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How to Fold a Beach Tent

A beach tent can protect your entire family from sunburn, but let’s be real, they’re not exactly easy to fold. So how do you do it?

In this guide, I’ll explore various methods you can use to fold up a beach tent for ease of carrying, so make sure you keep reading!

Methods for folding a beach tent

Oval method

In the oval method, the tent opening is supposed to face you while you grab down all the sides of the entrance.

Next, fold the left side down on the ground and do the same to the right side.

Ensure that the right side lies on top of the left while holding them together. Having done this, the tent should form an oval figure.

Figure-eight method

In the figure-eight method, you put the tent lying on its side and then apply pressure in the middle.

This makes the tent look like the numeric figure eight. Once this shape is achieved, ensure you keep the weight in the middle to prevent the tent from moving about.

Circle method

In the circle method, grab the tent in the figure-eight position and fold it over to make a circle. The pole of the beach tent is flexible, so you shouldn’t worry about breaking it.

To make sure the circle stays in perfect shape, hold the tent together by pulling the elastic band.

If by any chance a pole sticks out from the edges, you should tuck them in. This makes it easy to put the beach tent in the bag.

The best beach tents

Helinox Royal box tent

The Helinox Royal Box Tent has been ranked highly for its elegant, sleek, and functional use.

Made from a high-tech aluminum alloy frame that makes it lightweight in design and at the same time durable and sturdy, the Helinox tent will accompany you on many future beach trips.

If by chance you need airflow, the two sides of the tent can be temporarily rolled up and tied.

WolfWise Spiltwave instant pop-up beach tent

If you’re searching for a beach tent that is easy to set up and full of convenience, the WolfWise Spiltwave Instant Pop-up Beach Tent is the ideal option for you.

The tent opens and can be folded in a split second. It’s fitted with automatic pop-up features and thus requires no takedown or assembly. The tent is also lightweight in design for easy transportation.

The most amazing thing about this tent is that it has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating of 50+ that protects one from harmful UV rays.

Additionally, the WolfWise tent features mesh windows and a rear door that allows the air to flow through.

On windy beach days, the tent can be attached to four sand pockets at the corners to add stability.

Snow Peak mesh shelter

The Snow Peak mesh shelter features mesh fabric for ventilation and four entrances.

The most exciting thing about this tent is its outer shell which is water-repellent and makes sure that items inside the tent are kept dry.

Coleman RoadTrip beach shade

The Coleman RoadTrip Beach Shade is one of the best-ranked beach tents for its provision of ample privacy and protection.

The tent is fitted with a UV Guard material and a built-in front canopy for protection against the sun. The tent also features four flexible walls, a door, and a mesh window designed to fit your needs.

Big Agnes Three Forks shelter

The Big Agnes Three Forks Shelter is a simple but versatile tent that shields you from the sun during your beach days.

Featuring four open walls for free movement in and out of the tent and adequate ventilation, the tent can also be fitted with two auxiliary wall panels.

Sport-Brella 8′ SPF 50+ premiere canopy

Sport-Brella 8′ SPF 50+ Premiere Canopy has a UPF rating of 50+, hence no exposure to harmful UV rays. The tent is also fitted with water-resistant fabric with extra features compared to other beach tents.

Additionally, the beach tent has a durable center pole with a built-in tilt mechanism, a large spiral auger on its base for ease of use, and secure anchoring in the dirt, sand, and grass.

Tips for purchasing a good beach tent

Are you still searching for the ideal beach tent for your next family vacation? Here are some traits it should possess.

UV protection

If you’re planning to spend a significant amount of time at the beach, a tent with UV protection is mandatory.


Stability is also a key feature to consider when shopping for a beach tent. As you relax on the beach, the least of your worries should be a tent that keeps on getting blown away by the wind.

Before purchasing a beach tent, ensure that it has pockets that can be filled with sand for stability.

Ease of use

For people who want to assemble and take down their tents in seconds, purchasing pop-up tents would be ideal.


Whether you’re going to the beach by car or on foot, you will need a lightweight beach tent.

A tent that comes with a handle is ideal for carrying. Though a majority of beach tents have fiberglass poles, the poles can be packed neatly and placed in a carrier bag.

When shopping for one, please check for a carrier bag with shoulder straps so that you can easily carry your tent and other beach necessities.


If you feel like taking other family members and pets on your beach tour, please purchase a beach tent that fits everyone accompanying you.

On the other hand, if you are embarking on a romantic beach tour, some tents can accommodate couples.