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8 Tips for Having a Great Vacation with Grandparents

Multigenerational vacations provide families with bonding opportunities and the chance to make unforgettable memories. Nevertheless, such holidays also have several challenges, especially in maintaining a balance between the old and young family members.

If you do things the right way, everyone can enjoy their vacation. Here are 8 tips for having a fantastic vacation with grandparents.

1. Respect the Needs of Each Individual

There are many differences between young and older adults, especially regarding their needs and abilities.

Many seniors simply can’t hike a five-mile trail without taking frequent breaks to recharge. Young kids may have physical limitations as well.

You must know what these limitations are well in advance so you can plan how to handle them during a multigenerational trip.

This way, instead of expecting everyone to keep the same pace, you can plan your itinerary based on what’s achievable for everyone.

Slowing down doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, by the way. You’ll be able to smell those figurative roses, as your vacation won’t feel so rushed. Your family will also be happy, and isn’t that what matters most of all?

2. Know That Different Different Ages Have Different Interests

Kids’ interests are not the same as those of their parents or grandparents, and that’s okay. If your vacation was well-planned, there should be room for you to take a break from each other and do the things you find interesting.

This does take some itinerary finagling, but how nice will it be when your three-year-old baby doesn’t have to sit at the dinner table for over two hours with you? Or how about not forcing your parents (the kids’ grandparents) to spend the afternoon swimming when they just can’t keep up?

Doing everything together is not a must. The kids still need to be supervised at all times, but you can break off into smaller groups if that suits everyone.

3. Pick a Trip With Something to Do For Everyone

A custom-made destination for multigenerational vacations is crucial.

A cruise or resort that includes activities for the whole family is one such option.

Vacations with babysitting services available would also be ideal so you don’t have to burden your parents with looking after your toddler while you sunbathe.

4. Choose a Vacation Destination That Requires Less Driving

Regardless of the means of transport you use to arrive at your destination, choose a location that doesn’t require you to drive much. If you must drive, keep the trips short.

Kids get impatient during long car rides, grandparents need to use the restroom or stretch their legs, and everyone ends up cranky. It’s not the best note to start your vacation on.

You’ll also end up wasting time looking for parking and navigating traffic.

Oh, and the car can always break down, leaving you stranded.

The cost of fueling the car would also mean less money you can spend on things like food, entertainment, and souvenirs.

5. Always Take Safety Seriously

A fun family vacation can quickly become hazardous for toddlers and young kids in an unfamiliar place if they get lost.

To prevent these kinds of earth-shattering occurrences from happening, discuss safety precautions in advance with the whole family.

Carry childproofing items too, and consider renting child safety gear that may be helpful during your time away from home.

6. Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

You will have many options for where to stay when vacationing with the whole family, mostly Airbnbs, resorts, and hotels.

Each of these accommodations has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind as well that what might excite you may not be preferable to your parents or teenage son.

Choose accommodations where everyone will be comfortable because a sound sleep translates to an enjoyable vacation.

Don’t spend outside of your means for lavish accommodations either. If everyone has a bed, that suffices!

7. Take Many Vacation Photos

When you’re caught up in family fun, you can easily forget to take photos, so please try to keep it top of mind each day of your trip.

If your budget allows, you could hire a professional photographer, or you could always pick one family member to capture moments with your kids and their grandparents.

Multigenerational photos are like fine wine; they will become more precious and sweet as time passes. You’ll want as many of these precious family photos as you can get!

8. Relax and Enjoy Fully

Remember the reason for the vacation is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

If spending the entire afternoon swimming makes you happy, or your parents decide to take a nature walk, roll with it.

There is no harm in loosening up the itinerary and exploring your destination or eating more junk than you usually do. Don’t let your vacation schedule limit you from having fun!

What Are The Best Things To Do With Grandparents During a Vacation?

Grandparents can bring magic and wonder to your vacation. Here is a list of things you can do with your kid’s grandparents during your trip that will make everyone happy they came.

Get Artistic

Creativitivity is part of aging; therefore, your parents are the best people to bring out your family’s creative side.

There are many creative activities that the elderly can introduce to the kids, including dancing the countryside way, humming, whistling, writing, or crocheting.

Also, when it comes to arts, you got something to gain from them. For instance, you can all learn how to knit, make bracelets., and do some water painting or book coloring.

All these activities can turn your vacation into a lifetime experience!

Go on a Nature Walk

Most old folks don’t like the city setup, and you will notice a particular desire to walk. This comes with trying to keep fit and avoid diseases that come with aging.

You can take an evening walk within the areas surrounding your vacation location and see some new sights. Nature walking also presents your family with a chance to chat with each other and enhance your bond.


Cooking with your parents is a perfect way to bring the memories and flavors of your family tree to life. It also has a way of strengthening family ties.

If you rented a vacation house and are allowed to cook, do not deny your parents if they request to cook, especially with their grandchildren.

Grandparents are the best at cooking, and your children will have an opportunity to learn about cooking the old way and bond with them. This way, your parents will also know what’s going on in your kid’s life, so it is a win-win situation

Glam It Up

This is primarily a ladies’ activity, and it’s the perfect way for your daughter to engage with their grandmother as she paints her nails.

Grandma will have the pleasure of choosing her favorite nail color and sitting back to have her granddaughter glam her up. They can also dye their hair to the color of their liking.

To make the best out of such a moment, you need to pack the colors and maybe a dyeing agent you know your mom likes most.

Play at the Playground

If a playground is on the grounds of your vacation destination, your parents can make the most of it by playing with the little ones.

You can bring a soccer ball, hula hoop, sandbox toys, or a bike and keep the kids entertained for hours. They’ll be exhausted at the end of the day so the adults can spend the evening relaxing!


Multigenerational vacations provide families with the priceless opportunity to make new memories together.

With the above tips, you can have a great vacation with your grandparents and kids regardless of the age difference!