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Outer Banks with Kids (Top Activities and Places to Visit)

The Outer Banks is a long string of narrow barrier islands off the North Carolina coast. If you ever thought of a family vacation at Outer Banks, your thoughts will be appreciated by everyone in your family.

This is a hidden gem thanks to its rich history, sandy beaches, and natural beauty.

The Outer Banks has a lot to offer your kids, including visiting the museums, basking in the sun, nature trails, and many sporting activities.

There is something for everyone in this fantastic place regardless of their age. Outer Banks is a friendly destination, and you might want to go back there every year.

This post will highlight the top best activities for your kids while visiting the Outer Banks and the places to visit.

Activities for Kids on the Outer Banks, NC

There are more than enough kids’ activities to participate in on the Outer Banks and keep your kids entertained for the whole week you will be on vacation.

Let’s have a look at each of them.

Bike Riding

Riding bikes should be a high-priority activity for your kids as you plan for an Outer Banks vacation.

There are 105 miles in this place, and the paths are bike-friendly, not to mention the flat landscape and safe parking spaces.

The best part is that you don’t need to carry a bike for your kids since there are more than enough bike rental stores in the area.

Rent a bike for everyone in the family for the week you’re here.

Relax At The Beach

The Outer Banks is a perfect display of the most beautiful and clean sandy beaches. The quietness on these beaches is unmatchable, and you can be sure that your kids will have immeasurable fun.

They can walk along the beach as they collect shells, fish or surf in the Atlantic, or enjoy sunbathing.

If you can fit it in your budget, request your booking company to give you a vacation rental house close to the beach for easy access. That way you can get lots of beach time each day you’re on the island.

Hiking or Walking

The Outer Banks boasts many trails where your kids can run, hike or walk. These trails are open from morning to evening, and it is up to you to decide what time the kids can experience the fantastic views of marshes, ponds, and dunes.

There are also many wild animal refuges and nature reserves to give your kids a great view of the natural and unspoiled beauty of the Outer Banks.


The Outer Banks has several ways you can go fishing with your family. For instance, if it’s your first time fishing, you can ask for help from a guide.

If you have some fishing experience, you can independently catch some tilapia from the ocean.

However, it’s good to note that if your kid is above 16 years of age, they will be required to buy a fishing license, usually known as the Coastal Recreational Fishing License.

For a perfect fishing and kid-friendly experience, get some advice and tips from a local tackle store. The attendants will also guide you on which fishing supplies you need for your adventure.

You can plan to fish from the beach, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even charter a fishing boat for an off-shore fishing experience.

Either way, you’re guaranteed to have fun and bring home memories, if not some fish!

Have Fun At An Outer Banks Playground

There is no better place for your child to have fun and explore than on a playground, especially for the under 5 age group.

The Outer Banks has over 15 playgrounds scattered in the recreational parks, museums, and town parks.

You can be sure that your kids will use their energy as they play football or fly a kite. Most of these playgrounds are pet friendly and don’t charge admission.

Some of the most popular playgrounds you can take your kids to play in include Duck Town Park, Meekins Field, Whalebone Park, and Dowdy Park.


If you love water exploration, then the Outer Banks is your ideal vacation destination. It is perfect for kayaking or some canoe adventures.

Your kids can launch their vessel into the ocean or the sound at various access points.

They will be over the moon as they explore the waterways and see the Waterland wildlife. The best time to plan a kayaking activity for your kids is in the evening so they can have the best Outer Banks sunset views.

If you don’t feel experienced in Kayaking, you can request private or group tours, and some offer a complete package with paddleboards or kayaks. This way, you will all be safe and comfortable.

Enjoy Dolphin Cruises

If you have a kid who is in love with dolphins, the Outer Banks is the perfect place for a dolphin sighting.

There are several Dolphin cruises here where you can view dolphins in their habitat as they play, and this will be a beautiful scene to behold, especially for your kids.

Ensure you have your camera with you and capture photos of your kids feeding the dolphins.

See The Corolla Wild Horses

Our list of activities can’t be complete without mentioning the Corolla wild horses. These horses usually wander along the beaches of the Outer Banks, and a glimpse of them will be something your kids will remember their entire lives.

There are very few places in the USA where you find wild horses, and therefore it will be a rare moment for your kids and the whole family.

You can see the horses on your own, but a guided tour will be more advantageous. Most guided tours take two hours and entail everything about the wild horses you would like to know and see.

Remember to carry some sunscreen, your camera, and water.

Play Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is an activity for all ages and one of the best for your kids while on the Outer Banks. There are many mini-golf courses in the area, both for grownups and kids.

The courses have different numbers of holes, most of which are in a natural setting. You will be happy to see your child participate in the bumper fun as you enjoy your drink from the sidelines.

Your choice of a golf course will depend on your family’s location. There’s bound to be one close to where you’re staying, whichever part of the islands you are on.

The Lost Colony Play

Your kids will live to tell an Outer Banks story once they watch the famous Lost Colony play. This is a historical drama whose performance is traced from 1937.

It’s a musical play that runs from May to August, and it’s about Sir Walter attempting to settle permanently in the colony of Roanoke in the 1570s.

This play is rich in history, and you should therefore purchase a ticket for your kids to watch it before leaving the Outer Banks.

Top Places To Visit On The Outer Banks

Each island in Outer Banks boasts a number of beautiful and quiet coastal towns or cities. Thanks to the many historical attractions, beautiful beaches, and delicious foods, visitors have been streaming into this area for years.

Even though you might not be able to exhaust all the beautiful places on the Outer Banks, here is a list of the best places you should plan to visit on the east coast of North Carolina.

1. Duck Nothern Beaches

This is an area known for its natural beauty and wealth of wildlife. The town has many species of waterfowl, and that’s why it is named Duck.

You will fall in love with the ocean views and the sounds of the Currituck Sound and the Atlantic ocean.

Also, if you love shopping, Duck is your perfect place. The town is a collection of restaurants and charming shops full of goods that you might not find anywhere else. No better place for retail therapy than Duck.

2. Kitty Hawk, Northern Beaches

There is something for everyone in this breathtaking spot on the Outer Banks. The beach town is vibrant and boasts many shopping and dining joints.

You will never get tired of exploring the sandy beaches of Kitty Hawk during your evening walks. This coastal town is very famous for watersports, and your family will enjoy Kayaking, paddleboarding, and surfing.

There is also a nature reserve to see snakes, toads, and different bird species.

3. Corolla Park

This park is found in Currituck county along the border of Whalehead. It is a must-see park featuring ponds where you can do some crabbing.

Besides, if you want to have some romantic time with your better half, the park has towering live oaks where you can be all alone by yourselves.

Also, if you are an outdoor person, the Corolla park boasts lots of trails where you can stroll and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

4. Southern Shores, Northern Beaches

This is a residential town sandwiched between Duck and Kitty Hawk. Southern Shores is secluded and peaceful, making it the best place to unwind and escape the city noise.

It also features beautiful maritime forests and beaches. You can participate in water skiing or swing your hand at the golf course.

5. Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills is a historic place and the most visited town on the Outer Banks. One of this town’s main attractions is the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

If you’re not versed in aviation history, this is the place where the Wright brothers had their first powered flight in Kill Devil Hills. You can see the memorial at night when its lights shine over this coastal town.

You can also enjoy relaxing at the beach or select from one of the numerous dining options in town.