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How Far is Disneyland from Los Angeles?

Are you from Los Angeles and planning to visit Disneyland? It’s definitely worth the drive up there, because Disneyland, as you know, is full of many things to see and do. You will love the attractions, including Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, and have tons of fun for the whole family.

However, if it is your first time visiting Disneyland, you may be wondering how far it is from Los Angeles.

Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is about 27 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. To get to Disneyland from Los Angeles by car takes about 30 minutes if traffic conditions are favorable. Taking a bus or train will increase the time of the journey to about 2-3 hours.

Whether traveling to Disneyland for a day or going for a week’s family vacation, you need to know the distance you will cover. This will help you plan your time and choose the correct mode of transport. In this blog post, I will discuss how to travel to Disneyland by car, train, or flight. Also, I will mention the best time to travel and what you need to know.

How To Get To Disneyland From Los Angeles

When visiting Disneyland, one of the things you need to take into account is logistics. This will make your trip easy and enjoyable. Here are the modes of transport you can use to get to Disneyland from Los Angeles.


As mentioned above, you will need to cover 27 miles if you travel by car. Driving is the fastest way to get to the park, but you must be careful with traffic and the rush hours because they might derail you.

However, you can beat the traffic if you start your journey early. The time you take to get to Disneyland also depends on your location in Los Angeles. For instance, if you are in downtown Los Angeles, it will take you 30 minutes to arrive at the park if there is no traffic. But seriously, is there ever no traffic in LA?


If you prefer using the train to Disneyland, the best station to use is Union Railway Station. Enjoy the services of Pacific Surfliner from the station since their time is flexible, and it’s easy to catch a train any time of the day.

The train ticket from the railway station to Disneyland costs $20, and it will take 30 minutes to arrive.

The journey by train is scenic and relaxing, so many people prefer using the train. Besides, there are no traffic-related issues. Nevertheless, the train won’t take you all the way to the park, so you still must connect by bus.

The bus part of the trip will take roughly 25 minutes at a ticket cost of $4. Using the bus is the only direct option to take you inside the park. The train and bus ride combined will put your total travel time from downtown LA to Disneyland somewhere around 1.5 to 2 hours.


If you want to take the bus, which is a tad more affordable than the train at around $4 per person round trip. All you need to do is catch the 460 Metro Bus towards Disneyland. It will take you there in about 90 minutes, depending on traffic, of course.


Well, no you can’t fly from LA to Disneyland. But if you happen to be flying to Los Angeles and then heading to the theme park from there, you have several options of ways to get there from the airport.

You can of course get a rental car, and drive. Or you can take a taxi or ride-share service, although these are both going to be pricier options.

The other option is to take the bus and/or train.

The best option here is to take the Metro Bus and Rail. To do this:

  • At the airport, board the bus/shuttle marked “G” to the Aviation Station.
  • At the Aviation Station, go to the west end of the platform, and there board the Metro Rail Green Line headed east toward Norwalk.
  • At the Norwalk Station, board the Metro Express Line 460 bus headed to the Disneyland Resort. The journey, including transfers, will take you approximately 2-3 hours.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Disneyland From Los Angeles?

Since the trip is about you and your family, if you are traveling with them, your preference and the needs of your family members is what determines the perfect time.

What experience are you looking at having, and for how long? For instance, if you are traveling for fun and looking forward to joyful moments, visit during the holidays (Halloween, Christmas, or Independence Day).

At these times, the park is full of life and holiday-themed activities, and you can be sure to have the liveliest moments during the days you will be around.

However, if you want to avoid the crowds, the best time to visit is when the season is low. Anytime between January and May is okay because there are no crowds and the quieter scene at the park will be enjoyable.

What You Need To Do Before You Arrive At Disneyland

Whether traveling to Disneyland for the first time or for the twentieth time, there are things you need to do before your arrival. This will help you plan your trip and have an easier time getting around. Let’s look at what should be done before your arrival.

Download The Disneyland App

This app is free, and it comes in handy in helping visitors to navigate around the park. The app will help you locate different attractions, find places to eat, search for characters, make a mobile food order, avoid the long lines, and locate the washrooms, among many other things.

Downloading the app before your arrival helps you know how it works and be able to use it conveniently.

Have a List of Attractions

There are many attractions at Disneyland, and listing them down will help you plan your stay there. This will also save time because you will already know where and when you want to go. Ensure you have a strategy to use for each place you intend to visit.

Buy Your Tickets Ahead

This is where most people go wrong when visiting Disneyland and end up being stranded. Avoid being in the statistics and buy your ticket in advance. The best way to purchase the tickets is online; if you are lucky, you will get incredible discounts.

Purchasing the tickets at the entrance is not a good idea because the lines are long, and you might get overwhelmed, especially if you have young kids. Don’t waste your precious time waiting in line, and buy your tickets in advance.

Disneyland Food

There is no Disneyland without food, and you are sure to relish the eating experience. Disneyland has tons of variety of food and drinks all throughout the park, conveniently located near wherever you happen to be.

However, plan ahead to know where to find good food, especially if your kids are picky or allergic to some food. The park has free printable food checklists of drinks, kids’ meals and breakfast, and allergy-friendly meals.

All you need to do is check online and print what you find and the kinds of foods your family will enjoy.

Disney Gift Cards

One super convenient option is to have a Disney gift card to avoid any cash transactions. You can use the card to pay for recreation, the attraction entrance fee, or buy Disney parking tickets.

The cards can be used anywhere within the park, provided it’s a place where credit cards are accepted. They are sold online or at retail chain stores.