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Things to Do in Jackson Hole with the Kids

Jackson Hole is a town that hosts millions of visitors from different parts of the world. From national parks to rock climbing, wildlife spotting, and many picnicking places, the town is an unmatchable vacation paradise.

Downtown Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA

In this guide, I will take you through the things to do with the kids in Jackson Hole. No matter what time of the year you visit, you can be sure your family will have endless fun here.

1. National Museum of Wildlife Art

Start your day at the National Museum of Wildlife Art and cultivate your kids’ sense of curiosity and adventure. They will not only have fun but also learn.

The children’s gallery is the most striking area for kids in the museum. It features animal costumes, a puppet theatre, a life-size diorama, and a hands-on artists’ studio.

There are also engaging kids’ programs that present them with an opportunity to interpret artistic works.

The sculpture trail is a cute addition to the museum that your kids will never forget after climbing, playing, and taking photos.

2. Jackson Hole Rodeo

Allow your little ones to experience the western cowboy lifestyle at the Jackson Hole Rodeo.

During this can’t-miss experience, the kiddos will connect to the cowboy traditions as they ride the horses inside the arena. This competitive sport will inspire the young rider in your family!

The types of competitions your kids can participate in include poles, bronco riding, goat-tying, and breakaway roping.

3. Whitewater Rafting

Start off summer right at the famous Snake River for some whitewater rafting.

The kids will enjoy seeing the early morning sun reflecting on the water as they cruise on the river. They will also spot wildlife such as elk, beavers, moose, and more.

If you and the kids don’t have enough experience in water rafting, consider arranging the white water rafting trip with a guide since they are experts in navigating all classes of the river’s rapids.

Your kids should be over six years old before you consider whitewater rafting.

4. Hot Springs

The Astoria Hot Springs boasts five pools which are only available for use during the daytime.

There is a children’s pool that’s two feet deep and full of low-temperature water.

The other kid-friendly hot springs in Jackson Hole are the Granite Hot Springs, Green Canyon Hot Springs, and Kelly Warm Hot Springs.

5. Cowboy Coaster

The Cowboy Coaster in Snow King Mountain Resort is a thrilling ride that offers twists, turns, and 360-degree loops.

You need to inquire if the coaster is in operation before visiting because sometimes it is closed due to inclement weather. You don’t want to be disappointed.

6. Rock Climbing

There are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure in Jackson Hole, and rock climbing adds to the list of kid-friendly activities your children shouldn’t miss while in this town.

However, you need to start small, so the best place to spend your climbing day is Grand Teton National Park. Climbing guides are available here to help the kiddos.

Your kids must be at least seven years old if they are climbing with you.

Rock Springs Buttress, the Rode Hard Wall, and Symmetry Spire are other places that fit the bill for rock climbing.

7. Alpine Slide

The Alpine Slide on Snow King Mountain is ideal for kids of all ages.

The exciting adventure that the 2,500-foot slide offers is something your little ones won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

The ride takes passengers down a ramp at an unalarming speed. The slide is only available during the summer months, so don’t miss it!

8. Town Square

The main street in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA

Also known as George Washington Memorial Park, the Town Square in Jackson Hole is a great place to hang out with your loved ones or browse the many unique shops.

You will love Town Square during winter when the snow blankets the arches and trees. The festive lights glimmering as dusk settles makes the whole area so romantic.

Your kids will also like the photo galleries here. Once done with the shopping and taking photos, head to Antler Inn and treat your family to a delicious meal.

9. Yippy I-O Candy Co.

Yippy I-O Candy Co. is one of the best candy shops in Jackson Hole. The shop is located on Broadway Avenue.

You and your little ones will love the collection of candies, including caramel corn, fresh fudge, and many other sweet and salty flavors.

10. National Elk Refuge

Visit the National Elk Refuge, a conservation center that is home to different animals, including elks, wolves, bald eagles, bison, and bighorn sheep.

The little ones will be over the moon as they take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the refuge to observe the animals.

If you visit during the summer, you can enjoy activities like riding, walking, and cycling along the conservation’s well-maintained pathways.

This place also offers the opportunity to watch the sunset behind the Tetons.

You can also camp in the National Forest Camping Zones that are not far from the refuge.

11. Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

A visit to the Jackson Hole Children Museum is a must when in this part of Wyoming.

The museum is full of thoughtful activities and exhibits that will leave your kids with lasting memories.

Your toddler will love playing with the building blocks and in the museum’s Tot Spot and Clubhouse.

Other lovely places to explore in this museum include the Mountain Market, the Creative Studio, and the Wild Wind Machine.

12. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a premier destination for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. This is among the oldest national parks in the world, and it’s the perfect place to experience wildlife and nature.

The wildlife tours and water rafting experiences in this park are incredible. You can also participate in fly fishing, hiking, and biking.

Remember to carry some food, snacks, and drinks if you don’t want to buy food in the park.

13. Phil Baux Park

Phil Baux Park features an equipped playground and plenty of tree shade. You’ll also find covered picnic pavilions for taking a refreshing break.

14. Antelope Flats Road

Antelope Flats Road offers the most incredible views of the Grand Tetons, especially when the wildflowers are blooming.

You will spot various wildlife, including moose, antelope, and bison, as you drive through the 12 miles of trail.

You will also come across many historical barns and homes. This beautiful scenery is worth your time.

15. Rendezvous Mountain

End your visit to Jackson Hole at Rendezvous Mountain, where kid-friendly hiking trails run down from the top of the mountains.

This is an excellent place for the snowboarders and hikers in your family. It is also suitable for sightseeing.

Technology has made reaching the mountain top easy using the aerial tramway.

You will love the panoramic views of the Snake River and surrounding areas from the top of the mountain.

There is also a general store at the top of the mountain where you can enjoy food and drinks as you make the most of your time there.