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Fun Activities for Kids in Hilton Head

Time goes by so fast, and if you are a working parent, you must be intentional about family time. You should create time once in a while and build a solid and lasting bond with your loved ones.

Of course, you can choose to travel to many places for your summer vacation, but Hilton Head is a great place to head with kids.

Hilton Head is a historic city in South Carolina with endless kid-friendly activities that will leave you in love with every moment away from home.

Whether it’s shopping, swimming, wildlife viewing, or boating you choose, the city is perfect for all these activities and much more.

Here is a list of fun things to do with kids in Hilton Head.

1. Ride a Bicycle on the Beach

Hilton Head boasts several beaches, and you could cruise along them and explore by renting a bike.

The Hilton Head Island community loves bicycling, which tells you that the city has good paths regardless of your skill level.

Your kids will love peddling their way down to the beaches in the calm summer breeze.

There are bike renting stalls on the beaches where you can rent a bike for your little one and let them roll along the pathways.

2. Shelter Cove Harbour

This is one of the most popular places in Hilton Head, and your kids will love to experience it.

Shelter Cove Harbour is located at the center of the island, and there are several activities that your kids can enjoy including crabbing, fishing, watching dolphins, and boating.

There are also many local shops around and great dining places for families.

Also, remember to attend the Shelter Cove Harbourfest: a celebration that takes place every week. The festival features arts and crafts, live music, entertainment, and kids’ activities.

When you leave this place, your kids will request another summer visit.

3. Lawton Stables

Located in the Forest Preserve of Sea Pines, Lawton Stables is a great place for the whole family.

This place offers lots of kids’ activities, including train and pony rides and horseback riding.

The horses are healthy, well-trained, and obedient, boosting your kids’ confidence level if this is their first ride. Besides, the staff members in charge of leading the trail are friendly and helpful.

The location also has a small animal farm where your children can observe and feed goats, cows, sheep, chickens, and ponies, after you pay a small fee to buy the farm food to feed the animals.

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The animal farm is open to kids of all ages.

4. Adventure Cove

You will love everything about Adventure Cove, thanks to its many fun-filled activities. It is also the only entertainment center in Hilton Head with arcade games and mini-golf.

Image Credit: Adventure Cove Mini Golf & Arcade

Your kids can participate in an adventurous mini-golfing activity. You can choose two courses, but what you will love most about Adventure Cove is its condition. The place is well maintained and boasts excellent looks.

There is also an arcade where your teens and toddlers can have a blast while playing the arcade games.

This is a great place to escape the hot South Carolina summer sun for a bit because it has enough shade to protect you and your little ones from the sun.

5. Aerial Adventures and Zip Lining

There are several places in Hilton Head where you can enjoy aerial adventure and zip-lining. But the best one is located on Creek Way Marina.

Image Credit: Adventure Hilton Head

Raise the adrenaline of your 7-year-old by having them balance, swing, and climb over 40 obstacles in this adventure park. They will also have a clear view of Broad Creek thanks to the high ropes course.

Besides, the staff is friendly and takes all precautions when it comes to safety matters, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Image Credit: Adventure Hilton Head

The zipline canopy tour is a thrilling and high-flying experience that will leave your kids with lasting memories of Hilton Head Island.

6. Coastal Discovery Museum

If your summer afternoon gets boring, consider visiting the Coastal Discovery Museum, and you will be re-enthused. The place has so many informative programs and activities for the children.

You can embark on a walking tour as you see the carnivorous plants in the museum or explore the butterfly house.

This hidden gem also has a farmers market on Tuesdays which will be a perfect treat for your kids.
However, ensure you have money for shopping because the market has many likable goods.

There is also a gift shop where you can buy your loved ones some Christmas presents. Besides, you will learn a lot about the local history at this museum.

7. Station 300 Bowling Lane

Are your children yearning for some unique time out? Then Station 300 is the perfect place to take them. This is an unmatchable entertainment center with a well-maintained environment, 12 big projection screens best for watching games, and over 24 bowling lanes.

The bowling experience provided in this place is quality, and everyone will be requesting more time in the station.

You also don’t have to be bothered by where you will get some food and refreshments since there is a full-service restaurant where you can enjoy some of the island’s best delicacies in a relaxing atmosphere.

8. Sandbox Children’s Museum

The Sandbox is a unique kids’ destination offering high-quality educational programs and hands-on play. This museum is located in the New Lowcountry Celebrations Park and was founded in 2005 to educate young children through exhibits and interactive activities.

The museum provides a safe and inclusive environment for all kids allowing them to engage in indoor educational activities and play freely for their positive development.

It is an excellent place to visit with so much to love, including the food, staff, and environment.

9. Mitchelville Freedom Park

Mitchelville Freedom Park is one of the few historic sites in Hilton Heads, and it’s an educational place to visit with your kids.

The park is located at Beach City Road and has a few buildings which were used by enslaved people who were emancipated during the Civil War after the Union army took over Hilton Head Island.

This freedom park is an outstanding visitor attraction that has brought a rich and high-value heritage culture to locals and visitors. It features walking trails, beach access, a picnic pavilion, and a deck for wetlands observation.

Everything within freedom park brings history back to life, and your family will enjoy taking in the park’s calmness and serenity.

10. Fort Mitchel

One of the top ways to experience Hilton Head city with your children is by visiting Fort Mitchel.

Located at 65 Skull Creek Drive in Hilton Head, the American War Fortification offers visitors an immersive, fascinating history of the Island’s role in the Civil War.

The site holds the remains of a coastal defense battery which was erected to guard the Port Royal Sound against attacks from Confederates’ boats on the Savanna River.

Tickets are a must for entry, and there are tour guides who will help you understand more about the site. Your children will gain a greater appreciation of the history of the US Civil War after visiting this place.

11. Bluewater Resort

You will have the best family time at the Bluewater Resort and, for a moment, forget the stress of the office.

This resort is perfect for your getaway with everything your family would need while away from home. The fun at Bluewater is endless, especially when you cruise at the lazy river pool that dominates the resort.

There are many water activities that your children will enjoy participating in, including swimming, kayaking, fishing at the dock, and boat riding.

Also, they can take a walk at the Pinckney Island Wildlife Nature Reserve across the resort and enjoy beautiful sunset views and some sweet sounds of the birds.

12. Folly Field Beach Park

There is no better way to spend your last afternoon in Hilton Head than soaking your feet in the soft sand of Folly Field Beach Park.

The beach park has a boardwalk that ushers you to the evenly leveled beach where your little ones can ride bicycles or play safely. It is also clean and has stunning sunsets, not to mention the warm weather that keeps the water warm enough for kids of all ages to swim.

Besides, this place has water stations, clean bathrooms, and shaded parking areas. You will also run into fishermen at the shore who are always willing to give visitors a chance to learn how to fish. You can be sure your teenagers will be impressed.

Folly Field Beach Park is a great place to hit the beach.

13. Native Son Adventure

You will never go wrong with what the Native Son Adventure has to offer. This is one of the best ways to discover Hilton Head city, and you can be sure to have a blast.

Your morning on the water will be great as you boat ride, fish, and watch the dolphins and birds while exploring the waterways surrounding Hilton Head Island.

The other outdoor activities Native Son Adventures offers include surfing, shell collecting, crabbing, and sharks’ teeth hunting.

A tour or class with Native Son is the perfect way to end your trip to Hilton Head Island.