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How to Sleep Comfortably in the Front Seat of a Car

As the passenger, you can kick back, relax, and take a nap in the car if it suits you. A driver can also pull over and snooze.

You can comfortably sleep in the front seat of a car by bending the seat backward. Whether in a rural area or on a highway, you just need to find a place where you can park the car and take a nap.

However, to avoid getting arrested by the police, you must know the country’s laws, norms, and regulations surrounding parking and sleeping in vehicles.

In this blog post, I’ve gathered more information on how to sleep comfortably in the front seat of a car, so let’s dive right in!

How to Sleep Comfortably in the Front Seat of a Car

Below are tips to help you sleep comfortably in your car’s front seat.

Look For a Safe Place and Park Your Car

Knowing that you are in a safe place will help you drift right off to dreamland.

Park in a still, quiet area with few (or none) people and moving vehicles.

Some best places to park your car for a nap are in residential neighborhoods, in front of religious buildings, or at a truck stop.

Cover the Window Near You

Covering the driver’s or passenger’s side window blocks out the sun and makes the car more private.

It would be unsettling to find someone observing you as you sleep, after all!

What can you use to cover the window? Any fabric works.

Fold the Back Seats and Adjust the Front One

Now it’s time to get ready to take a nap by adjusting your car.

Lean the front seat back until it’s comfortable.

To adjust the seat, use the included adjustment clips.

After adjusting your seat, create a nice, padded surface to nap using what you have available. Change the lower position of the seat so that your back can be comfortable while you sleep.

Get a Cushion to Act as a Pillow

The odd shape of a car interior can lead to an achy, uncomfortable sleep.

An extra cushion for comfort could, at the very least, cover some spaces between surfaces or armrests that don’t fold. You’ll also wake up with less (hopefully no) pain!

Put on an Eye Mask and Play Light Music

An eye mask will darken your environment so you can sleep no matter the time of day.

Soft music will act as a lullaby to soothe you to sleep, so use your headphones to listen to some of your favorite light tunes.

Get into the Best Sleeping Position

It’s finally time to sleep, but in what position?

You can sleep on your back, but use a pillow to support your neck and avoid pain.

If you don’t have a neck pillow, use a jacket or a sweater to make a temporary pillow.

You can still lay on your side and nap too, but this is more convenient for short people.

The Best Cars to Sleep In

If you’re tired enough, you can sleep in any car, but it’s not always comfy. Below are some highly recommended vehicle models that make for a cozier spot to nap.

1. Chrysler

This car’s design is for campers. Additionally, it is fantastic for long-distance travelers because it provides so much room for camping equipment, a place to sleep, and even a kitchen for traveling.

2. Ford Explorer

You can convert the Ford Explorer into a spacious place where you will take a nap until you feel rested.

All you need to do is fold back the middle row seat and adjust the front seat to

3. Honda Element

The Honda Element makes a wonderful sleeping vehicle.

Although it appears to be a typical car from the exterior, removing the back seats reveals a roomy interior.

Fold down the front seat and install a bespoke camping mat that glides over the seat, then grab a mattress, and you’re ready to go.

4. Volvo Wagon

Volvos are also some of the best cars to sleep in since you don’t have to disassemble anything.

You simply fold down the seat and place an air mattress on top.

5. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is yet another excellent vehicle for sleeping, especially if you are planning on a long drive.

Simply fold down the seats and you can sleep comfortably.

Safety Tips for Sleeping in a Car

  • Never park your car on the roadside.
  • Safety comes first, and it’s everyone’s priority. You cannot sleep comfortably knowing that you are not safe.
  • Just before taking a nap, text someone your whereabouts. We realize this is a worrying statement, but it’s for your wellbeing.
  • Never use the temperature control overnight while the car is running. You risk inhaling dangerous fumes! You could also damage the batteries and deplete your fuel.
  • Do not open the windows so thieves can’t easily access your car.
  • Before sleeping in your car for the night, make sure your bladder is empty. You won’t enjoy getting out of your vehicle at night to use the restroom. This may cause anyone nearby to become suspicious of you and report you to the authorities.


Whether you are stuck on the road, have no money to rent a resting room, or just need to take a nap in the midst of a long drive, you can always take a nap in your car.

Now that you know how, you can rest a lot easier!