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How to Wrap a Car Seat for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a time of love, warmth, and gifts. You splurged and bought a car seat for the mom-to-be, but you have no idea how to wrap it.

How to wrap a car seat for a baby shower?

You can wrap a car seat for a baby shower in several ways. You might use wrapping paper or a lovely fabric. You can also decorate the box by painting it in different colors that match the baby shower theme color.

In this article, I will share plenty of car seat wrapping ideas that will help you with your wrapping conundrum.

Three Options for Wrapping a Car Seat for a Baby Shower

Use Fabric

Although not a common way of wrapping gifts, fabric is still suitable for a large present such as a car seat.

You have different ways of wrapping a car seat with cloth, but the best method is double-knot wrapping because a car seat is big and has an odd shape.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Place the Car Seat and Pull the Fabric Over It

Place the car seat in the center of the cloth and bring together the top and bottom corners.
Hold the fabric in one hand and cross the corners in the center.

Step 2: Tie The Ends of the Fabric in Knots

Tie the two tail ends in a knot on top of the gift. Create a second knot by tying the other side corners and securing the gift in place.

The best part about using fabric wrappings is that they are environmentally-friendly, affordable, and sustainable. Once the would-be-mother unties the gift, she can store the fabric and use it later.

How to Choose a Car Seat Wrapping Fabric

Before choosing the fabric to wrap your gift, you must consider the time the baby shower will be held. For instance, if it’s a nighttime event, you should choose a bright fabric that makes a statement in dim lighting.

The other thing you need to look into is the type of fabric. Mostly, light fabrics are the best since they don’t weigh down the gift when combined with heavier materials. A patterned fabric would be great in this case because it will easily coordinate with the party’s theme.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is the most common way of wrapping a gift for any occasion, including a baby shower.

Choose a nice wrapping paper color and one that matches the shower’s theme. Printed wrapping papers are always best in pastel hues.

Wrap the gift according to the size of the car seat box. For instance, if it’s a large box, start from side to side, then top to bottom. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wrap.

•Spread the wrapping paper on a large tabletop and place the box in the middle.
•Wrap the paper up and over the box to cover all sides.
•Stretch out the paper to cover the loose parts.
•Join the meeting ends of the papers using tape. Make sure the joints don’t have any splits that could spoil the gift’s beauty.
Go to the bottom of the box and use tape to fold the edges.
•Repeat the above step on top of the box.
•Take another piece of wrapping paper, measure its top and bottom, then cut it. Since the opposite parts of the box have the same size, it will cover that part completely.
•Use the cut wrapping paper to wrap the top and tape the ends. Do it carefully, so the surface remains clean and plain.
•Repeat the same step with the bottom, and your gift is ready for the baby shower.

Children’s Art

As a parent, you may have lots of your kid’s artwork displayed all over your kitchen and sitting room. Did you know you can use their artwork to wrap a car seat gift for a baby shower?

This way, you will not only save money but also motivate your kids by acknowledging their work.

The mom-to-be will love opening a gift wrapped with your kid’s artwork, and she will be excited and anticipate having her own baby.

There is something special about this type of wrapping, unlike when buying wrapping paper.

What to Tell The Mom-to-Be in a Card

Adding a baby shower card when gifting a car seat to a would-be mom is a kind gesture and an excellent way to express your thoughts towards her.

A good baby shower card is a memory that the recipient will keep maybe in her pregnancy book. But what do you tell this mom-to-be?

Here are some ideas to help you craft the best message.

Insert Some Humor

Depending on how close you are to the parents, a little humor in your message will spice up the mood.

You can insert a personal joke that you usually crack with them, and this will leave them smiling. There is a unique resonation that personal messages have.

Parental Insights

This idea is best if you are a parent yourself. You could share some parenting thoughts on the highs and lows of your parental journey.

Alternatively, you can tell them how meaningful a mom-dad relationship is for the baby. The card may not be the best platform to offer parental advice, but you can craft a universal message on your parenthood journey.

Fun Sign-Off

The way you end your message matters, but the sign–off depends on how you relate with the parents.

Here are some sign-off ideas.

•Best wishes
•Much Love
•With love
•Love always
•Lots of love
•All the best

What Are The Best Messages to Focus on a Baby Car Seat Gift?

Since baby showers are all about love and gifts, you may consider adding the following messages for your gift.

•I took notice of this gift in your baby registry and had to buy it.
•Wrapping this gift for you was a moment to remember for me.
•This gift was beneficial when I was raising my kids, and I thought about you.
•So happy to be part of your upcoming parental journey.
•Showering you with this gift overjoys me.


Surprising our friends and loved ones with gifts is something that we all love on their special days. If it’s a baby shower, a car seat is thoughtful. Nevertheless, it is essential to wrap the gift well. I hope the above ideas will be helpful for the next baby shower you will attend.