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How Far is Disney World from Universal Studios?

Orlando is popularly known for both Disney World and Universal Studios. Visiting one theme park and skipping the other is almost impossible for many visitors, as it’s too hard to choose between them.

If you plan to visit both, then you need to know, how far is Disney World from Universal Studios?

Disney World is nine miles from Universal Studios if you’re driving. You will cover the distance in approximately 15 minutes if there is no traffic. Use the I-4 Highway to reach Disney World in the shortest time.

In this article, I will talk further about the distance between Disney World and Universal Studios and the means of transport you can use.

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How do I get to Disney World from Universal Studios?

There are several ways to get to Disney World from Universal Studios. The easiest is by car.

You have various options for a car journey. Here is an overview of each.


Taxis and Uber are very famous around Orlando. Using this mode of transport is the quickest way to connect the two theme parks.

Orlando has many taxi services. Book one with a good reputation. A one-way journey should cost you $45 depending on your chosen service provider.

The other convenient travel option is Uber, which is much cheaper than traditional taxis. In addition, Uber travel apps are easy to use no matter where you are, provided you have a smartphone.

All you need to do is download the Uber app, set up an account using your name, and then link it to your payment card. You will be able to request Uber services from wherever you are.

The best part about using Uber or taxi services in Orlando is that you won’t have to worry about parking, which is the most stressful thing for visitors.

Rent a car

If you are one of those tourists who want the freedom to explore, renting a car is the best option. This allows you to bring as much luggage as possible and leave the parks as you wish.

Rental car costs vary, but you can get a cheaper deal if you book accommodations through a travel company. Also, they can get you a chauffeur if you have a problem driving around Orlando.

Renting a car comes with the cost of parking, so you need to factor in that for the two parks. During the peak season, you could part with at least $50 at Disney World and $30 at Universal Studios for parking alone.

On International Drive, you may wish to explore several attractions, restaurants, and amenities. After all, you have a private car, so take advantage of that and enjoy the freedom of making several stops before getting to Disney World.

Shuttle service

A shuttle is the best option for families staying in one of Disney World’s or Universal Studio’s hotels.

These hotels offer free shuttle services to take their guests to the theme parks.

Can I take a bus from Universal Studios to Disney World?

Buses are available between Universal Studios and Disney World, but I don’t recommend them as a means of moving from one park to the other.

They don’t follow a direct route, so will take more time before getting to Disney World. Buses are also not very convenient if you visit with your kids.

That said, they are the cheapest mode of transport between the two parks. You can pay as low as $2, and the bus line services offer economical all-day and weekly passes.

What is the best mode of transport from Universal Studios to Disney World?

The best means of transport between the two parks depends on the kind of experience you want, the duration of your vacation, and your family’s size.

While renting a car would be the best choice for travelers, most of them may prefer Uber services.

Can I stay at Disney World and visit Universal Studios?

Yes, you can indeed stay at Disney World and visit Universal Studios.

Visiting Universal will be a great way to break up your days at Disney World and do something different.

In addition, staying in a Disney World hotel is cheaper than staying in a Universal Studios hotel.

Where can I park at Disney World?

Suppose you stay in a hotel in Disney and still want to drive your car. The following are the most common parking lots in Disney World:

  • Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Disney Springs
  • Magic World
  • Animal Kingdom

The cost of parking in any of these lots varies.

For instance, if you are a guest at a Disney World hotel, you won’t pay for parking. Off-site guests pay $25 per day, while visitors with oversized vehicles like buses or RVs pay $30 per day.

The Disney World parking fee covers the whole day, provided you retain your receipt.

What is the best time to visit Disney World?

September is the best time to visit Disney World. The crowds are fewer, and the prices are fair.

This is the time when summer vacation ends, and most families are busy preparing for the new school year, so try to squeeze in your trip then!

What time is the best to visit Disney World with kids?

If you want your children to enjoy themselves and make lasting memories, I recommend that you visit Disney World during January and February.

You will spend less time in waiting lines and explore more attractions.


The distance between Disney World and Universal Studios is nine miles. It takes less than 20 minutes to reach Disney World if you use the I-4 Highway.

Of course, your drive may take longer during early mornings, holidays, and weekends.

I hope this information helps you plan a visit to Disney World. Have a fantastic time with your family!