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What to Wear on a Plane to Hawaii

Hawaii has so many unique cultures to explore and beautiful year-round weather. Before vacationing here, you need to know what to wear.

In this article, I will guide you on how to dress to hop on a plane to Hawaii and what you need to know about the state.

What to wear on a plane to Hawaii

When flying to Hawaii, you need to wear comfortable and presentable clothes.

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Wear clothes that you can add or take off quickly in extreme temperatures. You can become incredibly uncomfortable if the temperatures are too hot or too cold.

Hawaii’s weather is tropical, so when you get there, you should wear casual and comfortable clothing. A t-shirt, polo shirt, pants, and socks would be ideal.

You can also wear a hat and gloves, especially when flying at night.

Your choice of clothes should keep you warm, especially in cooler elevations, and cool in hot ones.

Another crucial thing to consider about clothing is fit. Wear loose-fitting clothes that you can roll up on the plane and down when landing.

The best and most comfortable materials for the clothes you wear to Hawaii are natural fiber materials like cotton.

You also need to wear socks when flying to Hawaii. A lot of heat is lost through one’s feet while flying, so you need to keep your feet warm with a good and comfortable pair of socks.

If your legs swell when traveling, I recommend you wear compression socks, especially on long flights.

The last item on the list is shoes. Wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off.

That will make your feet more comfortable, especially if you have a foot swelling problem.

In addition to comfort, slip-on shoes make going through airport security easier.

What to do when you arrive at Honolulu Airport

If this is your first time visiting Hawaii, you might be wondering what to do upon your arrival. Allow me to take you through what happens after landing.

Baggage claim

The baggage claim at Hawaii International Airport is small, but many visitors find trouble accessing it.

After landing, you will need to walk a little bit to enter the airport’s front. You will get into an elevator since the baggage claim is on the ground floor.

Once you have all your luggage, find a means of transport to take you to your hotel.

How to get from Honolulu Airport to your hotel

Upon your arrival, there are many ways you can get to your Airbnb, resort, or hotel. You will find shuttles, rideshares, and rental cars at the airport.

The cost of transport depends on where your hotel is located.

Alternatively, check with your hotel in advance and see if they offer shuttle services to their guests.

10 important things you need to know about Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination with endless fun, but your trip here will still require a lot of planning before you leave home.

Here are some things to keep in mind before visiting Hawaii.

1. It helps to know the language

Learning a few Hawaiian words makes your trip go smoother and is also a sign of respect. It shows that you are interested in the Hawaiian culture and are ready to interact with the locals during your vacation.

Locals are generously ready to teach visitors their language, so you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have enough time to learn.

Also, English is widely spoken here so you won’t feel left out.

2. Hawaii is expensive

Being an island destination, Hawaii is expensive because most items are imported.

You will have to part with a considerable amount of money for your hotel, transport, food, parking, and almost everything.

Although you can enjoy a Hawaiian vacation on a budget, it’s not necessarily easy to do.

3. Choose between a hotel or a condo

Figuring out where to stay is one of the first things to do when visiting a new place.

Hawaii has many accommodation options, including vacation rental homes or condos, and each has its pros and cons.

For instance, a condo would be the best option if you want a place with separate rooms or if you wish to cook your own food.

On the other hand, you will enjoy access to restaurants, swimming pools, and kid-friendly amenities if you book your stay in a luxury resort or hotel.

4. You must bring bags

If you visit Hawaii for the first time, bring enough bags if you plan to shop for groceries or other items.

Otherwise, you will have to carry your items awkwardly out the door since plastic bags are banned.

This law was passed to limit pollution of the ocean and surrounding areas.

5. Respect religious sites

The Hawaiian culture is deeply rooted in religious and royalty practices. Additionally, the region has so many sacred religious sites.

For instance, if you spot the word Kapu, it means the location is a burial site, and you shouldn’t trespass.

The sign for Hawaiian temples is Heiau, so if you see it, be respectful and don’t throw trash in such places.

6. Avoid Golden Week

The Japanese are the largest ethnic group in Hawaii and usually celebrate Golden Week. This event occurs from the end of April into the beginning of May.

Japanese tourists flood Hawaii during this time, making it not the best time to visit. Hotel prices are higher that week and many parts of Hawaii are too crowded.

7. No driving between the Hawaiian Islands

The islands in Hawaii have no bridges, so driving between them is impossible. Additionally, there are no ferries except one from Maui, which ferries only people.

If you want to hop from one island to another, you must use an airplane. Luckily there are many inter-island flights between all the islands in Hawaii.

8. Attend a luau

If you love entertainment and celebrations, the luau is a must-attend occasion.

This Hawaiian feast has lots of delicious food. The celebrations extend long into the night, so you should schedule it at the end of your trip.

9. Check the weather

This is a critical factor to look into before traveling to Hawaii.

The islands of Hawaii are susceptible to bad weather and strange storms. Check the weather forecast before taking a trip to the beach or a hiking trail.

10. Bring reef-safe sunscreen

The use of non-reef sunscreen is illegal in Hawaii, so don’t pack any sunscreen that’s not reef-safe if you plan to swim.

The state is very strict when it comes to the preservation of the ocean.

If you are unsure about the best sunscreen to use, wait and buy one in Hawaii. All the sunscreens sold here are reef-safe.


When flying to Hawaii, wear clothes that will keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool in hot ones. The flight to Hawaii is long, and you will experience temperature changes, hence the need for proper clothing. Prepare well and make unforgettable memories during your vacation!