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What to Wear to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are a great way to bring the family together. Choosing the right outfit for the day should be one of the first things you plan.

You will undoubtedly spend the entire day on your feet, whether you enjoy the rush of thrill rides or prefer more sedate activities. One of the most important aspects of enjoying a day like this is to wear an outfit that will allow you to move freely.

What you wear will vary depending on the season, where you go, planned activities, and how long you spend in the park.

This blog post will outline the best outfits for winter and summer in an amusement park.

What to Wear in an Amusement Park During the Winter

Think layers while choosing your attire for a wintertime excursion at a theme park.

Pick fabrics that won’t make you bulkier but will help you stay warm.

For this purpose, light materials like cotton blends work well since they provide warmth while allowing air circulation.

Although winter isn’t a rainy season, the weather is unpredictable. Thus, I recommend you have rain gear ready just in case.

Here’s what else you need.

Light Jacket

For most days, a light jacket or sweatshirt will be adequate. It’s very cold in the mornings during winter but not as cold during the day.

You’ll be comfortable wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt by midday. When dusk falls, you’ll need that jacket again.

Moreover, you can wear a coat to cover up even when it isn’t raining, allowing you to continue enjoying incredible wet rides.

Sneakers/Water Shoes

Sneakers are the best when going to an amusement park on a chilly day because your feet will keep warm. Ensure you have thick but comfy socks on to help you beat the cold.

Conversely, amusement parks without water rides are the only places to wear sneakers. If you will engage in water rides, I advise you to wear water shoes.


Sunscreen during winter? Yes!

The sun’s UV rays are as intense in the winter as they are in the summer, so sunscreen is essential.

Don’t forget to use lip gloss and moisturizer to prevent dry skin and cracked lips!


Do not feel left out if you love swimming. Carry your swimsuit to the park; regardless of the weather, you can swim in a pre-heated pool and enjoy your day.

Towel/Warm Blanket

A towel and a warm blanket are essential winter gear when visiting an amusement park on a chilly day.

Put a small blanket in your backpack so you have something to wrap up in as you wait for parade displays. Also, bring small towels to sit on and dry off wet seats.

What to Wear to an Amusement Park During the Summer

Relaxed Clothes

Going out on a sunny day is nice, but you don’t want to feel constricted or too sweaty.

Do not just grab any outfit. Look for one made with light materials.

Avoid skintight clothes as well. Instead, choose loose-fitting cotton or linen-based garments if you must wear pants.

You can also wear pants with a rollable hem to prevent them from squeezing or limiting your legs.

Additionally, search for sleeveless attire to hide sweat lines. Ensure the shirts are made of light materials like cotton to stay cool.

For the men, do not worry so much about the sleeveless top. Look for a summer shirt with light material, like chambray.


Sunglasses are a requirement for your theme park wardrobe.

For bright hot days, sunglasses will keep your eyes from straining. Any sunglasses will work as long as they have a strap to prevent loss.

Consider purchasing sunglasses with UV and light protection.

A Hat

Look for hats that will remain intact when riding some of the most extreme rides. Otherwise, you’ll have to take your hat off each time you want to ride a fast theme park ride.

Brimmed hats are excellent for keeping cool in the summer since they shield your forehead from the sun and maintain body coolness.

Breathable Shoes

In hot temperatures, you may have swollen, sweaty feet.

By donning open, comfy footwear, you can avoid this. Look for footwear with soft, breathable soles.

To prevent your shoes from irritating your feet, you should ensure that they suit you properly.

Since feet tend to swell in hot weather, you may want to choose sandals or other open-toe footwear to allow your feet to breathe.


Before you step out for a day of fun at an amusement park, ensure you protect your face and other exposed skin with sunscreen.

Choose an impermeable sunscreen that is best for the hot, sweaty days and will remain on the skin. You will need to keep applying sunscreen about every two hours throughout the day.

Outfits To Avoid When In an Amusement Park

Sheer Shirts

The weather might be hot, but you do not have to wear a sheer shirt for any reason.

Remember that your clothes can get tight and transparent as you ride the water and become wet. A sheer shirt will look like you haven’t worn anything once it clings to your body.

Bikini Tops

This is acceptable if the amusement park offers a water park area. Otherwise, you are required to have a full shirt or a sleeveless top.

Remember that the theme park attendants are taking pictures of all the coaster moments to sell the pictures once you get off the ride.

You may not like it once you spot yourself in a magazine making headlines.

Heels and Nice Clothing

You’ll need to do a lot of walking once you’re in the park. Therefore, avoid wearing a dress that restricts movement.

When visiting a theme park, also avoid wearing heels and your best attire.


Choosing what to wear should come first once you plan to visit an amusement park. As classy as you want to look, always remember decency and comfort come first.