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What to Pack for a Day at the Water Park With a Toddler

Kids love water parks because of the fun and thrills they provide. That said, taking your toddler to the water park can be challenging. Whether planning to be at the waterpark for half a day or even the entire day, you need to bring the right essentials.

Woman carrying happy baby girl while standing in pool in water park on sunny day on resort

In today’s article, I’ll share a packing guide so you and your family can set off for a day of fun at the water park!

Bring These Essentials for a Day at the Water Park with a Toddler

1. Food and Water

Hydration is critical for toddlers when spending all day in the sun, and it’s not like they can drink the water that surrounds them at the park (well, they shouldn’t, anyway!).

If the park allows you to pack a cooler and bring it in, then fill it with water bottles. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend money on overpriced water all day, but hey, you do what it takes to keep your children hydrated.

Food is another essential for toddlers at the water park. Water activities can be draining for a toddler, especially if visiting for the first time, and therefore, you need to ensure their energy levels are high.

The food policy at the water park might ban outside snacks or perhaps you can bring some in a cooler. If you can, then great, but your child will still need something more substantial to eat, either for lunch or an early dinner.

You’ll have to buy food on the water park grounds.

2. A Floaty

Your water park experience will be more enjoyable for the whole family if you have floaties ready for the young’uns.

Floaties are crucial for toddlers to remain on top of the water, so you won’t have to worry about your baby drowning. Besides, they will enjoy the freedom of swimming wherever they want.

Most water parks rent out floaties, but for hygiene reasons, it’s best to bring your own. Only rent floaties as a fallback if you forget yours and don’t want to turn back around.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential when visiting a water park. Carry enough of it so you can apply it as often as required.

A water-resistant sunscreen is best because you and the kids will spend most of the time in the water.

Just because sunscreen is waterproof doesn’t mean it won’t come off. You must reapply often.

For backup, you can also carry a hat and sunglasses and ensure your baby’s sensitive eyes, neck, and nose are equally protected from sunburn.

4. Change of Clothes and Towels

When your little one is stepping out of the water after having enough fun, it’s time for a change of clothes.

They will also need a towel to dry themselves (or you can do it for them) when going from the water to lunch or other activities.

Once your toddler pulls off their wet clothes, pack them in a wet bag and switch to dry ones. You may also give them a warm drink like milk to warm them up.

5. Swim Diapers

Many water parks demand that toddlers must wear swimming diapers while in the water. Pack enough pieces since the diapers can be costly to buy at the water park shop.

6. Swim Shoes

Your baby needs some water shoes when visiting the water park so they don’t burn or scrape their feet. Water shoes also come in handy for stability and support.

Pick a pair of shoes your baby can quickly put on and remain comfortable in all day.

7. Bathing Suits

A visit to the water park without a bathing suit for your entire family may sound funny.

Depending on the water park, you can wear your suits at home and arrive ready for fun or change into them at the water park’s changing area.

As you pick a swimsuit for your toddler, pick one that will stay secure when playing on the water slides. The suit should also be comfortable.

8. Stroller

You always tote your toddler around in a stroller, but not so fast!

Not all waterparks allow strollers. Before you bring yours, check if the park allows them.

Since you can’t avoid water at a water park, consider bringing a stroller with a light umbrella so it dries quickly.

Tips for Taking Toddlers To a Water Park

As mentioned earlier, taking a toddler to the water park is tricky unless you’re well prepared.

With the following tips, you will have an easier time with the little one.

Have a Safety Plan

No matter where you go with your loved ones, safety should be your number one priority.

Waterparks have lifeguards, but that shouldn’t make you a reluctant parent. The safety of your loved ones remains your responsibility, and therefore you must keep a close eye on the little ones to know where they are.

You may consider bringing your parents to help you with the supervision, or if you have a spouse or partner, you can alternate who checks on the babies.

Go Early

This is an essential tip for water park visitors.

Most of the time, you will find the places crowded since everyone wants to beat off the heat. Arriving at the water park early will help you pick a spot for your family and then settle down without too much pressure.

Be sure to enjoy the water rides since the lines won’t be long!

Take Breaks Often

Kids can be all gung-ho at the start of the day and then tire out fast. Take breaks often and let the kids recharge by enjoying snacks and drinks.

Breaks also offer your family a good time to come together and bond as you await more fun.

Enjoy Yourselves

Your purpose in planning a water adventure is to have fun. As much as a trip to the water park can be tough with a toddler, it’s the perfect way of making lasting summer memories.

Enjoy your time in the water and go home a happy family!


Water parks are some of the best destinations to visit with toddlers during the warm season. Your little ones will not only have fun but also stay cool.

The success of your day out will depend on how well you prepared. I hope this packing guide and tips for water park outings gives you all the info you need!