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How to Travel with Baby Formula (Explained)

Traveling with a bottle-fed baby can be overwhelming because there are so many moving parts to keep track of. But considering the comfort and health of your baby, the best approach is to plan ahead for everything you will need for your journey with your baby.

You need to consider several things when traveling with baby formula. First is the number of days you will be away and the safety of the formula.

Taking enough formula shouldn’t be an issue when traveling in the car, but if it’s by plane, there are restrictions on how much prepared formula you can bring.

You don’t have to cancel your travel plans because your baby is too young. You can still travel and enjoy yourself with proper planning.

This blog post will guide you on how to travel with baby formula by car or plane. I will also discuss some other topics related to traveling with baby formula to help you feel confident and ready for your trip.

How To Travel With Baby Formula By Car

You’ve probably traveled with your baby in the car many times already, but taking a longer trip might seem daunting.

Nevertheless, you will have to be a bit strategic because traveling by car often takes longer than a plane trip.

Also, you have less freedom to move the baby about or offer comfort while she is strapped in her car seat.

One such hassle while traveling with your baby in the car is that it is not safe to feed your baby in a moving car even if they can hold the bottle by themselves. You will need to stop to give the baby her bottle.

But here are some strategies that will help you be more efficient on your car trip with your baby.

Bottle Preparation

Preparing the baby’s bottle of formula before hitting the road is the most important thing to do. Ensure your hands are clean to avoid contamination that might lead to stomach upsets.

Get this done before you leave, as you may not have a clean way of preparing the bottle during those pit stops you make on the road.

Once the bottle is clean, fill it with the baby formula and pack it in an insulated bag or a cooler, but make sure you use any prepared bottles within 24 hours.

Keep Everything Within Your Reach

Ensure everything the baby needs is kept up front (not packed under all the suitcases in the trunk!) before hitting the road. Realizing that you left something you need at the back of the car when feeding the baby might be frustrating.

Ensure you can access the baby’s bottle and warmer easily and start warming the formula in time so that it will be ready when you stop.

Have a Place To Store The Used Feeding Bottles

Cleaning used bottles before reaching your destination may not be practical. It is therefore wise to have a wet bag for storing them. This way, you will avoid having your car cluttered with bottles.

You can also sanitize the bottles and wipe the wet bag easily once you have arrived at your destination.

How To Travel With Baby Formula By Plane

Parents traveling with infants are allowed to carry bottles of baby formula when traveling by plane. But you must be strategic about carrying it and feeding your baby as easily as possible without missing or delaying the baby’s feeding time.

The following tips should help you think through how to do this.

Prepare The Bottles Ahead of Time

Airport navigation is not easy, not to mention the process of boarding the plane. You will have a lot to worry about, so you should prepare the bottles in advance.

Kids’ health experts advise that you can prepare a baby’s formula up to 24 hours ahead of time, provided you refrigerate it. Take advantage of this and store baby formula in a cooler bag. It will be easier to pull it out and warm it during feeding.

Carry a Travel Bottle Warmer

A baby bottle warmer is essential when traveling by plane or car. It is the only way you can warm the milk well in advance. This way, you won’t have to rush and start warming the milk when your baby gets angry.

You don’t also don’t want to bother passengers with a crying baby, so it’s good to put the formula in the warmer in advance.

Feed The Baby When The Plane Takes Off

A strategic plan is to feed your baby when the plane is taking off. This will come in handy in keeping the baby calm during the transition and helping your baby’s ears adjust to pressure changes.

Also, feeding the young one at this time will increase the chances of falling asleep for a better part of the flight. If this happens, you will get time to relax after the stressful moment of boarding the plane.

Which Baby Formula is Best For Traveling?

There are several baby formula options you can consider when traveling.

One option is to carry some water and a premeasured formula. However, this method demands that you avoid using a vacuum flask for the formulas’ storage since it may cause some security issues, especially at the airport.

The other better option is carrying ready-made formula. It is easy to use because all you are required to do is pour the formula into the baby’s feeding bottle. Some airports have baby shops where you can buy the formula before checking in.

Nevertheless, you must confirm with the airport you will be flying from and know the type of formula they stock, and the cost.

What Are The Must-Haves When Traveling With Baby Formula?

Formula Powder Dispensers

Any on-the-go parent must have a formula dispenser when traveling. The containers help in preparing quick bottles. It holds and measures the formula for you. They come in different types and sizes; therefore, you can choose one depending on your preference and traveling schedule.


While it may seem more convenient to just pick up some formula from wherever you’re heading, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find your usual brand. It’s best to take a good supply of what your baby is used to so minimize the chances of stomach upset or baby refusing the bottle.

Convenient Bottle

You need a convenient bottle when traveling, and one that baby has already gotten used to at home. Don’t try to change things up the day you leave, but get her used to the travel bottle well before leaving.

Pick a bottle that’s easy to carry, clean, and use.

Also, bottles that come with pre-sterilized liners are better because they not only ensure your bottle is clean but also reduce the time you take to clean it up, hence perfect for travel.

Water For Baby Formula

If the type of baby formula you are carrying requires some water to make, you should carry the water with you. You can carry distilled, tap, or bottled water since they are considered best for making baby formulas.

Nevertheless, you may have to boil the tap water to kill any microbes that could be in it. Do this before leaving home!

Traveling with your baby doesn’t have to be a nightmare. All you need to do is plan your trip well, whether traveling by air or car.

Also, remember to carry everything you need to make the baby formula when it’s feeding time. This way, you will have an easy time far away from home.