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What Can I Bring to Disney World?

Disney World is one of the best places for making family memories. Before you pack up for a day of fun at the park, you should read the rules, as they govern what you can and can’t bring.

In today’s post, I’ll go over what’s allowed and what isn’t in Disney World, so make sure you keep reading!

What can I bring to Disney World?

The Disney World policies of what you can and can’t bring to the park are meant to ensure all visitors enjoy their experience.

Here is a list of items you can bring.


You need a good bag when going to Disney World because you will be carrying it everywhere in the park.

Ensure the bag is big enough to accommodate all your stuff.

It should also have strong and comfortable straps. You don’t want your shoulders to hurt at the end of the day, after all!

Once at the park’s entrance, be ready for the security check. Have your bag open and ready to be inspected.


Visitors are allowed to bring premade foods and snacks to Disney World. You’ll also save a lot of money by bringing food from home.

Additionally, you’ll be in the clear when your kid has a hunger-related tantrum in the middle of the line.

Pack plenty of premade meals for lunch and dinner if you don’t have enough room in the budget to taste the delicious Disney World food.


Disney World is a vast park, and if you have a small baby, you can’t get around the park grounds without a stroller. Fortunately, they are allowed. You can bring the stroller from home or rent it at the park.

Besides pushing babies, strollers also come in handy in storing snacks and drinks or whatever you want to carry.

Disney does have stroller size requirements. It should not exceed 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Water bottles and beverages

One thing you will do in the World’s Happiest Place is walking, hence the need to remain hydrated.

Water and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed and encouraged in Disney World. Always keep a drink in your hand, so you quench your thirst whenever you need to.

You can also bring refillable water bottles since there are enough water stations in the park.


Coolers are allowed in the park, but they should be a six-pack size or less. Large coolers are prohibited.

Besides, lugging them around for a whole day will drain you, so you wouldn’t want a very large cooler anyway.

Keep the ice in your cooler contained. Alternatively, you can put frozen water bottles inside the cooler to keep other things cool.

Ziploc bags

You may not finish all the food you bring to Disney World, and that’s why Ziploc bags are essential.

They also come in handy for holding onto trading pins, the swimming costumes you wore for the water rides, or for any item you want to separate from the others in your bag.


If you don’t want to use your phone, bring your camera to Disney World, as it’s allowed.

Test your camera before packing, as you don’t want to be disappointed once you look through your photos later!

Foods for dietary needs/Medications

Do you want a magical vacation in Disney World? That can only be possible if you are physically okay.

Disney World makes exceptions for people with specific dietary needs or who take particular medications, so be sure to pack them if you need them and enjoy a safe and healthy time in the park.

Portable chargers

Your phone or other devices are likely to go low on power during your outing, especially if you use the Disney World App throughout the day. Bring a portable charger or several, as they are permitted into the park.

Pain relievers

I recommend you have OTC painkillers in your bag even though you might not use them. Sometimes the activities at the park can take a toll on your body, hence the need for some relief.

What you can’t bring to Disney World

Alcohol or glass containers

Glass containers or alcohol are not allowed into Disney World.

If you must have a drink, alcohol is available inside the resort. You can also check out Disney California Adventure Park and treat yourself to some Disney-inspired drinks.

You can find exceptional wines in almost all Disney World hotels as well.

Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks have also been recently banned at Disney World for various reasons.

One, they cause a safety risk by extending far outside the carriages, and second, they could cause mechanical harm on the rides.

Ensure your crew has someone with tall hands to help with selfies of the kids.

Alternatively, purchase a MaxPass and enjoy limited access to photo downloads through PhotoPass.

If a Disney photographer takes your photos, you can download them freely with MaxPass.

Folding chairs

There are enough benches and seating areas inside Disney World, which is why they prohibit folding chairs.

The FastPass alternative would be helpful if you want to enjoy optimal viewing spots during a show.

Another tip is to purchase the MaxPass so you can quickly request the FastPass on your phone and select an attraction of your choice.

Wrapped gifts

Birthdays or any celebrations at Disney World are oodles of fun.

Sadly, you aren’t allowed to bring wrapped gifts to the park. Unwrapped gifts are okay, though!


If you have a candle-lighting event, you can borrow a matchbox from a restaurant or hold the event in a dining setting where you can access all the items you need. Otherwise, don’t bring these from home.

Skateboards/Anything on wheels

Skateboards, unicycles, and bicycles aren’t allowed in Disney World because they pose a danger to riders and other visitors.

What activities are prohibited in Disney World?

Besides bringing certain items into the park, you can also get in trouble and possibly even kicked out if you do any of the following at Disney World:

  • Distribution of any kind of recorded or printed materials unless you have written approval
  • Engaging in unsafe activities that may interfere with the resort’s operation or parts of it
  • Sell or display goods or services unless Disney World Resort management officially permits it
  • Impeding operations or engaging with other visitors in the resort while portraying or posing as any Disney World character in uniform
  • Holding an unauthorized event, giving unauthorized speeches, or the use of banners, flags, or any other material for demonstration or commercial purposes
  • Obstruction of sidewalks, driveways, stairways, patios, or corridors
  • Hanging towels, bedding, and clothing off the balconies of a Disney World resort hotel
  • Solicitation of any type, whether commercial, educational, or religious

Are dogs allowed in Disney World?

According to the rules of Disney World, pets and other animals are not allowed into the resort.

If you must come to the resort with your furry friend, there is an onsite kennel for pets where you can leave your furry friend and enjoy yourself in the Disney World resort.

What Can I Wear To Disney World?

When visiting Disney World or any amusement park, comfort is critical. A wrong choice of outfit can ruin your day. You also need to pick a presentable look because you will be capturing photos for memories. The weather is the other factor to consider when choosing a Disney World outfit.
Here is a guide on what to wear to the resort.

Shoes-When it comes to shoes, consider good walking shoes because you will walk a lot in Disney World. Ensure you wear extremely comfortable and light shoes. Test them at least a week before your visit and if your feet hurt, get an alternative pair to wear to Disney World. We don’t recommend high-heeled shoes, so don’t wear them. Sneakers are the best option.

A jacket/Long sleeved pullover-The weather in Disney World can drastically change. The mornings and evenings are usually cold so you should bring a jacket no matter how hot the day looks. Nevertheless, pick a jacket or pullover that is light in weight but warm, so it doesn’t take up much space in your backpack.
T-shirts- Wear a light in weight t-shirt or shirt for a comfortable day in Disney World.
Leggings- These are the best options for a day in Disney World because they are light in weight and fit for rides. Besides, leggings will keep you warm in case the weather becomes cold. The other best alternative for pants is jeans.
Sunglasses and a Hat-The sun in California can be extremely hot, especially in summer. You, therefore, need to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your face from the heat.

Bathing suit- If you love water rides, you need to pack a bathing suit and flip-flops to immerse yourself in the Grizzly River Run adventure without worries.
Are There Hotels In Disney World?
Yes, you will find friendly hotels in Disney World. The onsite hotels are best for anyone who wants top-notch accommodation, excellent services, the best swimming pools, and most importantly, the privileges of an early entrance to the theme parks. Nevertheless, these hotels are costly even during the off-peak season. You may even pay double what offsite hotels charge.


Your experience at Disney World depends on what you bring. Many items are allowed, including some you might not have expected. I hope this article helps you enjoy your time at Disney World!