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Things To Do In Hilton Head With Kids

Make this vacation one the kids will remember forever!

At Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, you will wake up to 12 miles of picturesque beachfront on the Atlantic Ocean.

Known for its stunning coastline, top cycling trails, and jam-packed adventure – there’s sure to be something all the family will enjoy!

Things To Do In Hilton Head With Kids

As we all know, kids have an abundance of energy. For this reason, it’s important to keep them fully entertained before they start getting into mischief!

With a place like Hilton Head, there certainly will be many things for your kids to get up to this vacation.

To make this easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the best things to do with your kids while at Hilton Head – so you can stop worrying about your itinerary and start making memories!

Below is a list of the 10 things to do in Hilton Head with kids.

Sandbox Children’s Museum

Image Credit: Sandbox Children’s Museum

Let your kids have fun and learn at the same time in Sandbox Children’s Museum. Opened in 2005, this museum has been classed as one of Hilton Head’s premier family destinations.

This interactive museum is designed to allow kids to play with whatever they want while discovering their surroundings and learning along the way. With over 19 exhibits to choose from and play with – your kids will never want to leave!

Teach your child about society, S.T.E.M, and creativity with the Museum’s many events, exhibits, and programs, to give your child a deeper understanding of the world around them.

It is a fully child-friendly environment, where messes are seen as shreds of evidence of creativity and imagination.

All activities are perfect for children between the ages of 0 to 12.

Adventure Hilton Head

Image Credit: Adventure Hilton Head

Looking for a fun outdoor adventure? Why not go to Adventure Hilton Head to have an adventure of a lifetime!

Opened in 2012, three are three different adventures to choose from, and it’ll keep the whole family entertained all day.

Perfect for children 5 years old and up!

So, whether you want to buckle up your seatbelts and take a lap and race your family around their brand new GoKart Track, challenge yourself to their Aerial Adventure high ropes course, or participate in the ZipLine canopy tour where you’ll learn all about Hilton Head’s history and nature while soaring through the sky – there is something kids of all ages can enjoy!

Pirates Island Adventure Golf

Image Credit: Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf of Hilton Head Island

Why not test your golf skills and find the buried treasures at the themed Pirates Island Adventure Golf!

Every golf stage highlights a unique and extraordinary experience, featuring waterfalls, streams, bridges, and remarkable landscapes.

Start off your treasure hunt at their seaside village, then along the tidal lagoon’s shores. You’ll eventually finish your adventure at the caves with the buried treasure and to the mountains where a panoramic view of the course awaits you.

Great for ages 3 and up, put yourself in the shoes of notorious pirates such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd.

Begin your very own pirate golfing adventure and see if you can find the buried treasure!

Coligny Beach Park

Image Credit:

Take advantage of Hilton Head Island’s 12 miles of beautiful beaches with a trip to the seaside! Known as one of the best and most popular places to go in Hilton Head, it is perfect for the whole family.

Whether you plan on swimming, relaxing, or taking a stroll along the shore, this beach lets you do all of that.

The beach’s amazing amenities include changing rooms, restrooms, and outdoor showers, providing you with everything you need for a full day at the beach.

Just remember to pack your bucket and spade, a picnic, and your bathing suits for a fun day at the seaside!

Just across the beach, you’ll find Coligny Plaza where you can take a break from the beach and visit its many shops and restaurants for a quick snack or souvenir. To top it off, it is all beach-goer-friendly!

Sea Monkey’s Watersports

Image Credit:

Why not explore Hilton Head’s beautiful island and see what it has to offer with Sea Monkey’s Watersports.

Opened in 2010, you can hire anything from jet skis, boats, kayaks, and paddleboards – perfect for the older kids in the family.

Likewise, explore the island in style by hiring a boat that the whole family can enjoy – if you’re lucky, you may even see a wild dolphin and the many birds and wildlife the island is known for.

If this sounds like something your kids would have the best time with, you need to make sure to follow the age guidelines, so everyone is safe while having fun!

All rentals may require parental supervision and/ or consent.

Hilton Head Bicycle Company

Image Credit: Jawavi Films

With over 60 miles of remarkable bicycle trails in Hilton Head, it is rated as a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Bicyclists.

What better way to explore Hilton Head’s stunning landscapes and settings that the whole family will love?

Hilton Head Bicycle company has been providing rentals since 1993 and prides itself in the quality and service of its bikes. With the choice to not only rent bikes but also trailers and baby seats, the whole family can ride together!

Bicycling is a great way to discover the island in your own style and at your own pace, with endless possibilities to explore and check out and be one with nature.

Lawton Stables

Image Credit: Lawton Stables

Got an animal lover in the family? Why not take a visit to Lawton Stables.

Their horseback riding offers you the chance to see the Lowcountry in all its glory, through trails, forests, and lakes, over an impressive 600 acres!

Adults and children over the age of 8 are invited to take part in guided horseback riding trails through the Sea Pines Forest Reserve. Pony rides are available for children under the age of 8 with guided tours around the animal farm.

No matter your experience or age, all members of the family can take part in Lawton stables horseback riding!

On the other hand, if horseback riding isn’t your thing, they also have a small animal farm where you can meet and feed the animals.

Coastal Discovery Museum

Image Credit: Coastal Discovery Museum

Founded in 1985, the Coastal Discovery Museum offers a wide range of interactive activities to discover and learn more about the outdoors, ecosystems, histories, and cultural experiences.

Whether you want to take part in exhibits, events, tours, or experiences – there’s something that guests of all ages will have fun with at the Coastal Discovery Museum.

Take part in their hands-on program where you could be doing anything from exploring blue crabs, learning how to tie-dye, visiting a butterfly enclosure, or even testing your bravery with a hands-on experience with crocodiles or snakes!

With over 68 acres of outdoor exploration and 2,000 square meters of indoor exhibits – the Coastal Discovery Museum will keep your kids entertained all day!

The Harbour Town Lighthouse Museum

Hilton Head Bicycle Company

The 90-foot Lighthouse is one of the most beloved landmarks in Hilton Head, offering amazing views and history of the Island.

Its mission is to ensure all visitors and guests leave with memories that they will cherish forever.

So, unlock your child’s dreams and fascination by climbing up a lighthouse. With only 114 steps, even children can reach the top!

Surrounded by many gift shops, cafes, and restaurants, it would make a perfect family day or half-day trip.

The lighthouse is very accessible so whether you are driving, walking, or even cycling – there are many routes to this lighthouse!

The Gregg Russell Summer Concerts

Image Credit: Gregg Russell Summer Concerts

For over 40 years, Gregg Russell has been writing and performing music at Hilton Head under the iconic Sea Pines Liberty Oak Tree.

Each night is different and jam-packed with family fun, featuring games, interviews, sing-a-longs, and all evening entertainment.

Bringing millions of fans to listen and enjoy his music, whether you are old or young, by the end of the night you’ll be clapping and singing along to the music.

Perfect for families of all ages, these concerts create a fun and inclusive atmosphere, which would surely be the highlight of your trip!

Just across from the performance area is a play park named after Gregg Russell where kids can run off and go play. It features slides, swings, climbs, and much more to keep your kids entertained for hours.

Final Thoughts

Hilton Head Island is a great place to spend your vacation! Not only does it offer beautiful beaches, but also extensive history and wildlife.

It features many activities that both adults and children will thoroughly enjoy, and keep you entertained for the whole duration of your stay.

Whether you are looking for educational activities, interactive activities, or calm and relaxing activities, Hilton Head has everything you need to make the most out of your vacation!

Hopefully, this guide will have helped you figure out how to spend your family vacation at
Hilton Head Island to make the most out of your trip and to see everything it has to offer – whether this is big or small.