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Is World of Coca-Cola (Atlanta, GA) Kid-friendly?

Located in Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola is among the USA’s most iconic brands and a major attraction point. It is a museum that focuses on the history of the world’s most popular drink.

If you are looking for somewhere to unwind and have a different experience, Coca-Cola would be ideal. But will your kids enjoy it?

Coca-cola is a kid-friendly place, and your kids will be grateful that you thought about taking them there. The experience in this place is fun, and they will come back with loads of historical knowledge about the company. Besides, there are many hands-on activities that your kids can participate in.

Have you been doubting if the world of Coca-Cola is a good place to take the kids? If you need some convincing, will list some of the kid-friendly activities at the museum that makes it a fun place for kids.

What Does The World of Coca-Cola Have For Kids?

Once you are inside the Coca-Cola museum, you will first be gifted a Coke can. As you sip it waiting to be ushered inside, you will be shown a short video about Coca-Cola and then be ushered to a place full of fun and activities.

Experience The Gallery

Treat your eyes to an amazing display of the Coca-Cola gallery that tells the whole story of the brand. The gallery features some original paintings of Coca-Cola, painted by artists such as Haddon Sunblom.

The kids will also see the actual American Idols season 4 sofa where the interviews of contestants were conducted. Also, they will come across a few things, including the first Coca-Cola fountain used to dispense coke and an Argentina delivery truck, among other things.

The Bottling Process

This is another amazing activity for your kids at Coca-Cola as they get to know how the bottles work. The bottling process takes place in the museum, and your kids will be amazed to see how the mixing and blending of the ingredients are done.

The memory of how the machine works collaboratively to fill the bottles ready for supply will forever remain in your kid’s mind.

Visit The Tasting Room

If your child has a sweet tooth, this is the place that they will love most. Here they enjoy the taste of all Coca-Cola flavors, and they will love it. There are five tasting stations, but it’s still wise to visit early because the place is usually crowded.

You will need a ticket to access the room, and the best place to purchase one is online.

There is a self-guided tour to take your kids around the room and answer any questions they might be having. Your kids can have as many drinks as they wish, although they may not like all the flavors.

Secret Formula Vault

Taking your kids to visit the world of Coca-Cola presents them a chance to see the area that harbors the secrets of the Coca-Cola formula. The area is known as the vault.

Before John Pemberton, the Coca-Cola inventor died, he shared the original Coca-Cola formula with at least four people. The secret was kept under lock and key since 1925, but after the 125th anniversary of the Coca-Cola company, it was shared publicly.

3-D Theater

Allow your kids to experience a 3-D movie as they search for the Secret formula. The movie starts with a professor and his assistant uncovering the Coca-Cola secret formula to reveal the success of Coke. The most interesting bit of this activity is that your kids will feel like they are part of the movie with the moving chairs.

The Gift Shop

The Coca-Cola store in Atlanta, Georgia, has various merchandise that they offer visitors, including decorative apparel, accessories, keepsakes, and pieces of art, most of which are unique to the store. You will not be required to have a ticket to access this store because it has a separate entrance.

Meet The Polar Bear

Your visit to the world of Coca-Cola can’t be complete without your kids experiencing the Coca-Cola polar bear. They will all be surprised by the sight of the iconic bear who has been in most Coke ads since 1922.

The face-to-face experience is real and one you can be sure they won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Don’t forget to capture a photo with the bear and keep the memories.

The Mobile App

If you want to have a personal experience with a VIP guide, the world of Coca-Cola will offer you that. The Explorer mobile app allows you to discover more fascinating facts about the world of Coca-Cola.

In essence, it is a tour guide and will create custom photos. The best part of this app is that it retains all features even after you have left the museum. Your kids’ experience with this app will be unique, and in ways they least expect.

Experience The Coca-Cola Folk Art

This is another amazing part of the world of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. Artists from various parts of the world developed coke bottles that represent their countries. The folk art coke bottles were first displayed in 1996 at the Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.

When you enter the museum, you will be excited to locate your country’s bottle inside the museum. Visitors are also allowed to create their coke bottles to explore the influence of the brand on different cultures. This one will be a special moment for your kids.

When Can You Visit The World Of Coca-Cola?

The world of Coca-Cola museum is open 7 days a week except on Thanksgiving and Christmas days. However, the operation hours are subject to change, and it would be best to confirm before planning your visit.

The average time that the whole visit can take you is two hours which is a good amount of time for kids. If you are visiting far from Atlanta, the museum has partnered with several hotels in the area, and therefore you will not be stranded.

The world of Coca-Cola is a perfect place to visit with your family. It is kid-friendly, and your kids will be glad to view the gallery and experience the bottling process, among other things. Plan a day and visit this gem in Atlanta.