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Things to Do in Atlantic City with the Kids

Atlantic City is one of the most popular family vacation destinations in New Jersey. This resort city draws millions of visitors every year thanks to the many fun and recreational opportunities it offers.

Whether looking for indoor or outdoor activities, Atlantic City has everything from amusement parks to casinos, beaches, and much more.

Here’s my list of the best things to do with the kids in Atlantic City!

1. Resorts Casino Hotel

Resorts Casino Hotel is one of the best places to book your stay in Atlantic City. This property boasts a spa, salon, pool, and health club where you can relax and be rejuvenated.

Apart from the benefits of the luxurious amenities, the hotel offers classic, spacious, and comfortable rooms with huge beds. The rooms have free Internet, daily room service, and kitchenettes.

You have a lot of things to do around this waterfront property thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, popular attractions, and world-renowned restaurants for a dining experience like no other.

2. Dinosaur Safari

The LuminoCity Dinosaur Safari is an outdoor immersive experience featuring stunning lighting sculptures and realistic dinosaur exhibits. You will love the illumination of the sculptures more at night.

There are more than 30 big-sized dinosaurs here, including Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptors. Taking a walk around this place is something your kids will love.

All the dinosaurs are animatronic, and move and make sounds.

Besides the dinosaurs, you will see colorful plants and animals like cheetahs, jaguars, mammoths, and a saber-tooth tiger.

3. Steel Pier Amusement Park

There is no better place in Atlantic City to have a blast with the kids than at the Steel Pier Amusement Park.

This 1,000-foot park was built on a pier of the famous boardwalk in the city.

Come ready to enjoy different kinds of rides, including the thrilling Slingshot, the carousel, and the famous helicopter ride that takes you over the Atlantic City, offering you a spectacular view of the beaches, the ocean, and beautiful sunsets.

There is no room for hunger in this park. Delicious food and drink vendors are everywhere.

Additionally, the kids will have various fun-filled games to choose from, such as working the cranes and much more.

4. Atlantic City Murals

Nearly every street in Atlantic City features murals, and finding where they are is something your kiddos will love.

Whether traveling by car or bike, take a self-guided tour and check out over 70 murals in this city.

The mural tour will encourage the young artist in your family since it’s all about artistic expression and freedom. The program encourages artists from different places, backgrounds, and skills to create the various arts that dominate and beautify the city.

5. Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the city’s backbone and most-visited place.

This one-stop tourist hub offers shopping, dining, and fun-filled opportunities to families. It is linked to several piers that feature attractions and shops.

The piers include Garden Pier, where you will find the artistic and cultural heritage of the city housed in between the Atlantic City Museum and Art Center.

Stroll the boardwalk as you enjoy the beautiful oceanic views and fresh air.

Be sure to treat your family to the best steak in town at Morton’s The Steakhouse. You will be in for a thrilling dining experience.

6. Atlantic City Boardwalk Tram Service

Are you looking for something to do with kids on a lazy afternoon? The Atlantic City Boardwalk Tram Service is a perfect idea.

This is a fun activity for families, allowing them to experience a historical and scenic view of the boardwalk. Your tram exploration starts at Ocean Casino Resort and goes as far as the Boardwalk Hall, Steel Pier, Tropicana, and much more.

You can hop on and off the tramcar as you please.

7. Lucy the Elephant

Lucy the Elephant is a six-story novelty architecture with the shape of an elephant located five miles south of Atlantic City. It was built in 1881 and has remained a significant attraction in the city.

Inside the structure is a mini-museum with tour guides to take you through its various artifacts.

Once done with the museum, take your kiddos to view the Atlantic Ocean from the elephant’s eyes. This is an experience that they will never forget.

Before leaving, take as many photos as possible with Lucy, the world’s largest elephant.

8. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Prepare for an unusual experience at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, located on New York Avenue in Atlantic City. T

his museum was opened in 1996 and enchants the public daily.

Take your time and explore the 12,000 square feet of bizarre exhibits and 14 galleries. Robert Ripley, a world-famous traveler, collected the exhibits.

The kiddos will be excited to take photos next to the world’s tallest man and measure the height difference.

9. Absecon Lighthouse

Do you have kids who love climbing? Take them to the Absecon Lighthouse and let them climb over 200 stairs to the top. This is the country’s tallest lighthouse, and it’s located North of Atlantic City.

This coastal landmark offers educational programs and guided tours and is part of the city’s history.

At the top of the building, you will see breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city’s skyline. Also, you will experience the Fresnel lens, which was first lit in 1857.

If you love picnicking, this landmark boasts well-manicured and maintained grounds to enjoy quality time with your family over snacks and drinks. You can be sure the experience will be unique and memorable.

10. Visit the beach

Atlantic City boasts some of the best beaches in New Jersey. Here are the ones I most suggest visiting.

Atlantic City Beach

Atlantic City Beach is the city’s oldest and most loved beach. It offers plenty of family activities, including windsurfing, boogie boarding, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and wave jumping. In addition, families come here for sunset cruises on the Atlantic waters.

Near the coastline are the boardwalk, casinos, and many stores, so come ready for shopping after your beach day concludes.

Restaurants along the beach serve Mediterranean, American and Italian dishes.

The facilities available on this beach include picnic areas, showers, and changing rooms. Daytime lifeguards are also available, so safety should not be a bother.

Longport Dog Beach

Longport Dog Beach is free to access and perfect for taking photos of dogs jumping and splashing in the water.

You will love seeing your dog socializing with other canines while you lounge in the sun.

North Brigantine Beach

North Brigantine Beach offers boating, jet skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and surfing.

Don’t worry if you want to avoid being in the water because there is still plenty to do with the little ones, including horseback riding, kite flying, and beach barbecuing.

This hidden gem is also a perfect place for birdwatching.