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Top Toddler-Friendly Activities in the Outer Banks

You won’t be making a mistake by deciding to visit the Outer Banks with your family for the long-awaited vacation. The sandy beaches in North Carolina will be everyone’s perfect escape from the hustles and bustles of the city.

The place has lots of activities for the whole family, and therefore you don’t have to worry about whether your toddler will be entertained.

Have you been considering a vacation in the Outer Banks, but the thought of your two-year-old makes you hesitate? You have no reason to cancel your vacation.

In this post, I will list the activities that a toddler can participate in on the Outer Banks. All of them are also great for kids of all ages, and therefore you can be sure to have maximum fun with everyone making great memories.

Image Credit: kittyhawkkites

1. Kitty Hawk Kites

Let your little ones experience more adventure at Kitty Hawk Kites. This place is a paradise on earth with lots of activities for the young ones.

They will get to fly a kite on the beach and participate in wind arts.

There are also plenty of toys for the toddlers to play with under the keen eye of professional staff.

They can also play a mermaid by wearing the mermaid’s tails provided by the management.

2. Build A Sand Castle

A toddler needs to be given the freedom to play around with the things within their reach, provided they are safe.

The Outer Banks has more than enough sand that your baby would require to build castles to their heart’s content.

This activity can easily take all their attention for the whole afternoon. As seen in the cartoon movies, allow them to dig into the sand with a shovel and build a castle.

The experience will be a memorable one. Best of all, it’s free!

3. The Outer Banks Playgrounds

Your young one will have a lot to explore on the safe playgrounds of the Outer Banks.

There are over 20 of them to choose from, depending on where you are.

You can be sure your kids will have a busy morning as they crawl, run or learn to cycle on any of the playgrounds.

4. Elizabethan Gardens

Your young one will never get tired of visiting the Elizabethan Gardens because it’s an amazing place with lots of fun.

This is where children learn through play, and they will be over the moon as they slide, stroll the paths of the garden, and enjoy seeing different types of beautifully flowering plants.

Also, they can participate in lots of hands-on activities.

You can also hold your toddlers’ birthday in the gardens and let them have an experience like no other.

5. Captain Johnny’s Dolphin Tours

Take a two-hour cruise with your toddler with Captain Jonny’s Dolphin and enjoy beautiful views. The boats are clean and safe; therefore, you will have nothing to worry about.

The sight of dolphins splashing in the water is something that won’t be leaving the mind of your 3-year-old anytime soon.

The captains are also friendly and will engage the young ones fully and answer their questions, and listen to their chatter.

6. Nor’Banks Sailing And Watersports

There is something about kids and water, and you can be sure that your toddler will have plenty of fun at The Nor’Banks.

The place is beautiful, and you will be attended by professional staff.

Although your young one may not sail or engage in watersports, they will be glad to join you as you paddle the boat and see the birds fly over you.

The place also has plenty of safety amenities, including life vests for toddlers.

7. Art Classes

The Outer Banks is a place that allows kids to be kids at any time.

There are art classes where you can enroll your toddler to be taught how to draw their favorite cartoon actor. They are provided with everything they need at an affordable cost.

Once done with the classes, they can carry their artwork home as a great souvenir of their memories of the Outer Banks Vacation.

8. Ghost Crab Hunting

Head to the beach with your toddler as soon as darkness begins to fall, and hunt crabs. This is an activity with lots of fun.

You start by giving the young one a flashlight and ask them to switch it on. They will be laughing as the crabs begin to scatter and run away from the beams of light.

Do not forget to take a picture as they aim the flashlight and keep the memories of this fun-filled chasing activity for them.

9. Visit The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

If it’s the first time your toddler is going on vacation, they will enjoy experiencing wildlife for the first time as well.

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is the best place to introduce them to this experience that very well could become a lifelong interest.

This place is home to over 340 bird species and several species of reptiles, mammals, and amphibians.

By taking your toddler to this place, you will be opening a whole new and wonderful world to them. Besides, you will be encouraging them to love wildlife and nature at an early age.

10. Island Farm

Introduce your young ones to history by visiting the Island Farm. They will have lots of activities, including feeding the chickens, weaving, wool spinning, and food preparation.

The farm resurrects 150 years of history for every family member, and your kids will learn a ton from this taste of living history.

11. Outer Banks Aquariums

After having a historical experience at the Island Farms, the next place to visit should be the Outer Banks Aquarium which is not far.

No better place for your kids to discover and learn a lot about native marine life than the aquariums.

They will experience a beautiful combination of most aquatic creatures, including tropical fish, turtles, and sharks, in this fantastic Outer Banks attraction.

12. Corolla Raceway

Long after you head home from your vacation, you will hear your 3-year-old talking about their visit to the Corolla Raceway.

The Go-kart experience in this place is first class, and your baby will have a variety of things to do here, making it a fun stop for them.

The Raceway is clean, and you will be able to keep an eye on your little one because the place is also well-lit.

The other thing your toddler can enjoy is playing some arcade games in the game room and experiencing some classic video machines.

13. The Paradise Fun Park

Your visit to the Outer Banks may not be complete without taking your baby to Paradise Fun Park. The park has exciting outdoor activities not only for kids but also for adults. This means it’s a place for the whole family.

The young ones will have hours of entertainment as they get a ball to the green during the mini-golf activity. They may not be accurate, but you can be sure they will have fun as they twist their hands, imitating you.

The kids can also try out the Go-Kart track and enjoy some exciting time as they cruise around the park.

This place is open throughout the year.

14. Miss Kitty’s Old Time Studio

Make a lasting memory for your little ones by visiting Miss Kitty’s Old-Time studio. They will be inspired in the studio as you find a moment of quiet.

The young one will have great fun as professional photographers take their photos dressed in costumes that toddlers wore in the early 20th century.

They will be shown how to pose in different and realistic expressions and manners for as long as they wish.

Every time they see the photos and show them to their friends, they will be glad that you thought about taking them to the Outer Banks.

15. Beach Braids

Thousands of visitors queue up at the Beach Braids to have their hair done, and your 4-year-old girl should not miss this.

This is one of the best places on the Outer Banks where cornrows, hair wraps, tattoos, and reggae hemp wraps are done.

No better way to complete your daughter’s fun on the beach than by allowing some braids to be fixed on their little head, or a tattoo temporarily drawn on your young man’s hand as you get a reggae hemp wrap on your head as well.

The hair braiders and tattoo artists are professionals, and therefore the kids will be in safe hands.

16. Atlantic Dance And Boutique

Take your kids for some dancing lessons at the Atlantic Dance and Boutique and offer them a creative experience through music.

There are classes for all music genres, from Jazz to hip hop to classical ballet.

Your little girl will develop some grace through dance and music. The ballet classes will make them confident, creative, and disciplined.

For even more fun for your little dancer, the dancing attire is also provided at the boutique.

17. Corolla Movie and Bistro

Wind up your summer Outer Banks Vacation at the Corolla Movie and Bistro. This is a movie theatre cum restaurant where you enjoy a dining and movie experience.

Treat the young one to the latest series of Lightning McQueen as they enjoy some burgers and see their faces light up with joy.

The service is top-notch, and you won’t have to disrupt the movie session to order some ice cream.