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Sandals Vs Secrets Vs Couples: Which is the Best Resort for Families?

Sandals, Secrets, and Couples are all exquisite getaway resorts that you should consider visiting on vacation. They are all-inclusive luxury resorts that will make your vacation hassle-free, enjoyable and memorable. If you are single, a couple, or have a family, all these resorts will give you and your loved ones quality time on your vacation. However, if you have a family, you might be wondering which one is the best resort for the family.

All of these resorts are adults-only, so not for families with young children. If you’re taking your adult family on vacation in Europe, Secrets is the best choice. Sandals is best if you’re on a budget. On the other hand, Couples is perfect if you’re looking for lots of fun and entertainment. 

All of these resorts are high-end brand name chains located in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Spain. They have diverse qualities ranging from the more luxury facilities to simpler accommodations, or older to the newer ones, all offering unique services to their clients to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

To clearly understand which is best for families, we look at each of these resorts, their features, and what might make one or another the best choice for you and your family.

Sandals Resorts

When thinking of a vacation, especially with your entire family, location is vital to consider. Sandals Resorts are located in the warm tropical areas of the Caribbean islands, offering you maximum enjoyment of the beaches and warm sunshine to make the most of your vacation.

Sandals resorts are located in the Caribbean islands with a total of fifteen resort locations altogether. These resorts are distributed in the warm regions of the tropical islands including, Jamaica, Bahamas, Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Grenada. The fifteen locations give you plenty of options to choose from when deciding on where to spend your vacation with your family.

The target clientele for sandals is adults only. These resorts are specifically for honeymoons, wedding destinations, or a romantic gateway. If you want to spend your time there with your family, it will be possible only if your family has adult children. It becomes a significant limitation if you have a young family with kids. However, with adult children, your stay will be fantastic, thanks to its quality customer service.

When planning for a family vacation, resort accommodation will also play a more prominent role in decision-making. Bigger rooms will determine the number of the family you will be able to travel with to spend time together. Economically, a resort with a bigger space and good room service will save you a lot of money since you’ll only require a few rooms to accommodate all of your family.

Sandals resorts have a diverse range of rooms to book, depending on the company you have, if you are a family or just a couple. The rooms start at standard hotel rooms, which are best if you are out with your family. These rooms offer services like most other hotel rooms, and you will have a comfortable stay with your entire family.

Other room options in Sandals include:

  • The sky pool suites
  • Over-water villas with soaking tubs
  • Stunning luxury suites with private pools and butler services

Most of these rooms have varying ranges of room services available to them.

Butler suites and concierge rooms have champagne, wine, and a full-size liquor bottle for adults; there are also beers, mixers, soft drinks, fruit juices, and water bottles in these rooms. Standard rooms, on the other hand, include juice, soft drinks, and water.

Finally, when it comes to going on a vacation, the featured resort will ultimately determine the level of your satisfaction. Sandals resort has some unique features that will excite you to make sure you are not bored any single time during your stay.

At Sandals, drinks are provided in the numerous bars available; these include overwater bars, Piano bars, British pubs, swim-up bars, and beachfront bars. All these bars are uniquely set to provide you with a diverse selection to keep you entertained all the time with the different layouts and options.

Each resort has more than fifteen restaurants, each offering selected dishes. This serves to give you a diverse range of food. The various restaurants prepare international cuisines making sure your family gets to taste different foods from all over. With this kind of arrangement, you are sure to find something that everyone likes. Your family will have a diverse option of meals to choose from, and this also provides a perfect opportunity for you and your family to taste other foreign kinds of food that you might have never tasted before.

When you are on vacation for a family experience, Sandals offer various sports and entertainment activities, not to mention the beach that will kepp you and your entire family thoroughly entertained. Fun events include unlimited water and land activities, unique pools, rooftop pools with a bar, and water hammocks. There are also transfers to and from the airport, over-water tranquil chapels, fitness centers, spas, and much more.

Secrets Resorts

The Secrets resorts are located in the South American regions, including Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. In Europe, they are located in Spain. Most of the Secrets resort areas are located in warm tropical regions along beaches. This will make your stay with your family memorable, and allow you to enjoy many fun activities on the warm sandy beaches, creating a family fun time for maximum bonding.

With the facilities and services offered at Secrets resorts, you will have a perfect vacation, especially if you are a single adult, a multi-generation family with adult children, or if you are just a group of friends out to have fun. 

Secrets is an adult resort. Should you decide to enjoy your vacation there with your entire family, it will be good if the family includes only adult children. 

Secrets is a high-end resort with exquisite rooms that will ensure you have a comfortable stay at the resort and enjoy your vacation with your family quite comfortably. The rooms feature a very spacious living room, perfect for the entire family or group of friends to hang around together for better bonding time. The spacious living room is big enough to comfortably fit many people together and is thus perfect for that family time you want to have when out on vacation with your entire family.

The rooms also have a bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a balcony or a terrace that will give you a good view of the coast, beach, or just the beautiful scenery of the environment. Since the rooms have bathrooms and a balcony, you won’t have to move from place to place when you want to go to the bathroom or to breathe fresh air from the balcony. 

Additionally, the rooms or suites all have an exquisite tropical pool or ocean view, or garden view. This provides a more aesthetic scenic view, to maximize your experience. 

Finally, each of the rooms in the Secrets resort includes a minibar that offers beers, water, and soft drinks. Other preferred club rooms add alcohol but not wine or champagne.

The Secrets resort offers gourmet dining with a diverse range of international cuisine. These cuisines do not require a reservation when you are staying at the resort. The resort also provides flexible service to its clients. You can decide to eat from the room by ordering room service or choose to dine at the restaurant.

Secrets provides various relaxation treatments to their clients to help them release stress and enjoy their time at the resort. 

Since this is one of the main reasons for vacations, you will enjoy your time with your family at these resorts, thanks to their various clientele services. Other services include room service, a spa with numerous beauty and relaxation treatments, an unlimited choice of drinks, swimming pools, fitness centers, excursions, and beach parties.

If you are going on vacation with your entire family, the Secrets resort will offer you and your loved ones the perfect time to enjoy your time away together. This resort has most if not all of the features you would want your family members to enjoy during a vacation. Together with the warm sandy beaches of the tropical South American region, you will be guaranteed a remarkably perfect time together.

Couples Resorts

The Couples resorts are located in the four tropical islands of Jamaica. There are four oceanfront resort locations of the Couples brand. Two are found in Negril, and two are located in Ocho Rios.

The Couples resorts are located in the tropical regions of South America, and you can therefore have a good time at the beach. Thanks to the warm climates found in these areas you can also enjoy the warm pools located at the resorts year-round.

Apart from the warm beaches at the Couples resort, the resort also provides a serene environment to get your mind to release stress and enjoy the vacation.

Just like the name of the resort implies, the Couples resort is explicitly made for adults, those searching for a romantic getaway, or lovers looking for a romantic vacation. This, however, does not mean that the resort is made for couples only. You can book a reservation for your family as well. However, to do that, you will be required to have a family with adult children for you to enjoy a vacation at a Couples resort.

The Couples resorts have various rooms to choose from; you can pick retro design rooms, tropical décor rooms, or simple but elegant rooms. All are built to offer the utmost comfort for you and make your stay at the resort fun.

If you are going on vacation at a Couples resort, you will be guaranteed quality time and quality sleep as well. This is because each room has a plush king-size bed that will provide you and your loved ones plenty of beauty rest. Additionally, each room has a private furnished balcony patio and an ample bathroom.

The rooms at Couples resort are flexible as well; they will allow you to personalize a minibar in your room. You will also be permitted to select wine, beer, and liquor in the bar. However, the quantities are restricted, and champagne is not among the options you can put in that bar.

The Couples resort also offers in-room dining if you don’t feel like going out to the resort restaurants to eat.

For a good family bonding and fun time, the Couples resort offers numerous fun activities and games to ensure your stay at the beach is enjoyable. The recreational activities include pools and mineral spring pools, mineral grottos, fitness centers, spa centers, and Jacuzzis.

Other water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and many other water games will keep your spirits high and give you maximum enjoyment.

One unique feature that makes the Couples resort stand out is that they offer dance classes, excursions, guided nature walks, and piano singalongs at their bars. You can also enjoy private time at their remote islands with a pool bar and a lunch buffet.

To sum up, if you want to enjoy quality time with your family at a high-end resort, there are several brand lines that you should consider: the Couples resort, the Sandals resort, and the Secrets resort.

All these resorts have outstanding clientele service, and you will have a good time in any of them. However, since they all are adult resorts, you will need to have a family of adult children to spend your vacation at one of these resorts with your family.

To have a good time with your family, I would recommend a beach resort, owned by Sandals or Secrets. This is because they have features that will offer your entire family of adult kids a great time with lots of fun and enjoyment. The bonding time and fun and entertainment activities available in these resorts will provide a good family time perfect for a family group on vacation.