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What is a Good Salary in Calgary?

Calgary is known for diversity, downtown commercialism, cleanliness, and an excellent economy. This explains why immigrants make up 30 percent of the city’s population.

The number keeps increasing as students and ex-pats keep moving to the city. If Calgary has been your dream city, it is wise first to know what a good salary looks like.

How much money do you need to learn?

A monthly salary of $4,300 after tax is considered good in Calgary. This amount corresponds to an annual salary of $52,000, well above the city’s average. With this amount, you can afford the basics, entertainment, and weekend getaways.

Calgary offers plenty of employment opportunities for engineering, construction, energy, high-tech, and agriculture experts.

Keep reading to learn what kind of income you need to make the most of your time here!

What is a good salary in Calgary?

A good salary for a family of four in Calgary is $75,000 a year, while that for a single person is $65,000, which is 15.5 percent above the average salary.

Earning $75,000 per year will enable you to pay for basic needs, including rent for a two-bedroom house, food, and utilities. Additionally, you can save some money and go for weekend getaways.

If you live outside the CBD and don’t have kids who require daycare services, the cost of living will be lower.

What is the average salary in Calgary?

Calgary’s average salary is between $4,166 and $5,416 per month. This corresponds to an annual income of $50,000 to $65,000 per year.

Single people whose income falls within this range can live a luxurious life in the CBD since it can cater to rent, utilities, leisure, transport passes, and significant savings.

However, a couple without kids will need an average salary of no less than $65,000, while families with two kids will need $85,000.

Calgary has striven to offer free education to its citizens and ex-pats on permanent residency.

If you’re an ex-pat and want to save for investments, I recommend you enroll your kids in public schools because they receive subsidies, unlike private schools that charge a considerable amount of money.

When you relocate to Calgary as a foreigner, you should aim for an annual salary of no less than $50,000, which is $36,000 after deductions, to live a comfortable life.

The city has remained attractive throughout the years due to the enticing tax rates given to foreigners and residents.

For instance, those earning below $131,230 are charged taxes at 10 percent. Any other amount above this is charged a 12 to 15 percent tax rate.

It’s been established that Calgary has the most affordable tax rates compared to other provinces in Canada. For the initial $130,000, other cities in Canada charge a tax rate of more than 15 percent to foreigners and residents.

In Calgary, the cost of living is considerably more affordable since it’s ranked second-lowest after Quebec.

Alberta province’s average cost of living is approximately $2,050 per month. Negotiate to earn a monthly salary of $3,000, which will help you save.

Below is a list of some typical jobs in Calgary and their average salaries:

JobAverage annual salary
Electrical engineer$65,000
Civil engineer$65,000

What is the minimum salary in Calgary?

Since October 2018, the minimum wage rate in Calgary has been $15 per hour. The amount may vary in different careers and sectors.

The government ensures that all the salaried employees in the city take home at least the minimum wage regardless of employment terms.

Employers in the city are forced to top up their employee’s payments if they go below the recommended minimum wage of $15 hourly.

It’s estimated that 25 percent of employees in Calgary earn less than $50,678 a year.

On the other hand, 50 percent of employees make $85,000 a year or less, while another 25 percent in the same city earn at most $100,000 per year.

In simple terms, 75 percent of the population in Calgary earns less than $85,000 annually, while 25 percent earns more than the same amount.

Generally, anyone can live in Calgary if they earn above the minimum wage, but they will not afford weekend getaways, leisure, and holidays.

Additionally, you may need more than the average salary to take your kids to private schools in this city.

How Much Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Calgary?

If you’re single and planning to relocate to Calgary, a yearly gross salary of at least $70,000 is enough to live a comfortable life. This amount translates to approximately $52,000 after tax deductions.

Your monthly income will be roughly $4,300, which is considered above average. This amount will be enough for the following.

  • One bedroom in the CBD – $1,800
  • Utilities – $300( Water, electricity, garbage, and Internet)
  • Transport – $350
  • Two holidays vacations – $1,000
  • Food and groceries – $600
  • Leisure and entertainment – $250

A couple without kids must negotiate for a salary of at least $75,000 annually.

A family with kids will require a higher annual salary of more than $85,000. Let’s look at what $85,000 will cater to a family of four.


The cost of housing in Calgary depends on the location and size of the house. A family of four will require at least a three-bedroom house with a monthly cost of $2,300.

The real estate rates in this city are not fixed, and they keep increasing as more people move there, thus raising the demand for houses.


Unlike most cities in Canada, food in Calgary is affordable. That’s because the city is located near most farmers’ markets. Alberta boasts a diverse agricultural industry that also sponsors Calgary’s food availability.

A family of four will require $1,400 for food per month. The amount will cover three meals daily, depending on your taste.

The cost of eating out will vary depending on where you take your family once in a while. For instance, you will spend $100 in a high-end restaurant and $70 in an average one.


Public transportation in Calgary is efficient and affordable, which is why over 60 percent of people working in the city use it.

The best way to save money on transportation is by getting a monthly pass which costs $105 for adults and $85 for those under 18 years. You don’t have to pay anything for kids under six years old.


The monthly taxes paid by employees cater to healthcare in Canada. The costs range between $60 and $120 per month, which is pretty low.

If you want more and better services, you can look into private healthcare, but be ready to pay more.


Finding an affordable daycare center in Calgary is challenging, and childcare is expensive, but the cost varies depending on location.

For instance, daycare centers in the CBD are more costly than those in the outskirts.

On average, the cost of childcare in Calgary is $180 per month.

However, you can apply for grants since the federal government offers a tax-free payment to all families with kids to assist in raising them until they are 18.

Alternatively, find out which daycare centers receive subsidies from the government and enroll your kids there.

Who are the top employers in Calgary?

Calgary offers many career advancement opportunities since it’s home to many industries. Here is an overview of the city’s top employers.

  • Aecon – This is one the largest building companies in Canada. Aecon works with clients in the public and private sectors. Their terms of employment are good, and you can be sure of a good salary and benefits.
  • Suncor – A competitive energy company and one of the largest employers in Calgary and beyond, Suncor rewards its workers with hefty salaries, benefits, pensions, and career advancement programs.
  • Enerflex Limited – This industrial machinery and equipment-making company has over 5,000 full-time workers. Enerflex offers huge salaries, favorable employment terms, and a referral bonus of $3,000.
  • Gibson Energy Inc. – An oilfield service company headquartered in Calgary, Gibson has recently attracted employees worldwide with hefty salaries, a safe working environment, and flexible benefits, including personal spending accounts and travel programs.
  • PCL Constructors Inc. – This is a group of independent construction companies operating in Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, and the United States. PCL majors in institutional and commercial development and is known for its excellent employment packages, including a well-defined pension plan, retirement planning services, and an onsite fitness facility for its employees.


You will work and live comfortably in Calgary if you earn $52,000 annually. This amount will afford basic entertainment, weekend getaways, and savings for a single person.

You can make more if you’re highly educated and development-conscious!