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What Do You Do On A Ranch Vacation?

Taking a break from the busy life in the city to unwind is incredibly life-giving. And a ranch vacation would do you good since there is more to it than just sitting around. Many travelers find it more refreshing than your typical tropical beach holiday.

You can do many things on a ranch vacation, most of which are western activities like horse riding, fishing or rafting, and petting zoos for the kids.

The best part about them is that they accommodate everyone, whether you are coming with friends, your family, or planning a marriage proposal getaway for your fiancee.

If you want to go for a ranch vacation and enjoy a week full of activities, I will share a list of activities that you should add to your vacation to-do list.

You can be sure to have the best moments and lasting memories with yourself to thank for planning such an amazing vacation.

Fun Activities You Can Do On A Ranch Vacation

1. Cattle Drive

You can’t get more classic western ranch than this.

More than just a horseback trail ride, you can go along with the cowboys while they round up the cattle to move from one pasture area to the next.

The camaraderie, the sights, sounds, and smells – this is sure to be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime!

2. Water sports

Many ranches are located near a river or lake, and if your choice is one of them, you will have many water sports to participate in.

For instance, you can try stand-up paddleboarding, water basketball, or water skiing if the ranch is near a lake.

You can even try fly-fishing which is a famous western water activity. Alternatively, white water rafting or Kayaking would be great if the ranch is near a river.

3. Yoga

There is no better activity to relax your mind during a vacation than yoga. Most other activities keep you physically fit, but Yoga will help your mind recenter.

If your ranch has a Yoga trainer, you will be lucky if it is your first time.

Nevertheless, the activity is not tough since some youtube tutorials can guide you. Try doing Yoga under the aspen tree on the ranch, and you will go back home a happy person.

4. Massages

Signing up for an afternoon massage session won’t be a bad idea. You will enjoy an incredible Spa experience if you get a massage professional.

Most ranch spas have different massage packages that you can choose from.

Your body, mind, and soul will significantly benefit from the massage. No matter your choice of a ranch, a massage will offer you a pampering experience that you never knew you needed.

5. Glamping

Glamping is the latest trend, and many ranches are incorporating it into their list of activities. It is similar to camping, but it’s more modern and glamorous.

In other words, glamping is a better version of camping in that you will be in a more comfortable and luxurious setup.

You can watch a movie in the woods via a portable projector or play your favorite computer game. Some glamping tents have electricity and are fully furnished, and will offer you the comfort of soft bedding and fine linens.

You very well may need it after spending your day in other strenuous ranch activities.

6. Fly Fishing

Casting your fishing line into the water and catching a big fish is one of the most exciting things you can do during your ranch vacation.

Fly fishing is an activity for both beginners and experts.

If it’s your first-time fly-fishing, you can find a personal trained guide to show you how to catch a trout or carp.

If you are a fish enthusiast, you will leave the ranch with plans to come back soon once you participate in this activity.

7. Golf and Tennis

Playing golf and tennis on a ranch with your friends while enjoying beautiful views in the mountains will make you glad that you planned this vacation.

That’s only if the ranch of your choice features golf courses and tennis courts either on location or within its nearby surroundings, as not all do.

Schedule a time for a swing and take a good shot down at the golf holes.

8. Hiking

Get out, explore and climb mountains on foot with your family members. You will appreciate nature more as you feel dwarfed by mountains and experience landscapes change in a place far away from home.

When hiking, plan to start early, especially if you have kids, and if it’s summer. The heat might not be kind to them, and it would be best to come back by noon.

9. Zip Lining

Our list of activities to do on a ranch vacation can’t be complete without mentioning zip lining.

This thrilling adventure will help you get a different view of the ranch as you fly through the skies on a sunny afternoon.

However, before leaving your room, ensure you are dressed in the proper attire for safety reasons. Also, pay attention to the instructions the guide will give you.

10. Horse Drawn Wagon

A horse drawn wagon ride should be on your bucket list when planning your ranch vacation. You can be given a tour around the ranch by a pair of horses pulling the wagon.

If you have your family with you, you can ask for a bigger wagon to accommodate all of you.

Some ranches may offer this as a tractor-drawn hay ride, which may be even more thrilling if you have a little boy in your family.

11. Watching Wildlife

Ranches are primarily located near lakes, forests, and other natural surroundings. So they have a high likelihood of having some friendly, or even dangerous animals.

Find a list of commonly seen wildlife in that locale, and see if you can spot all of them during your time there.

Most ranches also have an animal petting zoo. This will be an exciting activity for kids to get up close and personal with calves, sheep, chickens, ducks and goats.

12. Nature Walks

There are so many nature trails on ranches, and you can take a walk on them to have a deeper connection with nature.

You may come across diverse wildlife, beautiful plants, and trees that you have never seen.

This activity dramatically helps rejuvenate the body leaving you with a happy soul.

13. Campfires Under The Moon

If you want to do something different on a ranch, bonfires under the moon will be ideal. They are best done at night, creating an atmosphere that the whole crew will enjoy.

As you spend time around the fire, you can sing songs, share food or even narrate stories for the kids. It’s a great way to reconnect with your loved ones!