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18 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Rochester NY

Thanks to its many family-friendly attractions, Rochester, NY, is a city frequently visited by families with kids. Education and technology are among the factors that define the city, and they especially focus on their significance to kids making it a great destination for families.

Rochester boasts many attractions, including historic sites, amusement parks, and many acres of parklands.

Taking your family to this city that sits on the shores of Lake Ontario would be a perfect summer treat for them.

This blog post will list 18 fun things to do with your kids in Rochester, NY.

1. Seneca Park Zoo

Image Credit: Seneca Park Zoo

The Seneca Park Zoo has everything that visitors need to be entertained. It is a 20-acre park that will present your kids with an opportunity to experience a closer view of wildlife.

The park has over 80 reptiles, mammals, birds, and fish species. This is a very educational spot for your kids as they will learn more about the world of animals.

They can cover the whole zoo easily without getting too worn out, but in case they do, there are plenty of shady benches to rest on.

You can also use a park cart on your way back to the park’s exit if you’ve really hit the limit.

2. Visit The Strong Museum Of Play

Image Credit: The Strong Museum

Rochester, NY, has amazing museums for kids, but the Strong museum beats them all. It houses dolls, toys, magazines, and board games, making it a perfect place for your kids.

They will learn a lot as they play since all the museums’ collections focus on playing, learning and inspiration.

In addition, inside the Strong children museum is the indoor butterfly garden – the only one in New York. They will get to see native and tropical butterflies, a lifetime experience.

This museum is, without doubt, a fantastic place, and visiting here should be first on your itinerary. You may need to set aside a half-day for your kids to explore the Strong museum fully.

3. Susan B Anthony House

Image Credit: Susan B Anthony House

Your kids will learn a bit of political history at the Susan B Anthony House. Susan was a national figure, especially during the 1872 elections.

This important American civil rights activist lived in this house which was also the headquarters of the American Women’s Rights Movement.

She died in the house in 1906, and since then, her home has been turned into a museum.

It features many displayed artifacts and lots of 18th-century history that your kids will find fascinating and educational. If you have teenage girls, they will have a lot to learn about their rights in leadership matters at the Susan B Anthony house.

4. Seabreeze Amusement Park

Image Credit: Seabreeze Amusement Park

You can experience close to 80 family-friendly attractions at the Seabreeze Amusement Park, and they are sure to appeal to the younger set.

The park is also known as America’s 4th oldest amusement park, and they will have a perfect view of Lake Ontario as they spend a day or two here.

There are many kiddie rides, four rollercoasters, and lots of games for your kids to play. Your two-year-old can enjoy the spray and fun slides while the teens swim at the water park.

5. Genesee Country Village & Museum

Image Credit: Genesee Country Village & Museum

The Genesee country museum sits on a 600-acre piece of land, and the kids will have a different experience here. It was established to conserve historic buildings around Rochester, New York.

This museum includes the Genesee Country Nature Center, Historic village, and John L Wehle Gallery. All these facilities offer fascinating exhibits, special social events, and interactive programs for children of all ages, and their experiences will be memorable.

6. Ontario Beach Park

If you are working on a low budget, consider taking your kids to Ontario Beach Park. It is the perfect place to experience the beautiful and natural sandy beach of Lake Ontario, making your summer moments so lively.

This park is big, covering 39 acres, and boasts picnic benches, a boardwalk, a playground, and food stands. The most outstanding thing for many kids when they visit lake Ontario beach is the Dentezel Menagaria Carousel, where your kids can get a ride for $ 1.

7. Rochester Museum and Science Center

Image Credit: Rochester Museum & Science Center

The Rochester Museum and Science Center is where community education in technology, history, and science is promoted.

Your kids will enjoy amazing films, experience different historical exhibits, and engage in some scientific experiments.

Science and history education is among the most promoted ideals in Rochester.

8. Stokoe Farms

Image Credit: Stokoe Farms

For over 200 years, the Stokoe family has been farming around Rochester. This place is heaven on earth for your kids, and they might be begging you to take them back time and again.

Some of the activities your young ones can participate in include visiting the Roo Ranch, duck races, Hay Chute sliding, milking cows, and enjoying the Stokoe farm train.

9. TYKEs Theater

Image Credit: TYKEs

Your kids will love everything about TYKEs Theatre, from the minimal scenery, to the performers, to the seats. This theatre was founded in 2004 to bring kids an exciting, positive, informative, and high-quality theatre experience.

They will have personal exposure to the power of music as they dance along with the beat, making the whole experience magical. TYKEs theatre is an excellent place to take your kids. This is where their fairy-tale and bedtime stories are brought live on stage.

10.  George Eastman Museum

Image Credit: George Eastman Museum

This is the oldest photography museum in the world with an unmatchable dedication to photography and antique film archives.

Here, you will find millions of different objects in the cinema and photography fields. This means your kids will always find something new to educate and entertain them at this museum.

It is housed in a historic mansion that boasts beautiful gardens where you can unwind as the little ones get engaged.

The Eastman House also offers hands-on activities and various events that may appeal to the younger set.

11. Wickham Farms

Image Credit: Wickham Farms

The Wickam Farms is known for the quietness and serenity that your family will love, not to mention tons of kid-friendly, good old-fashioned fun.

Since its founding in 1986, it has grown to a farm full of fun sitting on 40 acres of land.

The farm bustles with unique attractions, including the corn maze, 18-hole mini-golf, jumping pillow, and the kid’s train ride.

The most exciting activity for kids and adults at Wickham farms is picking strawberries, apples, sunflowers, and pumpkins when they are in season.

For a moment, your kids will forget the soft city life and enjoy farm life.

12. Altitude Trampoline Park

Image Credit: Altitude Trampoline Park – Rochester

If you have been looking for a place to lift the spirit of your kids, the Altitude Trampoline Park should be your to-visit place.

The 50,000-square feet of trampoline will excite them in a way you haven’t seen before, not to mention the bouncy basketball court where they can play, make friends, and create great memories.

The park is perfect for kids aged 2 years and above, and the indoor playground is safe for the little ones as well.

13. The Geva Theatre Center

Image Credit: Geva Theatre Center

Located in a historic building in the heart of Rochester, this non-profit theater is one of a kind, with the largest seating capacity in Rochester.

The Geva Theatre Center is known for creating programs and productions that keep Rochester entertained.

Your 6-year-old son will love the music while the teenagers will love the characters in the different programs.

Call ahead or browse online to find out what’s currently on the stage. Not all productions will be suitable for kids, but the ones that are, they are sure to love!

14. Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Image Credit: Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Draw your kids to the art experience by visiting the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. It has an inviting open space with a warm atmosphere that you will appreciate.

Your young ones will get to the roots of emerging art pieces as they experience them in all media.

The climax of the year event is the 6 by 6 show which is held every spring. The walls display thousands of art pieces anonymously shown during the show.

15. ARTISANworks

Image Credit: Artisan Works

This is another must-visit place in Rochester that your kids will love.

If they love arts, their experience will be memorable because the place boasts a collection of interesting sculptures and photography artifacts.

You can also hold a party for the kids at ARTISANworks in one of their rooms decorated with trolleys, vintage cars, rhinos, and lots of historical arts.

Your kids will be fortunate to visit this gem in Rochester. The place is accessible to everyone, and the staff is warm and ready to help, especially with kids.

16. Mendon Ponds Park

This county park is located in the Southeast of Rochester, a true definition of nature. The place has several uniquely created land structures, with the ‘’Devil’s Bathtub’’ being the most interesting.

The park also features well-maintained trails and would be the perfect place for skiing and hiking with your kids.

You might also spot some turkeys and other wild animals, and your kids will have a chance to see rehabilitated raptors in the Wild Wings program.

You can also enjoy beautiful views of the ponds and have a memorable Sunday afternoon. 

17. Rochester Public Market

Image Credit: City of Rochester Public Market

Treat your family to a fun-filled experience at the Rochester Public Market, and they will not be able to stop talking about it.

Most of the produce is fresh from the farm, and your kids will have a farmlike experience as they help you pick the week’s groceries and their favorite fruits.

This is a great place for anyone traveling to Rochester with family. Food is plenty, and your little ones will love sampling all the delicious foods sold here.

Besides, there are jewelry and cloth shops in the market. Just make sure to carry some cash in case your little one sets her heart on a shiny necklace she spots here.

18. Lollypop Farm

Image Credit: Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester

End your visit to Rochester by visiting the Lollypop Farm Humane Society, especially if you have animal-loving kids.

Their love and compassion for animals will increase as they see the many homeless animals in this place.

The place is clean and friendly with fantastic staff. There is a lovely area where you can sit and pamper a dog you like.

There are also camp programs organized by the farm’s management for young animal lovers, and you can book your kids for one.

Lollypop Farm also gives the option to host a birthday party or other event where kids can have a great time interacting with lots of different types of animals.