cafe.

4. All-Star Family Fun & Events

Enjoy quality family time at the All-Star Family Fun & Events, a one-stop venue for fun-filled toddler-friendly activities.

The center boasts an indoor soccer field, an indoor kiddie slide, and an outdoor kiddie play area.

Dazzle the family with outdoor car shows and live concerts. When it’s all said and done, relax at the picnic pavilion and chow down on yummy snacks and drinks.

5. Lincoln Train Museum

Explore history with your kids at the Lincoln Train Museum.

The exhibits within the museum represent a wide range of American history dating many years back.

The most striking thing for toddlers in this museum is the model trains from the 18th century. There’s even a ridable train where the kids can sit and listen to a lifelike Abraham Lincoln hologram speak.

The museum owner is friendly and encourages kids to play with some artifacts, just not all, of course.

6. Straban Park

Straban Park is a little slice of heaven if you’re looking for some simple outdoor entertainment.

Have the kids bring their bicycles or toys so they can play and entertain themselves. The park has a pavilion suitable for picnics where you can enjoy lunch.

7. Have an Animal Experience

Gettysburg boasts a lot of animal-centric places for the little ones.

Begin with the Land of Little Horses Performing Animal Theme Park to experience the miniature horses on display.

After that, head to Catoctin Wildlife Preserve on the southern side of Gettysburg to see more animals. The kids will get close to flying geese and ducks at the preserve as they feed them around the pond.

The preserve offers safari rides, camel rides, and a safari cafe as well.

8. Enjoy Family Dining

One thing that makes a vacation more interesting is eating out and experiencing new foods.

There are many restaurants in Gettysburg to visit; therefore, you can be sure to get something for your family regardless of your tastes.

Try the Hickory Bridge Farm Restaurant and enjoy their oven-fried chicken served with ham and veggies.

You can also go grab a pizza at Tommy’s Pizza or give your little ones a taste of Mexican food at the popular Montezuma Restaurant.

9. Go Hiking

You will find several kid-friendly trails in Gettysburg where your child can burn some energy.

The Strawberry Hill trail is one of the best trails to hike with kids of all ages and abilities.

Also, try the battlefield hikes and walks and enjoy nature blended with history.

10. Camp Overnight

Camping with kids can be great fun, wouldn’t you say? Gettysburg has many camping areas with different features and amenities to choose from.

For instance, some have cabins for visitors who prefer staying indoors.


You have every reason to take your family on vacation to Gettysburg. Your little ones will enjoy farming in the countryside, animal experiences, and yummy food, among other things. Plan your vacation early and be sure to have memorable fun in the town!