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How Long is Summer Break in Florida?  

There’s nothing quite like the approaching end of school for summer break.

Students, teachers, and parents can all breathe a massive sigh of relief about completing another year.

They can also start to think about enjoying some relaxing, refreshing, and well-deserved time off.

How long is summer break in Florida?

Florida schools are out for approximately 2.5 months in the summer. Most schools throughout the state begin summer break around the last days of May and reconvene in the second week of August. Although there are a few exceptions, most schools and districts throughout the state follow a similar calendar.

Similar calendars and schedules for Florida schools benefit parents and educators regarding summer vacations.

For parents, the summer months also represent a return to planning fun activities and experiences for the kids.

No matter what the summer holds, these special days will live on as memories for kids and adults.

How Long is Summer Break in Florida?

Florida schools typically take a 2 ½ month’s hiatus for the summer. Most Florida districts and schools[1] end the school year around the end of May or the beginning of June.

The last day of school will range between May 24th and 31st. School resumes on August 10th for a majority of Florida school districts.

Some notable exceptions, Miami-Dade and Broward counties, were released on June 6th and 10th, respectively.

Also, Wakulla and Union counties were let out on May 22nd for summer. As a result, Miami-Dade and Broward reconvene on August 17th and 21st.

How many weeks or days is summer break in Florida?

Florida schools have approximately 11 weeks of summer break, which works out to 77 days. Of course, there can be some variation from school to school.

Be sure to check with your child’s school calendar for the most accurate answer.

You can also find a complete listing of school districts, their specific data, and links to their websites here.

What day does school end in Florida?

Although the exact day or date for summer break will most likely change from year to year, most Florida schools are let out between May 23rd and 31st, with a majority ending on the 24th.

Florida School District calendars

Florida schools have organized to offer students, educators, and parents similar summer break calendar dates. Certain districts will need to follow alternative timelines for various reasons.

There are a total of 75 school districts in Florida, comprised of 2227 high schools, 1148 middle schools, and 5152 elementary schools.

Below is a chart of school beginning and ending dates for the 2023/24 school year.

Some districts have yet to update their ending dates. Each school district can be accessed in the table below.

2023-2024 Florida School District Calendar Dates

***Dates estimated or not yet confirmed, please check back or contact the school district

District calendar by county2023 School StartFall BreakWinter BreakSpring Break2024School Ends
AlachuaAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21 – Jan 5Mar 11-15May 31
BakerAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 18-22May 24
BayAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 18-22May 24
Bradford***Aug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5
BrevardAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 25-29May 24
BrowardAug 21Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 22-29Jun 10
CalhounAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 20- Jan 3Mar 18-22May 24
CharlotteAug 10Nov 22-24Dec 22 – Jan 5Mar 15-22May 24
CitrusAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23 – Jan 8Mar 25- Mar 29May 29
ClayAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 4Mar 11-15May 30
CollierAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 1Mar 11-15May 30
Columbia ***Aug 10Nov 20-24
DesotoAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 11-15May 23
DixieAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 5Mar 15-22May 28
DuvalAug 14Nov 22-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 18-22May 31
EscambiaAug 9Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 1Mar 25-29May 21
FlaglerAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23 – Jan 4Mar 18-22May 23
FranklinAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 2Mar 11-15May 28
Gadsden***Aug 10Nov 20-24
Gilchrist***Aug 10Nov 20-24
Glades***Aug 10Nov 20-24
GulfAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21 – Jan 3Mar 18-22May 24
Hamilton***Aug 10Nov 22-24
HardeeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 11-15May 24
HendryAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 18-22May 24
HernandoAug 14Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 22-29May 31
HighlandsAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 11-15May 24
HillsboroughAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 11-15May 24
Holmes ***Aug 10Nov 20-24
Indian RiverAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 5Mar 25-29May 31
JacksonAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 5Mar 18-22May 24
JeffersonAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 20- Jan 5Mar 11-18May 24
LafayetteAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Apr 8-12May 24
LakeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 3Mar 11-15May 24
LeeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22 – Jan 8Mar 15-22May 31
LeonAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 20- Jan 5Mar 11-15May 24
LevyAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 5Apr 15-19May 30
Liberty***Aug 10Nov 20-24
MadisonAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 3Mar 11-15May 24
ManateeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 25-29May 24
MarionAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 20- Jan 3Mar 11-15May 24
MartinAug 10Nov 22-24Dec 23- Jan 3Mar 11-15May 23
Miami-DadeAug 17Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 22-29Jun 6
MonroeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 18-22May 24
NassauAug 10Nov 22-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 15-22May 24
OkaloosaAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22 – Jan 5Mar 15-22May 24
OkeechobeeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 11-18May 24
OrangeAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 5Mar 15-22May 24
OsceolaAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 18 – Jan 2Mar 11-15May 29
Palm BeachAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 18-25May 30
PascoAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 25-29May 24
PinellasAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 11-15May 29
PolkAug 11Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 3Mar 11-15May 30
PutnamAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 9Mar 18-22May 31
Santa RosaAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 2Mar 18-22May 29
SarasotaAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 8-15May 24
SeminoleAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 21- Jan 5Mar 15-22May 24
St JohnsAug 10Nov 22-24Dec 22 – Jan 5Mar 11-18May 24
St LucieAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 22- Jan 5Mar 15-22May 30
Sumter***Aug 10Nov 20-24
Suwannee***Aug 10Nov 20-24
Taylor***Aug 10Nov 20-24
UnionAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 18-22May 22
VolusiaAug 14Nov 20-24Dec 18 – Jan 2Mar 22-29May 31
WakullaAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 23- Jan 8Mar 18-25May 22
WaltonAug 10Nov 20-24Dec 18- Jan 3Mar 15-22May 29
Washington***Aug 10Nov 20-24

Where to go on Summer Break in Florida

Summer break offers an opportunity to relax and visit some unique locations. Fortunately for Florida residents, there are many amazing opportunities throughout the state.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities near a beach or bodies of water, or something inside to beat the heat, the Sunshine State has lots to offer.

Walt Disney World and Epcot

Needing little introduction, Disney World is one of the top attractions in America and for the rest of the world.

Its overwhelming popularity shows no signs of wavering, and the park continues to add new and exciting attractions for guests of all ages.

Other than the Magic Kingdom, visitors can also go to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Guests can also explore two giant water parks within this massive amusement park, perfect for hot Florida summers.

Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach continue the Disney theme with rides and attractions based on popular characters and movies.

Universal Studios

Another popular attraction in Orlando, Universal Studios, offers something for the whole family.

Within Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and CityWalk, guests can enjoy thrilling rides, themed entertainment, delicious cuisine, and world-class shopping and retail possibilities.

Volcano Bay

Universal Studios has a water theme park of its own as well. Equal parts exhilarating and relaxing, Volcano Bay is an excellent place to cool off and feed your need for speed.


Modeled after the iconic children’s toy, Legoland theme parks offer an interesting mix of theme park excitement along with the intricacy of Lego brick construction and creativity.

Located in Winter Haven, FL, Legoland has quickly gained a foothold among many of the other popular theme parks in the state.

Legoland Water Park

Just next door to the main park is Legoland’s water park.

Continuing the Lego theme, this fun and refreshing attraction is great for kids of all ages, as well as their parents. You’ll be sure to build some memories in Legoland.

SeaWorld Orlando

Another of the famed amusement and theme parks in Florida, Sea World combines live animal shows and encounters with exhilarating rides and amusement opportunities.

Whether visiting the penguins and polar bears or discovering more about the lives of whales and dolphins, Sea World always looks to educate while entertaining.


It seems only right that Sea World would have a water park of its own. At Aquatica, guests can speed down water slides, catch huge waves in the pool, or take a tube ride down the lazy river.

Discovery Cove in Orlando

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Do you want to learn more about the undersea world? For an even more immersive water and animal experience, check out Discovery Cove.

Guests can get up close and personal with dolphins and other sea creatures while learning more about their habitats and behaviors.

Busch Gardens

Further down the road in Tampa, visitors will find the World Famous Busch Gardens.

With an equal amount of wild animal exhibits and exciting roller coasters and rides, this Florida institution is sure to bring some joy and excitement to the whole family.

Adventure Island

If you’re looking for an exciting water park adventure not attached to a larger park, Adventure Island is an excellent choice.

Even though not officially part of Busch Gardens, this expansive water attraction is located just across the street, which makes for a great two-for-one entertainment opportunity.

Small kids through teenagers will find age-appropriate rides, and various refreshments are also available.

Animals and Their Habitats

Florida is also home to a wide variety of aquariums, zoos, nature parks, and wild animal sanctuaries.

Summer months are superb times for visiting the different attractions the state has to offer. These different animal-themed parks can prove to be as educational as they are entertaining.

The Miami Seaquarium

Located in one of Florida’s biggest and busiest cities, the Miami Seaquarium is a top attraction for the southern part of the state.

Marine mammal shows, rescue and rehabilitation stories, and immersive sea-life exhibits keep guests coming back for more.

Key West Aquarium

Located in one of the most picturesque locations in the state, the Key West Aquarium focuses on more sea life, specifically native to Florida.

In particular, visitors can learn more about the different sea turtle conservation efforts in practice throughout the state’s beaches.

Guests will also learn about sharks, their feeding habits, and why they’re among the more misunderstood ocean species.

Tarpon Springs Aquarium

Some of the attractions in Florida tell as much about native species as they do Florida history. Tarpon Springs Aquarium is one such example.

A popular tourist attraction for much of the 20th century, Tarpon Springs was once known as the sea sponge capital of the world and celebrated the region’s sponge diver industry.

When visiting the aquarium, guests will learn about the natural world and its connection to Florida’s past, present, and future.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Open to the public since 1955, this Florida landmark is still a thriving aquarium and conservation center for a variety of sea animals, birds, and reptiles.

Located in beautiful Ft. Walton Beach on the Gulf Coast, this iconic testament to Florida history and conservation is a fantastic place to spend a day learning about and interacting with the natural world.

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory

Just south of Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee is a small yet important research and conservation lab for sea life and biology.

Visitors can see firsthand how the smallest creatures can have some of the biggest impacts on ocean health and vitality.

Originally founded by Jack Rudloe, this unique aquarium and sanctuary has been instrumental in promoting turtle rescue and rehabilitation, as well as information about the importance of our marine habitats.

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society, and Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Since Florida tends to have favorable weather and climate conditions year-round, zoos and animal conservatories are quite popular throughout the state.

Three of the biggest and most comprehensive zoos are located in Tampa, Palm Beach, and Jacksonville.

Additionally, many other smaller zoos and wildlife parks can be found from one end of the state to the other.

Freshwater Florida Springs

If you’re looking for a truly natural Florida experience, try swimming in some of the numerous freshwater springs throughout the state.

Bubbling up from underground rivers, the springs offer the ultimate refreshment for a hot Florida summer. Plus, many springs are secluded and quiet, which suits those looking to avoid crowds.

Grab an inner tube or your favorite float and discover your very own fountain of youth.

Beautiful beaches

Since Florida is a peninsular state, beaches surround two-thirds of the landmass. In fact, most locations throughout the state aren’t more than a few hours away from a beautiful beach location.

Pack up some lunches, slap on the sunscreen, and enjoy some of the most natural beauty the state has to offer.

Florida Public School Calendars (link)

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