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Is a Guest Ranch a Good Vacation for Families with Toddlers?

Planning for a vacation is fun, but the idea of going with your toddler might slow you down. Kids behave differently in different environments, and they can turn your long-anticipated vacation into a stressful situation, thus spoiling your mood.

Nevertheless, leaving your toddler at home would be selfish and not practical, but can you go on a guest ranch vacation with your toddler?

If you have a toddler in your family, a guest ranch vacation can turn out to be great, provided you know where to go.

Guest ranches have plenty of kids’ activities to keep them entertained and busy, making your vacation enjoyable. Many ranches even offer babysitting or daycare arrangements.

It’s time to get your bags packed if you have been postponing your vacation because of a cranky toddler.

Stop making excuses, as a ranch vacation can definitely be done with a toddler! It can be a great time for the whole family.

I will also be listing some of the items you should carry for your toddler on a guest ranch vacation.

Why A Guest Ranch Vacation Is Good For Your Family

A guest ranch vacation will perfectly fit the bill whether you are planning a vacation for your family or looking at a family reunion.

It will be a great way to be away from devices and city life to recharge. Here are reasons you should book a guest ranch vacation for your family this summer.

Ideal For Family Reconnection

Technology has, for a long time, caused disconnection in families. You will find parents glued to their phones while the kids can’t let go of their PlayStations when at home.

This makes people forget to focus on their loved ones, which is crucial in a family.

Going on a guest ranch vacation will offer you a low-tech time to reconnect with your loved ones.

You will know what’s happening in their lives and even set goals as a family, thus strengthening the bond.

Kids Can Be Kids

Your kids might not tell you but being in a home setup limits them in many ways. They can’t explore much, and this makes their lives monotonous.

However, a guest ranch vacation will give them a chance to be kids.

They will be over the moon as they hook a fish from the pond for the first time or play in the mud without anyone shouting at them.

Additionally, your young ones will meet new friends and come up with new games apart from those they are used to playing at home.

No Surprise Costs

This is another great reason you should book your family for a guest ranch vacation.

Most guest ranches employ the concept of all-inclusive, meaning you can make an advance payment for accommodation, food, and most kids’ activities.

Although there may be some additional costs, you will know what you are getting your family into. Hence, you can customize the vacation to suit your family’s needs while keeping the whole trip well within your vacation budget.

Activities For Toddlers

Your toddler might not exhaust the activities available in a guest ranch. They will enjoy themselves at the swimming pool and the petting zoo corner under the eyes of the ranch’s babysitters as you enjoy your alone time.

What Should I Pack For A Toddler For A Guest Ranch Vacation?

Although traveling with babies is a challenge, it doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. Ensuring you have everything your baby or toddler needs is the key to an enjoyable vacation.

Here is a checklist of things your toddler will need.


Cold Medication

Toddlers are more prone to colds than adults and being around other kids at the ranch might expose them to new viruses, so some cold medication should be on your to-pack list.

Unlike when you are at home, getting to a drug store near a ranch might not be possible, and that’s why you should come prepared with what you may need.

Make sure you pack medication that your little one is familiar with, either in the form of liquid or chewables.

Allergy Medication

Always pack some allergy medication even if your child doesn’t have any allergies. They could be stung, bitten, or react to water on the ranch.

Children can develop allergies to something you didn’t know about or start itching after getting into contact with an irritating substance.

Whatever the case, it is good to have an allergy medicine such as Benadryl in their suitcase to get rid of any uncomfortable symptoms and stop their recurrence.

Food And Drink Provisions

Bottles and Cups

Your toddler will need to drink lots of water during a vacation, especially in the summertime. This will prevent dehydration and keep them active in various activities within the ranch.

Milk Supplies

Milk expressing equipment is vital if your toddler is breastfeeding. It will come in handy if your partner wants to help feed the baby as you take a nature walk or go off on a trail ride.

Or take enough formula for the days that you will be gone, along with all the bottle washing equipment you normally need.


Sometimes, you may take a walk around the ranch and delay coming back for lunch. You need to carry some snacks in case your baby starts throwing tantrums because of hunger pangs.

Some cereal bars or dried or fresh fruits will ideally distract the toddler.

Baby food puree pouches and dry cereal are also a great idea to have along if your little one doesn’t like the meals offered at the ranch.

Diapers And Clothing


Carry enough clothes for your toddler as you go on a vacation. Not all guest ranches have laundry facilities, so it’s good to be safe.

Dark-colored clothes would be ideal considering the activities of a guest ranch because they don’t show off stains and dirt.

Also, be mindful of the weather and carry all-weather clothes. If you are doing something in the sun, put your baby in sunglasses to protect them from the sun’s rays.

You may also have to carry a potty for your toddler if they are potty-training or enough pull-up pants for the days you will be away.

Diapers and changing accessories

Take enough supplies of diapers with you while going on a vacation. You may not have somewhere you can buy them around the guest ranch.

Additionally, ensure you have tissues, wet wipes, and a changing mat.

Other Essentials For Your Toddler

First Aid Kit

This is one of the things you should not forget to carry, even if you are traveling alone.

Your babies may scrape themselves on rocks or sprain their ankles while playing hide and seek. The kit should have bandages, safety pins, and disinfectants.

Night-Light or Darkening Blinds

If your baby doesn’t sleep easily in a very bright or too dark room, adjusting the lights will be helpful.

Consider carrying a light blind to reduce the amount of light and help your child sleep, or a night light if they’re used to having one.

A guest ranch vacation is suitable for a family with a toddler because it allows kids to be kids as they engage in various activities.

You will also not have to cater for surprise costs because you make an all-inclusive payment.

Now that you know what you need to carry for a toddler book your guest ranch vacation and have memorable times.