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Things to do in Gettysburg with the Kids

Gettysburg is a city that’s been frequented by millions of tourists in Pennsylvania for many years. The area features beautiful attractions, rich history, and fun activities for children of all ages.

In this article, I’ll present a list of must-do-activities and attractions for kids in Gettysburg. You and the family will make memories that will last a lifetime!

1. Utz Quality Foods Factory Tour

Who’s hungry? If so, then a visit to Utz Quality Foods to take a factory tour should be in your future.

During the tour, the kids will observe the production process of Utz snacks like chips and pretzels. The factory’s attendants will also walk them through the company’s history and its products.

And of course, there will be some snack sampling as well!

2. Majestic Theater

The Majestic Theater is one of the biggest theatres in Pennsylvania with a seating capacity of nearly 1,700.

The theatre has an incredible cinema where your kids can watch films. They can also browse the trending arts exhibits at the theatre’s art gallery.

The best part about the place is that it has summer programs for kids that include concerts, plays, and comedy shows.

3. The Land of Little Horses Performing Animal Theme Park

The Land of Little Horses Performing Animal Theme Park is a farm park that sits on 100 acres of land. It’s also home to many beautiful miniature horses.

Your little ones will have oodles of fun as they grab a brush and groom a miniature horse. The kids will also enjoy the wagon and a train ride around the park to experience the pastures and forests nearby.

4. National Apple Harvest Festival

Celebrate the fall season with your kids at the National Apple Harvest Festival, a four-day celebration that happens every October.

There’s something for the whole family at this festival, including live music, pony rides, rock climbing, craftsman’s demonstration, and steam engine displays.

The festival is awash with color and has over 100 vendors showcasing their products and delicious delicacies. Adults shouldn’t miss the apple cocktails!

5. National Civil War Museum

Since its opening, the National Civil War Museum has been a frequently visited attraction in Gettysburg.

The museum houses close to 5,000 artifacts and offers massive knowledge about the Civil War.

Your kids will appreciate history much more so after listening to war stories and learning about personalities like Stonewall Jackson and other uniformed men that took part in the war.

The museum is located on a hilltop and so you can enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding areas as your kids go through the exhibits of the war.

6. National Riding Stables

If your kids get excited by horses, take them to the National Riding Stables.

There, they’ll be provided with a memorable horseback tour of the popular Gettysburg Battlefield. The licensed horse guides will take you through the history of the Battlefield as you enjoy a horse ride around the town.

The guides are kind and well-trained so you won’t have to worry about your kid’s safety.

7. Sach’s Covered Bridge

There is nothing that brings the history of Gettysburg back to life more than Sach’s Covered Bridge.

The bridge was built in 1854 and is one of the remaining covered bridges in Pennsylvania.

So what about it that your kids will like? The scenic setting of the bridge is beautiful and perfect for photos and a nature experience.

8. Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium

This is one of the most unique attractions in Pennsylvania and one of the most popular spots in Gettysburg by far.

Your children will have a jaw-dropping experience as they witness more than 12,000 elephant figurines at Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum.

The most amazing experience for kids in this museum is strolling the whimsical gardens that boast a talking elephant, an enchanted forest, and a teapot museum.

There is also so much candy that the kids will more than satiate their sweet tooths!

9. The Christmas Haus

The Christmas Haus is a perfect place to visit whether Christmas is two months away or 10.

The store is packed to the gills with beautiful, original German handcrafted ornaments and decorations. You’ll find everything your home needs for a cherished Christmas season.

10. Victoria Photo Studio

Make lasting memories of your vacation by stopping by the Victoria Photo Studio.

You and the whole family will get to dress up in an extensive and authentic Civil War wardrobe. For a moment, you will feel like you’re living in in historic times!

The studio offers quality digital prints and photos that will dominate your sitting room wall for a long time to come.

11. Hiking and Walking

Touring Gettysburg on foot doesn’t only give you an up-close look at where historical events took place but allows you to connect with nature.

There are several spots throughout Gettysburg where you can take nature walks and enjoy seeing wildlife, reptiles, and birds. Here’s an overview.

Big Round Top

Although the trail at Big Round Top is short, it’s still enjoyable to reach the top. It leads to the Gettysburg Battlefield’s highest point where you can witness five monuments.

Big Round Top curves its way in between trees and you will often hear birds singing as you hike with your kids.

Seminary Ridge

The Seminary Ridge along Confederate Avenue offers an incredible, shaded backdrop for strolling around the Battlefield.

As you walk along this trail, you’ll witness monuments and come to the George Spangler Farm.

Additionally, the trail boasts some well-manicured resting places where you and the kids can take a break and drink up.

Billy Yank and Johnny Reb Trails

If you want a more adventurous trail in Gettysburg, the Billy Yank and Johnny Reb Trails won’t disappoint.

The two hiking trails provide a comprehensive picture of the town’s history. Other points of interest along the way are farms, monuments, and the army headquarters.

If you feel you need more guidance on this trail, you can pass by the visitor’s center and get an instructive book for the two trails.

12. Fields of Adventure

A trip to the Fields of Adventure promises lots of excitement for the little ones.

This field has many kid-friendly activities including climbing tires, tractor rides, sandboxes, and rubber duck races.

Besides games, the field also offers special events for kids of all ages including Breakfast with the Easter bunny, tulip picking, and much more.

All these events take place throughout the year, so check the Fields of Adventure calendar to see what’s taking place when you’ll visit.

13. Check out The Gettysburg Eddie’s Restaurant

Mention Gettysburg Eddie’s restaurant in this historic town and almost everyone will tell you about their burgers.

The restaurant faces the National Cemetry and makes some of the best delicacies in the town. You can be sure your family will enjoy a full dinner featuring homemade soups and sandwiches.

End your day in Gettysburg at the restaurant and leave refreshed and full.